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I am always amazed at just how resilient Zimbabweans are. "Make a plan" should become our national motto.....

We went to a wedding the other day just outside of Bulawayo in which there were 80 members of the same family (excluding small children) all under the same Iversens tent!! And what's more most of them still live right here in Zimbabwe !

The children who were not present in the photo as they were having a ball out on the farm, swimming, climbing trees, playing cricket and rugby in the green pastures, as children are supposed to do.....

span of Zimbabwean oxen 1/12/2006 The bride and groom and their retinue arrived in an ox wagon with a full span of sixteen trek oxen. It was a sight I will never forget. When I heard the herdsman crack his whip I knew unequivocally that I was a pioneer and that I was here to stay in the land where I was born, where my mother and grandmothers were born and where all my children were born.

Farming is not a happy word in Zimbabwe, the few remaining farmers were all recently sent letters saying that they had to be off their farms in six weeks time. Only two out of 6000 white farmers have been offered 99 year leases but the terms of the lease are so ludicrous that they are laughable.

Who knows how these courageous folk will face this next trial, but there were no serious faces at the wedding. Scores of the adult youngsters still live in Zimbabwe, they have turned their hand from farming to a variety of other enterprises (Remember our Motto ?)

It was fun to see this vellie and khaki shorts brigade resplendent in elegant beige trousers, starched cream shirts and fine silk ties !! There was a lot of pulling and tugging at the neckline when the seven groomsmen stood in a proud line at the alter....

Those farming folk sure know how to have a good time, and in spite of the shortages in Zimbabwe, there were no shortages at all on those tables laden with a magnificent spread of wonderful food.

Thank you Zimbabwe's Farmers for all you have done, for all you still do, and for all that you will always do for the people of Zimbabwe.