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Weeks come and weeks go but few weeks have been as festive as the last two weeks spent with our USA World Cup Football visitors.

Now I have over the years, been coerced by HeeHoo to "Love rugby" to "Love cricket" and to love all sport !!

But after these two weeks I also "Love Football"

South Africans have done FIFA proud ... they really have.

The cities are festooned from top to toe with banners and flags, every able bodied person has been wearing an official world cup yellow tee shirt, the stadia are glorious, every other car is sporting South African flags and wing mirror covers, the hype is fabulous and its all totally a sea of yellow and green "Ayoba"

We arrived in Johannesburg from Kruger right at the start of the Opening Game between Mexico and South Africa. It was 5 pm on a Friday.

Friday at 5 pm is an horrendous time traditionally in Johannesburg. The City is usually gridlocked with furious commuters. It usually takes hours to get from A to B.

But Friday 11 June 2010 was different.

It was like driving into a ghost town .... there was no one about ! The streets were deserted, the shops were closed, there were no vendors rushing around at the intersections selling flags ..... It was as if the end of the world had arrived, and we were the last people on the Earth.

It was like a scene from the movie Armadeddon ....

We drove awkwardly to the house, off loaded the soccer enthusiasts and yours truly elected to fetch some beer for the occasion . I headed straight for Pick 'n Pay which is open till seven pm come rain or shine .....

But wait !! The shop was closed ....... the mall was deserted .... not a sound emanated from the eerie night ... I looked around nervously,

In the distance I could actually hear the sound of the Tiffids, (remember the radio show "The Day of the Triffids ?")

It was a strange hum as if from another planet ..... was this the end of the world perhaps ? Was I possibly the last living person alive on planet earth?

I hurridly exited the deserted mall, the Boys could do without beer I decided, even if it was the opening match of the 2010 Football Wold Cup.

As I sped home the sound of the wicked humming got louder and louder and as I passed the "Keg and Spitfire" I was most relieved to see a hive of activity, (no pun intended) as this was from whence that strange humming noise emanated !!

Hooray, it was not after all the end of the world, it was the sound of the Vuvuzelas heralding the entrance of the Great Bafana Bafana Team and the equally great Team from Mexico !!.

No wonder there was no one on the streets, everyone was either at the Soccer City or in front of the telly watching their favourite and most glorious football team !!

Feeling a little foolish I slunk home to the sound of more vuvuzelas from the Folk who had arrived all the way from the USA to enjoy this fabulous African Experience ......

The following night - Saturday night - was a splendid occasion, it was the USA v England Game.

40 thousand fans, including our festive party from Zimbabwe, SA, England and the USA converged on the Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg.

We got home eventually twelve hours later, smothered in flags and face paint, battered and bruised but exhhilarated.

A fabulous fellow from Dallas Texas, a man of few words, was heard to observe the following morning, that the evening was not without injury .... he had happily blown his vuvuzela for most of the evening, and he looked remarkably like one of the hook lipped Black Rhino we had seen at Kruger the day before....

It was a serious case of "Vuvuzela Lip" and Dino fron the USA certainly did not need botox after his fabulous twenty ten experience !!