ROADSIDE SHOPPING !          - 7/ 5/ 2006      <--Prev : Next-->

Shopping in Zimbabwe has its warmer moments.

If one can hold out long enough, the produce will be brought right to one's door step!!

Along with many people in Zimbabwe, I have an aversion to paying for my car radio license, the reason being, I do not ever listen to the local radio stations.

In addition radio licenses are normally purchased at a Post Office where queues and I do not have happy connotations and consequently I "forget" to purchase a radio license until I am compelled to do so ....

However I had no choice in the matter recently when the wrath of the law descended upon me during a fully manned 10 person roadblock comprising several law enforcement officers and several Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation licensing employees.

It was a cordial affair, pay half a million on the spot, or get down to the ZBC town office and pay half a million dollar plus an extra quarter of a million dollar fine !!

Cash or cheque both quite acceptable and out came a giant license book festooned with no less than four colours on good bond paper, so each license probably cost more to print than the cost of the license !!

However being of the lazy variety especially on a chilly winters day, I asked the charming official if I needed to bring HeeHoo's car down so I could get him a license too in these comfortable surroundings !!

Oh no need, said she, how many do you want. The thought of the saving was too great for my capricious mind and so I bought licenses for all the cars, all the office cars and a couple for good friends. All I had to do was write the license number in later and I could also pay by cheque !!

Such home comforts. Into the car climbed the official and industriously began to write out dozens on licenses for me in a most affable and efficient manner.

No need to queue, no need to even get out of the car, no need to carry around a giant sack of money to pay for it all either, such excellent service from His Majesty's Government !!