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Rhodes University has been home to countless thousands of Zimbabwean students throughout the centuries. I am told Cecil John himself left a legacy which insisted on inclusion of a good percentage of Rhodesian students in this university, although I have searched in vain for corroboration of this fact.

The Rhodes Alumni is well worth a Sunday morning read, and Zimbabweans can hold their heads up high in Academia. The coveted Rhodes Scholarship is awarded annually to hundreds of worthy academics, of which the USA is the prime mover and shaker but there are also dozens and dozens of Zimbabweans, many from little old Bulawayo, who have received this most prestigious of awards. The Rhodes Scholarship is the world's oldest and arguably most prestigious international fellowship.

My own children all sadly went to different universities.

HeeHoo Must Analyse went to Murdoch University In Perth where he became a celebrated Metallurgist.

SheHoo Must Sing went to Texas Christian University to read for a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism together with A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre.

But it was SheHoo must Run who went to Rhodes University in Grahamstown South Africa to read for a Bachelor of Arts in Human Movement Studies.

A visit to Rhodes University to celebrate our God Daughter's coming of age, brought back many happy memories of a University with an incredible aura and history.

Staying in Port Alfred where many happy student forays take place,a slow drive past Kenton-On-Sea, up past the Pig and Whistle in Bathhurst (the oldest pub in South Africa I am told) and then a slow drive past the Rat and Parrot from whence many legendary hangovers have emanated !!

Those beautiful old buildings looked even more beautiful in the moonlight, as we passed the Settlers Memorial on the Hill, down to Dingemans House where SheHoo resided for several happy years, past Goldfields where the Boyfriend lived !!

The Kaif was alive and kicking as was the Union, but the pool was empty as there was already snow on the Waterberg !! Past Oppidians, the SRC and past The Great Field where so much of Rhodes enormous proud historic moments have taken place.

There stood the Albany Museum with proof that we the Sutcliffes and the Hooles descended from the 1820 Settlers !!

Up and down roads with special names, roads like Prince Albert Street, Somerset Street, New Street, and of course High Street where Graduation Gowns are hired if you apply yourself correctly !!

And then onto the Grahamstown Golf Course where many a happy 21st birthday parties have been celebrated by countless Rhodes Students throughout the years.

It was a very late journey home as the Golf Club insisted that the parents stay right to the end of the party (I wonder why?) Perhaps the parents were having more fun than the Students (?)

HeeHoo, who has a very open mind, was earnestly trying to develop a taste for Rap, Rave and House Music, but we all noticed that he would only dance to "I would walk 500 miles" and anything else by Don Williams !!!