THROWING A BIT OF LIGHT ON THE SUBJECT          - 16/7/2009      <--Prev : Next-->

I know the folk over in Hillside and Burnside are going to hate me for this but I just wanted to let them know just how delightful it has been to have POWER for the last eleven days in a row !!

Yes, power, twenty four seven, day and night, all day, every day !! YEEEHAAAA !!

For the last week at least..... Prior to that we were the worst affected I am sure, being the oldest most established suburb, we were the easiest to switch off, and so we received the brunt of the power cuts, but then one of our residents, who shall remain nameless, got his molars into ZESA, and hey presto !! Eureka !!!! Eureka !! Eureka !!

It has been all the more amazing because HeeHoo went off to watch the rugby over the weekend and I was sure, positive, convinced, that we would have our normal power cuts, and that without him, in the dark for hours and hours, I would be a bag of nerves, a quivering mass of pulsating jelly !!

It's not that I am nervous (well maybe just a bit) but I really do not like the dark. I like the quiet, I enjoy being on my own, but I do not like the dark and being on my own in the dark, is not very zesty!!

HeeHoo has made sure that we are self sufficient without power from ZESA, we have generators, inverters, more re-chargeable "maglites" than the White House possibly, but its a purely state of mind.

But in fact the description of "nervous" could be boiled down to "sheer unmitigated terror".

I also manifests in my pooches, surely a Great Dane, a Pointer and a Jack Russell collectively, should garner that "pack" instinct and look after Mum, but no, its the "tail between the legs, hang dog special" every single time !!

Eventually the only sane solution is to put them to bed, and face the problem, which usually does not last too long unless there is a real breakdown,thank goodness. Well, "not too long" is known to be anything from five hours to nine hours ....

But we do feel for those folks on the other side of the Matsheumhlope, I can assure you. In fact we feel so bad ever time we turn on a light switch, or use the hair dryer, or boil the kettle, that we are contemplating going on a solidarity "Power Strike".... You know similar to a hunger strike ? A sympathy strike in keeping with our new found Unity approach !!

Yes siree, I have broached it with several of my Suburban fellow tea drinkers and they all told me to get lost !!

But thank you ZESA, for a week of glorious First World Life !!

Tongue in cheek !!