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HeeHoo and I always play a speculative game when boarding a long haul flight. WHO will we get sitting next to us

My worst is a 3 ton mummy with an 18 month old baby, HeeHoo dreads the three ton rastafarian who kicks off his shoes and picks his toenails!!

We travelled separately recently and HeeHoo was playing the guessing game with me via WhatsApp, watching each traveller as they moved down the aisle towards him, sometimes in fear and trepidation.

He just could not believe his luck this time when a young pretty blond gal, sporting numerous tattoos, a closely cropped almost shaven but stylish hairdo, and piercings in every possible location, wearing a scanty little outfit, came to stop in front of him indicating the seat next to him!!

I can just visualise him gallantly lifting her cabin luggage up for her and sweeping away his own belongings onto the floor with a flourish!!

HeeHoo must have been slightly miffed when she dragged an enormous red and white crocheted blanket from her hand luggage and wrapped her scantily clad frame in it, proudly extolling the fact that her 'Gran' had made it for her!!

It transpires, as he wrote copious whatsapps to me, that she was none other than Lacey Jones, the famous contestant in the reality TV series 'Naked and Afraid'!! Now reality TV followers would know well that a couple of total strangers, stark staring naked, are dropped off on a desert island and told to fend for themselves for several weeks

I personally have not had the dubious pleasure of watching this series but no doubt, for posterity, I probably will have to watch Miss Jones at some point!!

Whatsapps with wifey came to an abrupt end once HeeHoo worked his charms on Miss Jones, but I must say I was secretly glad that he had someone of a small frame sitting next to his giant shoulders, even if she did snore gently on his arm for a good part of the long haul flight!!

Watchdog !!

Bulawayo Island Hospice is appealing to the public and companies to please help and assist us in getting and paying for a Cylinder Head for one of our cars that the Nurses use on a daily basis to see our patients at home, our mechanic has advised us to get a new Cylinder head so that we can get the car back on the road. Thanking you all in advance