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Living in Zimbabwe definitely has its trials and tribulations, most of them due to power (or the lack thereof) and spectacles (or the lack thereof).

HeeHoo and I spent the weekend at Troutbeck Inn amongst 140 friends from the teaching fraternity. They are stoic those academics, they determine every year the future of the schooling system, and little or nothing ever gets them down !!

ZESA did its best though to get us all down, as it d s every year !!

The power cuts were horrendous, the Troutbeck Inn generator struggled valiantly to feed, bathe, shower and refresh 140 worthy delegates who are probably shaping the futures of many ZESA children !!

The hotel staff however were amazing, nothing was too much for the noble and academic guests. The meals were good, not an easy task to serve 420 hot meals every day without getz!!

Wet hair was the order of the day for the girls, and a few stubbled chins emerged. Showers were tepid affairs to say the least and early morning tea was well nigh impossible as the generator definitely did not like kettles or hairdryers !!

Now there we were, at one of Zimbabwe's prime tourist resorts, surely to goodness ZESA could make a proverbial plan!!! Not for us, we Zimbabweans have been brow beaten, subjugated and unclean for so long we are inured of all sense and sensibility.... but for the tourists, surely a plan could be made to provide the basic necessities to the tourists who bring a great deal of money into the country?

The gala dinner at the end of the conference was a miraculous feat of endurance for the long suffering hotel staff.

A delicious three course meal served with fine wines, adequate lighting, ice cold drinks, and 140 beautifully turned out guests, having been without power for 50 hours out of a possible 96, was no mean feat !!

Locals can cope with power cuts, but what out the tourists? ZESA should give special dispensation to the tourist attractions as we try our hardest to revive our country's economy.