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How I love April, of course starting with the first day of April, 'All Fools Day' I am the biggest fool of all and love to play practical jokes. As a child I would get any amount of entertainment from a whoopee cushion, a stink bomb and those gigantic play-play tarantulas!! Nothing has changed and I scheme for days to invent new pranks to play on HeeHoo!!

Of course April is probably the start of our winter, and remembering those days of childhood birthday parties, SheHooMustRun was born in April, and it was never warm enough for swimming parties. Borrow Street Pool also closes this month; it's been a pretty cold winter so far, thanks to our extraordinary glorious rainy season!!

April is also the month for planting spring and winter blooms and my gardens is always a hive of activity as we rip out the old, turn and compost the beds furiously, and plant the new seedlings. This year its cosmos, iceberg poppies, calendula, dwarf sweet peas, cineraria and Namaqualand Daisies.

April is also auspicious because of that age-old favorite - The International Trade Fair. That was the place to be during those balmy fall days, hats and gloves in the old, old days, wandering around the Fair Spire, seeing and being seen!! Visiting the cattle pens, the sheep and pigpens, hanging around the 'Coca Cola' Fountain eating Eskies ice cream and Hamburgers!! Oh those were glorious days, and I have on good authority that its time to get those Traders Days tickets and begin frequenting that special place once again!!!

April is also 'Cassia' time, and these elegant trees with their fragrant cascading yellow blooms, are a real sight for sore eyes. Travel down Cecil Avenue from the Esigodini Road to Hillside Road, and with all your senses, inhale their glory.

April is also a pretty bitty month for industry. All the holidays that we love so much, play havoc with business. ....... Independence Day, Easter is in April too this year and coincides with Independence Day. Then there is May Day on the First of May......

Time to dust out those duvets, close the windows against the chilly winds, and get some firewood laid in the fireplace.

Time to dust off those trusty boots, darn the holes in the socks, and air those woolies that have been nestling in moth balls all summer long.

Yay I love winter in Zimbabwe. Bitterly cold in the morning and evenings, but by midday, we must have the best, toastiest climate in the entire world!!!