The Toy Dilemma

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How I wish I could bring all of Lincoln's toys, that he has outgrown, back to Zimbabwe for my Zimbabwe babies. Born and raised in Zimbabwe am quite unused to this plethora of toys. I used to think my own babies had too many toys but nothing like this!!

Now with a First Birthday behind him, Little Lincoln's stash of toys has grown abundantly. He has so many adoring Aunties, doting Grand Parents and loving friends that the house is near to overflowing. They need a bigger house!! The dining room has been turned into a stroller 'parking lot' the lounge has a ball pit, a giant jolly jumper, and a vast railway track for Thomas the Tank Engine, and the nursery is fit to bursting. Even the Granny and Grandpa suite has toys put to good use early on a Sunday morning when Mom and Pop want to sleep in!!

In this day and age of Amazon its just so easy to sit at the computer and order whatever you like to arrive even the next day across the continent!! The store room is already full of redundant baby cribs, sleep swings, bassinets, baby car chairs, baby strollers, nursing pillows, and toys that he has outgrown. Hopefully put aside for another baby

One good institution is the toy exchange where one can take outgrown baby toys to exchange for those for toddlers. We bought Lincoln a darling Fire Engine there and his 'Mickie Van' which is a pull along wagon that he rides in in a most stately fashion.

Now that we have reached the riding age that all toddlers go though, and there are trikes, Thomas that Tank Engines, jumping hippos and all types of pull along wagons and toys.

The stagger stage is almost past and hopefully Granny's back will recover in due course!!

When I think of my Zimbabwe babies, playing happily with two stones and a stick, while Mum is selling veggies and single cigarettes on the side of the road, my heart quietly breaks...

Watchdog !!

Please could you assist with correct email address or information on SA High Commission. I have followed google links to websites, but all of the mail keeps bouncing back.

My son needs to have his passport renewed and needs information like price, duration of process really urgently as he needs medical attention.
contact 0771 510 796 or email