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Sitting sedately at a window in Atlanta yesterday, complacent in my recent 'Grannyhoodness', I suddenly became overcame with sadness.

Watching from the upstairs window of the elegant house belonging to my daughter and her husband, holding my 'Wee Boy' close, I observed the beautifully paved road in front of the house glistening in the recent rains. Exotic cars skimmed past silently, their headlights weaving mysterious shadows on the perfect roads.

I was showing my 'Wee Boy' the beautiful Christmas lights up and down the street.

Every house is festooned with strings of lights, net-lights covering every bush. Every house has red, gold and green wreaths, not only on the front door but on every window. The gardens are laden with glowing reindeer, Santas, sleighs and elves. Beautifully decorated Christmas trees shine forth from every front window, some with bright colors and some with plain Biblical soft white lights.

In our own privileged home we have two Christmas trees, one in the front parlor beautifully decorated with spangles and sparkles, and cherished family heirlooms, and one in the Family room, decorated for a child, by a child....

How many homes in zimbabwe can boast even one seven foot Fraser Pine Christmas tree, let alone two

My thoughts flood back to my Homeland often........ too often.

Rain, yes, thanks be to God, we have had a bit of rain, but Christmas lights and largesse I wonder....

How Christmassy do our folk at home in Zimbabwe feel The ones sleeping on the pavements outside the banks, awaiting the distribution of their allotted twenty dollars per day The ones sleeping where they always sleep, outside the railway station on 13th Avenue, or in the sheltered doorways outside what used to be Haddon and Sly

How many Zimbabweans' Christmas Day tables will be laden with festive fare How many gifts will there be under the non-existent Christmas tree

My shopping list in Atlanta is grandiose indeed, turkey and ham for Christmas Day, mulled wine and mince pies, proposed gifts for cherished family members. Shopping in the USA is inordinately easy, nothing at all fraught about logging onto Amazon online and ordering gifts to be delivered to ones doorstep!

How I do not miss the frantic Christmas eve trips down to Haddons and Meikles searching for that perfect last minute gift!!

I pray so hard for my beloved Country, I miss it so, even if I am complete in my Grandmotherly dotage!

Lord, in a season when every heart should be happy and light, many are struggling with the heaviness of life-burdens that steal the joy right out of our Christmas stockings.
God Bless my precious country, may peace, love and happiness be ours again soon.



MATRON MARY BREWSTER. It was with sadness that Edith Duly Nursing
Home learned of the peaceful passing of Matron Mary Brewster on
Thursday 15th December.
Matron Brewster served the Home with dedication and loyalty for many
years until her retirement at the age of 83 in 2009. Her meticulous and
unrelenting attention to the upkeep of high nursing standards and practice
has ensured that to this day and beyond, her legacy will prevail.
Her hobby and pride and joy was the establishment of our magnificent gardens
- much admired by all who visit the Home.
We extend our deepest sympathy to her family in the UK and to her many
friends in Bulawayo.
Residents, Staff and Management Edith Duly Nursing Home.

EDITH DULY NURSING HOME extends a heartfelt thank you
to all the wonderful people and companies that came to
our rescue throughout the past year. It has been a truly
difficult year financially, but we have made it through!

Please note that our office will be closed from 21st December
to 3rd January inclusive. Any emergencies or urgent admissions
can be arranged through the Duty Sister

From our Home to yours, best wishes for a very
MERRY CHRISTMAS and a serene and successful New Year!
Residents, Staff and Management


The Morning Mirror will be taking a Christmas break.

Tuesday 20 December 2016 will feature the final Mirror for the year.

The morning Mirror will commence again in 2017 on Tuesday 10 January.

Bless you for your continued support.

I have been collecting good quality used spectacle frames to donate to the council for the blind I have 90 frames at present
ready to dispatch. But the director for the council is afraid if I send them out by post they will be hit by customs for a large amount of money.

I was wondering if one of your readers might be coming over to UK and would be prepared to take them back to Bulawayo they fit into a shoe box and only weigh 1.7 Kgs so not a big strain on the weight allowance. I can be contacted on my Gmail address or telephone no 01691 774926. It would be good if someone could help as it would be an awful waste to have to bin them.

Best regard Peter Evans

BHN has begun a small program of colouring-in therapy at Garden Park. If you would like to find out more about please use the link:

Please be aware that BHN is closing for their Christmas break on Thursday 15th December and opening on Tuesday 10th January 2017.
We wish all the Bulawayo community a very happy Christmas.
BHN Team


Thanks to all who participated in our Autoworld Bulawayo Colouring Competition -

The response this year was overwhelming and the competition was very tough.

Congratulations to our Winners:
1st PLACE - Kimberley Mellors
2nd PLACE - Kimberley Chikosha
3rd PLACE - Mqhelewobukhosi Sibanda

1st Consolation - Eli Shirto
2nd Consolation - Tanya Mugadza
3rd Consolation - Wisdom Ndlovu

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your families...