Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
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Zimbabwe must rival the Sun Newspaper for sensational headlines in the newspaper!! There was one the other day shouting out in bold black on a billboard 'Prophet loses privates in botched cleansing'.. Now I also need to add that this same rag, omitted to even mention the passing of Mandela, which was news headlines in every other country in the world!!

Well I never did, I suppose it makes people buy the ghastly rag!! The more sensational and lascivious the headline, the more the newspaper sells I am led to believe.

'Baby born with frog feet' and 'Baby born with pythons body' how can anyone even read an article with that headline Of course there was a furor a few years ago when the headline 'prophet gets diesel from rock' that had all the ministers running for a piece of the action I gather!!

Anything smutty is a guaranteed read - the headline 'Wife emasculates husband with teeth' pushes up sales exponentially!!

This week there was a headline that caused a little amusement. ' Uproar as priest bathes in mineral water' well I never did!!!!

There is a 'library' outside my pharmacy, and one has to tread carefully when entering the shop, in case one slips on the piles of newspapers and magazines festooning every inch of the pavement!! People sit happily on a beer crate, reading the paper for fifty cents without buying it, and then folding it neatly again for sale!!

It is an eclectic range of books and magazines for sale. Everything from 'O' Level Math's textbooks to a 1999 copy of Fairlady!!

To end the Editor and all involved in the distribution of the Morning Mirror would like to wish all our readers a joyous Christmas and a wonderful New Year.