Troubled Times

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There is nothing worse than watching from afar, as troubles erupt in one's home country.

Like a bubbling cauldron fuel price hikes set the pot aboil. Simmering beneath the surface, grievances harboured for some thirty years, rose to the surface, and the unemployed, of which Zimbabwe boasts 90%, could take no more.

HeeHoo and I missed the November 2018 overthrow as well. Although we go home frequently, we have escaped both uprisings, sadly, as we would much rather be at home than abroad during troubled times. How delighted we would have been to celebrate with our countrymen in November last year, the lifting of the yolk of oppression we had been under since 1980.

Unhappily for the populace, nothing has changed, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but just how poor can one get

Waiting anxiously here in Ethiopia, they say 'no news is good news' but sadly the powers that be took down all social media, indeed took down the entire internet system, and no news at all is coming forth from home.
They do it in Ethiopia too whenever there is a hint of unrest so we are quite used to it now.!!

How barbaric is this Imagine if first world countries highhandedly took away peoples social rights

So no news just makes one speculate more on the possible horrors of a government under siege, a government without a president too, who adroitly took a trip to foreign climes while Rome Burned!!

Whatever is happening at Home, we pray for peace, justice, right instead of wrong, and for our people to have their rightful dignity restored to them again soon.

Watchdog !!