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Easter Weekend saw some of our joyous little family visiting the Victoria Falls. It was glorious in spite of the rain!! Matabeles always welcome the rain so nothing daunted us as we knew we would get soaking in the rain forest at any rate.

The town is clean as a whistle, there are tourist police to protect the tourists and to keep the touts away. The hotels are top class and the little Falls Village is trendy, shiny and bright.

We stayed at one of our favourite venues the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, which had a great deal on price even though it was Easter. On the first night we visited The Legendary Boma Restaurant - not our first occasion at this unique experience, and we so enjoyed it yet again, the entertainment, the food, the Daiwas, the Witch Doctor and the Face Painting were fun specially for our visitors.

Ending up with the great drumming experience, we climbed into the hotel transport and repaired to the delightful deck at the Vic Falls Safari Lodge for night caps.
Its aways enchanting showing people around the falls, its OUR Turf, OUR Patch, OUR Hood and we love it.

Somehow it seems like a little breakaway, Monaco type part of the country, even the curios look different and more upmarket!!

The town was not teeming, tourism has been dampened by various factors, including the numerous road blocks and of course ebola, but the locals say it is slowly improving.

Sadly the white water rafts were not running due to high water levels and we did not have enough time for a 'booze cruise' but our young friends were determined to bungee jump and swim with the crocodiles.....

Needless to say we 'Olds' did not undertake these thrilling adventures!!!

There is so much to do at the Falls, the Elephant-Back Experience, visits to the crocodile Farm, Walk with the Lions, Canopy Walking, Kayaking, Rafting, sky diving, helicopter flights over the Falls, micro lighting and so the activities go on and on!!

The Moyse-O-A-Tunya always lives up to expectations and of course the highlight of every visit is the thrilling walk along the majestic Falls themselves. The rain forest did not disappoint us, even with the raincoats we hired, we got nicely soaked.

Of course we said our obligatory 'Doctor Livingstone I presume ' To David Livingstone's stature, and walked along the cobbled paths marveling at this- one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.

Always mystic, always wonderful, always enthralling, no matter if you have seen it many times before - well worth a visit - Zimbabwe's magnificent Victoria Falls.