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There's only one thing for it. In order to get my sanity back I must either go into the garden and prune the roses or go into the garden and catch snails?

I was hacked, yes, well and truly hacked and I think it might have been my own fault for being blond/dumb/stupid/idiotic.

The golden rule is never ever download anything from the internet unless you are 100% sure of its content. Blond/dumb/stupid/idiotic me did just that and my iCloud account was hacked by a lady with the e-mail address .

Clever Kate took all my addresses, thousands of them, all my e mails and all my bank account numbers, off the iCloud, which was supposed to be sacrosanct and as 'safe as houses'...

Fortunately I had done the old fashioned thing and backed all my stuff up to an archaic hard drive that saved the day.

Everything had disappeared off the cloud, every single solitary thing, and 'Kate' sent an e mail to all the poor unsuspecting folk on my address book telling them I had been mugged in Kiev, Ukraine. Not only had I been mugged but my passport and all my money and credit cards had been stolen, and could you please send me $1950.00 to get home!!

Now can you imagine the fun my so-called 'friends' had with that little story???

Dear Kate had an account all set up for me in Ukraine, hopefully no one sent any money to her although my 'so called friends' all claim to have done just that !! Mind you people have been marvelous, it would appear the whole world received my begging letter and I have been inundated with calls, texts, whatsapp messages and e mails asking if I really do require saving from life behind the Iron Curtain!!

There is something dreadfully violating about being hacked, experts have assured me that Apple Macs are untouchable, but Steve Jobs obviously did not account for blond/dumb/stupid/idiotics like me !! So folks beware of the iCloud!!

Thank you to all the kind folks who bailed me out physically and mentally and thank you to splendid IT expert Lin Saudan and of course my own personal IT Manager - HeeHoo.

With the iCloud of course all my contacts and phone numbers on every appliance had had been reduced to a blank screen and life was frustrating to say the least.

Fortunately Lin has brought my contacts back, and my e mails are trickling back: I have asked the Russian Mafia to deal with Kate, but bless her, at least she left my Wedding Photos intact!!!