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Letter of Invitation
ZANE Tour to Singapore and Australia 2010

Dear Friend of Zimbabwe,
ZANE (ZIMBABWE A NATIONAL EMERGENCY), a registered charity in the UK, is embarking on a tour to Australia via Singapore in February/March 2010. The purpose of the tour is twofold: we aim to raise the profile of ZANE in that part of the world and to raise funds. If you are not familiar with the magnificent work done by ZANE over the last eight years the best source of information about its structure and the work it does can be found on

About 3000 Zimbabwean OAP's (Old Age Pensioners) are helped by various organizations. Some of these people are helped by more than one organization:
Homes in Zimbabwe provides food support for the old age homes and for SOAP in both Harare and Bulawayo;
SOAP Harare and SOAP Bulawayo focus on the delivery of food parcels to private homes;
Senior Citizens Service Bulawayo focuses on medical needs and particularly drugs;
The Pensioners Fund helps cover drugs and emergency medical costs in Harare and outlying districts and also gives financial support to SOAP Bulawayo and Harare

ZANE, the largest charity, focuses on individual rental payments in Old Age Homes as well as rates and utility payments for people living in private homes. It has raised over 5 million since its foundation in 2002 and provided 800,000 to fund its work in 2008/ 2009. It has distributed some 22,000 charitable grants of fuel, medicines, food and financial support to the needy in 2008/ 2009 - up from 7,000 grants the previous year. Between 2005 and 2009 ZANE distributed 1,077,667 on behalf of Services' Charities to WW2 veterans and their widows in Zimbabwe.

ZANE has lost no money through corruption since it was founded in 2002 and is the only charity operating in Zimbabwe that gives substantial aid to both the white and the black communities. It relies on private donors.

'ZANE does quite outstanding work on behalf of vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe, and we have been proud to support them. Although the new unity government has made some tentative progress in recent months, the pressures bearing on those the organization supports in both the black and white communities have not eased, indeed in many ways they have intensified.
The work ZANE does through its committed and inspirational team continues to provide an invaluable lifeline. It has been a privilege to see the skill and care with which the organization directs its precious resources towards those in the greatest need.'
H.E. Mark Canning
Ambassador, British Embassy Harare, Zimbabwe

If you are able to attend one of our presentations outlined below please feel welcome to join us to listen and to learn why the present situation is worse than ever for the pensioners. You may contact the person designated to find out details. Please would you also forward this invitation to all friends of Zimbabwe on your mailing list.

Itinerary - ZANE TOUR (Date,Location,Address,Time,Contact Person,email)

Saturday 20, To be confirmed, 7pm, M.Carter;

Thursday 25, Moora, Moora Citrus, 6pm, Ross Milne;

Wembley Downs:
Saturday 27, Hale School, Hale Road, 7pm - Sally McCormick;

Monday 1, Trust Company Ltd, Level 4, 6pm - Simon Lewis
35 Clarence Street, Brisbane:
Friday 5 Opposite the Gabba, 5.30pm - Mark Longhurst Mark.Longhurst

Brisbane German Club:
Sunday 7 Boomerang Golf Course - Gold Coast, 9am - James King
For donations in Singapore please contact M.Carter For Local Australian deposits and depositors your donation is tax deductible. Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) details:

Bank BSB (Bank Sort Code): 802397
Bank: Australian Defence Credit Union
A/c Name: RSL Community Care Ltd
A/c Number: 100187431
Reference: ZANE

Thank you for your donation .We will use it to good effect.
Please leave your email address with your donation so that we are able to acknowledge each donor personally.
Tom and Jane Benyon Michael and Judy Carter