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The windscreen of my car looks like a dog's breakfast!!

There are so many stickers on it, I cannot see the road.!! Our erstwhile powers that be are becoming obsessive compulsive.

Now most countries have one license disc holder on the windcreen of the car, but in Zimbabwe we are required by law to have five!!

Where exactly does one see the road in the midst of this melee of disc holders!!

One for the road tax, then there is another for the insurance disc, yet another for the radio license disc and the obligatory bar coded stick on disc with the car make model, registrarion number etc.

If one happens to belong to the AA that is another sticker, in fact the entire left hand side of my windscreen is totally obliterated by discs!!

Surely just the one license disc should suffice as it does in South Africa The fact remains that one can only purchase a vehicle license disc if one has an insurance cover note, so why the necessity to display one's insurance

I spend more time peering around the discs making sure nothing is in that very blind 'blind spot' than I do crossing the road. Not that there is anywhere else to place the disc holders, as the tops of the windscreens on most modern cars have shading on them, and the discs would not be seen by the countless police on countless roadblocks, who take great delight in strolling around one's car at a snails pace, looking for faults.

I often wonder what would happen if Zimbabwe became a litigious society, would we sue the City Council for vehicle tyres wrecked in the potholes Would we sue the central vehicle registry department for smashes induced by boarded up windscreens Would we sue the same department for wear and tear on the neck as we crane to see the road

Maybe its time for some brave soul to start the ball roiling