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One treads a fine line between Thanksgiving and Christmas in the Deep South of the Usa!!

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the of the fourth Thursday of November every year and the traditional decor for thanksgiving, which also doubles for halloween decor, is a stock of giant brilliant orange pumpkins on everyone's porch.

She Who must Wear kevlar, and her divine husband, Hee Who Must Also Wear Kevlar, went down to a vast fifteen acre Pumpkin patch to choose three giant pumpkins with which to festoon the front porch.

A forklift should have been necessary to move these bountiful items, but fortunately Hee Who Must Also Wear kevlar is mighty strong.

Now pumpkins have a habit of eventually going rotten, so sadly we could not store them for next year, and moving them to the trash was going to be an exercise in itself as our Strongman was away!!

The two of us tiny ladies could certainly not get these three mighty bright orange pumpkins to the trolley bin, so we made a plan.

We brought the trolly bin to the edge of the porch, tipped it over to balance on the step and then using a lever we manager to manouvre it into the trolly bin.

Hoisting that 'ole trolly bin up again took a mighty heave, but then propelling it down the sloping driveway to the road verge, took a considerable amount of giggling and energy....that hapless, groaning bin, traveling at full speed, was errant in its ways, and several times threatened to trample us to a squishy pumpkin pip filled death.

A sleepless night ensued, as my mind wandered at this stage, and I envisioned rain during the night, the trolley bin tipping over in the soggy soil, the pumpkins spilling out into the road, running off in unfettered glee to take out several cars coming home from work casually, down Twingate Drive!!

The next day I was also in a quandary as I lurked at the window waiting for the Trash Removal Truck. The poor bin removal man was going to undoubtedly struggle enormously with our load. Sure enough he arrived and it took a mammoth effort for him to drag it to the edge of the lorry, where mechanization thankfully took over.

I did notice him glance into the lorry to see if there was a dead body in our bin, and I quickly hid behind the blinds in case he saw me spying on him in my terror.

All's well and now we can festoon said porch with a beautiful Christmas garland featuring brilliant red pointsettia, some elegant shiny baubles, and a few gracefully secluded Christmas lights!!


The Morning Mirror will be taking a Christmas break.

Tuesday 20 December 2016 will feature the final Mirror for the year.

The morning Mirror will commence again in 2017 on Tuesday 10 January.

Bless you for your continued support.

BHN has begun a small program of colouring-in therapy at Garden Park. If you would like to find out more about please use the link:

Please be aware that BHN is closing for their Christmas break on Thursday 15th December and opening on Tuesday 10th January 2017.
We wish all the Bulawayo community a very happy Christmas.
BHN Team


Thanks to all who participated in our Autoworld Bulawayo Colouring Competition -

The response this year was overwhelming and the competition was very tough.

Congratulations to our Winners:
1st PLACE - Kimberley Mellors
2nd PLACE - Kimberley Chikosha
3rd PLACE - Mqhelewobukhosi Sibanda

1st Consolation - Eli Shirto
2nd Consolation - Tanya Mugadza
3rd Consolation - Wisdom Ndlovu

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your families...

Carols By Candlelight

Tuesday 13th December at the Amphitheater