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1) Editorial


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. - Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Every Zimbabwean has the right, regardless of colour, creed, tribe, language, wealth, location, religion, race, sex or age to feel free, safe and proud to stand up and be counted as a Zimbabwean. We all have the right to stand shoulder to shoulder and hold our heads high, as a resourceful, dynamic and successful society. Each and every one of us matters, we are owed the right to vote, to work, to live and to be happy in the nation of our birth. These are the fundamental rights of every human alive in the world today, and we as Zimbabweans are born with these rights. No man, woman, government or institution has the right to take this right from us, and we stand together to be counted as a united Zimbabwe, steadfast in our duty to free our country from a single party political dictatorship, to become a proud, vibrant and significant democratic African State.

1 Million Zimbabwean Voices is neither ZANU PF, nor ZAPU, nor MDC - M, nor MDC - T, nor New Dawn. We have no political allegiance to any Party of the Zimbabwean Political Establishment. 1 Million Zimbabwean Voices is merely the combined and unified voice of every Zimbabwean that demands to be a part of recovery and reclamation of Zimbabwe by its true owners; The Zimbabwean People.

As the sun sets on a tired and feeble regime, the opportunities are endless. Now is the time on the eve of National Elections for Zimbabweans World Wide to come together, to unite in organisation, ally with each other, unify in voice and work together to change Zimbabwe for the better. Now is the time to accept that talk is cheap, complaining endlessly will only discourage us, and realise that the International Community are not going to fix our country, while we watch and wait from the sidelines. The chance for every Zimbabwean man and woman, black and white to gather together from the Diaspora to right here in Zimbabwe, and make change happen together. Join the wave, make a difference.lend your voice!

UK first fundraising event in Leicester 25th September 2010 from 1200hrs till late.

2) Notices and Event

The Annual FETE held by the CHURCH OF ASCENSION,
Hillside, Bulawayo will take place on Saturday 6th November 2010.

Spring is in the air and it's time to clear out all those unwanted bits and bobs that will in turn, be most welcome to us. Watch this space for more information!

Invites you to a "Women in Mind" programme DANCE - please join us, with Sandy Evans, as we learn all about dance with banners and ribbons. Hear from Mary Ann Mangai as she shares her story.
DATE: Saturday 11th September
TIME: 2:30pm to 4:30pm
VENUE: Church of Ascension, Hillside, Bulawayo
ENTRANCE: US$3 or R20 per person
Please diarise our Christmas event to be held at the farmer's Halls, ZITF grounds, November 6th. Enjoy a trip to the North Pole with a couples dinner and really good entertainment Watch this space for further information

Many different stalls with a variety of things on sale, along with enjoyable music to listen to.
DATE: 4th September 2010
TIME: 10:00 AM
N.B. $10 per stall and you can sell anything! Confectionary, Clothes, Pickles, Jams etc. For further information on stall rental, please contact EMMA (9) 70753 or SHARON cell 0915 582363

'The Lounge' - monthly open mic nights
September 17th, friday
NEW VENUE - Indaba Book Cafe (corner of Tongagara St and 9th Ave)
COST - $2 Open mic featuring: BONGO LOVE and FRESHNESS A creative hub for the artistic community here in Bulawayo and beyond. Serving artists through providing a platform for them to perform and develop. bring your voice....get involved.... or just simply enjoy an evening out for dinner in the fabulous Indaba Book Cafe. for more info contact

Amalinda wish to start up this fun event again. It's time to get fit.
24th October 2010
20k Fun Run also done in Relays 20k Walk also done in Relays 60k Off road Cycle also done in Relays Gary Stanley will play throughout the day Full Bar and Catering available All funds will go to Breast Cancer Association Contact Fiona Burns on 0733 314533 or Lee McNab on 0712 405756 Keep watching this space

Retrouvaille (Rediscover) MARRIAGE WORKSHOP
Any of this sound familiar? "He will never change. She doesn't understand me. We don't talk like we used to. We have nothing in common any more. We live separate lives. He always criticises me. She never listens to me. She is always nagging me. He has changed. She is not the same person I married any more. We always seem to argue and my life is full of sadness. I am totally disillusioned with marriage as I cannot get my needs met. I do not feel valued or respected and I see no hope of change. This is not the way things were supposed to be."

