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Senior Citizens Service
Food for Homes Bulawayo
B7 Coronation Cottages, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
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Christmas time has come again - time for celebrations and family gatherings.. The best time of year in Zimbabwe, when everyone puts on their best sharing smiles and gives to those less fortunate so that all may feel the soft warmth of Christmas in Zimbabwe.

Let us take the time to remember those less fortunate than ourselves, OUR PENSIONERS! Some of them do not have families they can celebrate with, some of them do not have the means for celebration, many of them will sit in their homes alone.. This has been a hard year for all, as the confusion still reigns between a US$ and Rand. Even though we are in real currency our inflation is still soaring, our Pensioners are struggling more than before, with no income or a pension of US$15 (15 loaves of bread) per month how are they supposed to survive. It is only through you the wonderful donors that have made a difference in these peoples lives, PLEASE help us to continue making a difference.

SCS is still running 2 clinics a week and 1 fortnightly. These are a life line to the pensioners where they can see a doctor for free and receive their life saving chronic medication for free. Medication is now being sourced in Zimbabwe, as it is more readily available. We do still source some from Castle Ridge Pharmacy in Pretoria and I would like to thank Hannes Snyman and his team for the amazing job they have done with keeping us supplied with medications when there were none to be found in Zimbabwe.

A thank you also to Edmund De Beer of Tzaneen and his team who for many years have filled the gap with medications, vitamins and minerals. We have boxes sent by him sitting in Musina which need to be brought to Bulawayo. If anyone is passing through please let us know and even if it is only one box at a time, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks must also go to our 2 pharmacies here, Hillside (Beatrice) and Highfield (Chris) and their dedicated work in making sure our pensioners receive the right medication.

Our medication costs for this quarter were US$14200 EMRAS ambulance 23 calls US$ 690. Thank you to the wonderful staff of Emras, who treat our pensioners with the out most kindness and compassion.

EYES: We tried the government route again and managed to have 3 pensioners seen to for cataracts, but this is a very tedious process with long hours in queues, which many of our pensioners cannot do. We assisted one pensioner with glasses, US$80.
Any donations will be greatly appreciated whether they be in cash or kind. Our bank accounts are as follows, please remember to send an email to to let us know when you make a deposit so that we can trace it and thank you of course! Or contact our office

B7 Coronation Cottages: 203102. Office hours 8am - 1pm
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BRANCH CODE: 14-54-05
for Account 1005940599 FHB ( F-ood for H-omes Bulawayo)
Please make sure you put FHB & a/c no in the reference

On the FHB side we received a delivery from HIZ, which was desperately needed to boost our stocks. The monthly delivery to the homes seems to be working well so we will keep it as that. Craig will be making a trip to South Africa and he will bring some goodies from Trade Centre so as to give the homes a bit of Christmas cheer. We are hoping for a delivery before Christmas so we can boost the stocks of the homes for Christmas and if anyone would like to donate meat or chickens for Christmas lunches in the homes please contact me or the office.

Our total deliveries for the last quarter averaged US$ 9500, this is not including the fresh vegetables and eggs. All that is left for me to say is THANK YOU, thank you for the support in 2010, and thank you to the team, who without ,there would not be SCS and I look forward to the challenges of 2011. May the angels be with you.