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Every day I count my blessings as I trundle through my chores in our precious City of Bulawayo. Life is so good for those who 'HAVE' and so ugly for those who 'HAVE NOT'.

First things first - measure and empty the rain gauge. It's been empty most days this season but lovely rain just recently, sadly too late for our crops and cattle... HeeHoo likes to compare readings with John Brebs at the office! Much rivalry as it would appear that those folk on the other side of the railway line, traditionally get more rain than we do!!

Secondly, refill the bird feeder, it would appear that we spend more on bird feed than we do on people feed! But such joyous visitors this morning two teensy Violet Eared Waxbills, half the size of the Blue Waxbill, plus Cut Throat Finches, Bronze Mannikins and of course the ubiquitous Doves!!

Off to the shops and today I got well and truly caught in an old fashioned Bulawayo thunderstorm, the likes of which we have not experienced this season.

The roads were awash, I got beautifully and thoroughly soaked, stepping off the pavements into the road was daunting as I was wearing open sandals, but I steeled myself and manfully marched on, ignoring the effluent and revelling in the rain.

The massive storm drains on Samuel Parienyatwa (Old Borrow Street) were divine, fast and furiously flowing, making giant sprays as the cars wooshed through. Not quite as fun as before they were modified, and were the sole property of the Grey Street Cowboys !! It was great for me in my protective car, but not so good for those 'footing it' as they say in the local lingo....

The good thing about the rain is that the police take cover so one does not have to deal with those infuriating men who are fixated on the new size red triangles and the supposed 'tempering' with the dreaded Third Number Plate.!! (Yes their fine sheet says 'tempering' with the third number plate is an offense!)

One meets many old friends along the road, there is that daft man on Winnie's Way who endeavors to collect cash for 'filling in' the potholes. If you slow down and watch him, he cares for one pothole only, and leaves the hapless motorists to deal with all the rest after they have rewarded him for his hard work!! I suppose he is trying to make a living which is good.

Then there is the tale of the beautiful lady who today repaired a piece of jewelry for me. 'No charge' she said generously with a brilliant smile. When I protested that she would 'never get rich' if she did not charge, she merely smiled and said simply 'I have enough'......

Life is full of refreshingly beautiful angels. She taught me a life lesson as I had recently had my yoga mat 'borrowed' from my car, and instead of hating the thief, I suddenly felt grateful that he might at least have a comfy mat to lie on for a while....

I then ventured into the OK Mart which is busting with every single thing under the sun that a person could possibly require!! (There I found new yoga mat) but the power was supposedly down which meant no credit card could be used, and they had no change for cash, so it was a tad disappointing but possibly character building

A visit to George, the Satellite Man, was next on my list. George is undoubtedly the kindest man in Bulawayo and his charming assistant has a veritable 'smile' in her voice.!! Another pair of beautiful angels!!

Finally a visit to an ATM blessed me with some cash, in spite of the genuine doom and gloom in the town, that we are heading for yet another sad little patch in the country's financial history. How can we possibly go through all this again as we did in 2007/2008

Will it lead yet again to no money in the banks, no food on the shelves Another horrifying patch where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and nothing on God's earth seems to be being done about it!!!

Bulawayo watchdog.

Water is life.
Every drop counts.
The City's water supply dams were 39.61% full as at 18th February 2016.
Be water wise.
Save Water.

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.

- R. Buckminster Fuller -