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Yes I am well aware that we all loved shopping at Sanders and having tea at the Haddons tea room !! Yes I know Morrisons and Zippers were our favorite spots for haute couture!!

But we cannot keep living in the past!! Yes I know in 2008 and 2009 we gave up shopping in Bulawayo and headed for cross border excursions, but there is absolutely no need to do that now.

We must just bite the bullet and investigate the newer wave of shops in Bulawayo; I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

For example when did you last wear a hat apart from on the tennis court or on safari? Well hats are back in fashion and there is a delightful hat shop with dozens of styles to suit everyone, just up the road from the Econet shop, (remember where Downings bakery used to be) and before you get to the NMB Bank.

Its arbitrarily called "The Bed Shop" but the walls are festooned with glorious hats for all occasions.

I was looking for a belt for HeeHoo as all his leather belts are becoming far too big !(?) Captains has some lovely belts, and some unusual buckles and he will cut them to your size, or make them bigger or smaller depending on your girth !! They are also now stockiest of TAG Safari wear.

Nearly next-door is a toyshop with toys for small boys and big boys, and lots of dollies for little girls.

If its perfumes you are after, you cannot beat the beautiful shop called CATT at Zonki Izizwe Shopping Center. The prices are comparable tin those over the border, and the range is absolutely fantastic, as is the service.

Also at Zonki Izizwe is a handy little plastic shop selling all manner of necessary plastic items. I need a plastic lawn rake and some more coat hangers and they promised to find me a new trash bib.

ZonkiIzizwe Upstairs has some delightful shops (and they sell delicious egg and bacon rolls on Saturdays) Excellent inexpensive clothing, a well stocked stationery store. (I never know if its stationery or stationary ) !!!

And then there is a fabulous new furniture outlet next to Ivory Kraal on Fife Street Extension. Well worth a visit for some really unusual and interesting pieces of furniture. Right next door is Rea's Ivory Kraal, she is brilliant at marketing and her shop has some absolute gems in it.

I was sad to see that Gees Fruit and Veggies was quiet, they are really good to the Edith Duly Nursing Home and deserve to be supported. Their fruit and veg are top class too.

Full marks to Fazaks for taking over the old Jaggers premises in Woodlands, they have some glorious goodies there and have also opened up a giant grocery section.

As far as a good cup of coffee goes, we often stop off at Indaba in 9th Ave, and Tongogara. It was Angels formerly and many of us will remember that the Oasis used to be there. They make a good cappuccino I promise.

I shall continue to do my shopping survey for another edition of Morning Mirror.