Most of us have been there at some time. But it doesn't have to be this way. Instead of growing away from each other, we can turn things around and rediscover the wonder of the person we married. Are you willing to actually work at your marriage - to do something you've probably never done before? Probably never had the chance to do? Are you willing to invest in a weekend away together? It will probably be the most important weekend you have every experienced and will open up a future together you never thought possible. It will be a profoundly deep life changing experience as we teach you communication in non-threatening ways. Let's face it, our marriages are the most important things in our lives and they have all been put under great stress in this country. The weekend consists of a series of presentations by team couples sharing their own struggles toward growth in their own marriages and invite you to embark on your own journey of self discovery which you share privately together. There is no group sharing and the team are there to guide and support - not counsel or advise. You will learn you are not alone. We have all struggled and we all want to make things better. Weekend: 3rd, 4th 5th September, 2010 Cost of workshop: US$ 150 per couple full board including workshops Venue: Hotel Rio For more information contact: Clive & Bernadette Terry cell 0712 221 443 Home 09 241224 Grace & Hendrick Vermaak 09 206543 Cell 0733 289 079 www.retrouvaille. org

Rudi and Tookie are BACK AGAIN -
Playing every Saturday evening at Mosaics Come and enjoy live music from the golden years of Rock 'n Roll and beyond. BACK AGAIN - Available for all occasions!
Mobile 0915168460

"The people of Bulawayo are invited to contribute towards, and attend,
a traditional commemoration of King Mzilikazi
on 11th September 2010.
If you would like to find out more about this significant occasion, which will be the beginning of a new phase in our history, please contact the coordinator; Mr B.G Dube on email or you can phone him on 0912 365 856 / 0917573 573 / 0712 396 074 / 0733784 857"

Alliance Francaise de Bulawayo is proud to present a LIVE PERFORMANCE by virtuoso balafon player from Mali,
7:30pm - Tuesday, 7th September 2010
At the Robert Sibson Hall - Academy of Music Advance tickets: US$5 available from the Academy of Music and also at the door

Final reminder Island Hospice rummage sale this Saturday 28 August 9am. 2 George Silundika St. 4 plate electric stove 2 plate stove (needs attention) Christmas cards Bridge cards (3 rand each), shoes, handbags, clothes, child's bicycle, 4 piece toaster, kettle, Upright Hoover vacuum cleaner, commercial vacuum cleaner, LOADS of sundries. There will also be a tea garden Please come along and browse


Friday 3 September at 6.30 the Robert Sibson Hall [with supper interval]
Herbert von Karajan conducts two La Scala productions specially restaged for filming. Cavalleria Rusticana : "Magnificently sung, subtly played and dramatically acted . the passion of Sicily fanned into a bonfire by one of the world's most brilliant conductors and a great cast. A great night of filmed opera" [New York Post]. Pagliacci : "Jon Vickers is outstanding as Canio, Raina Kabaivanska and Peter Glossop are also very impressive. an interpretation of exceptionally strong emotions and artistic quality" [New York Times]. Admission: $3.00 / R25.00 [free to Red Carpet members and subscribers]

Tuesday 7 September at 7.30 p.m. in the Robert Sibson Hall
This concert is promoted by the Alliance Fran aise de Bulawayo who have supplied the following background to Ali Keita's performance: "West African musician Ali Ke ta has earned worldwide renown for his mastery of the balafon, a marimba-like instrument native to the region. While rooted in tradition, Keita's Afro-pop, funk-fuelled rhythm section and taste for complex jazz-oriented arrangements set him far apart from most balafonists. Ali hails from a famous musical family, the same that produced Salif Ke ta, one of West Africa's most treasured songwriters and musical talents. Having been brought up in this hot-house environment, Ali relocated as an adult to Germany. "His instrumental brilliance earned him opportunities to collaborate with jazz and world music legends and he made his debut as a bandleader in 2008. The record, entitled Akwaba Inisene, turned heads across Europe and debuted in the Top 20 on World Music Charts Europe." So, very different from our usual fare but we hope that everyone will be tempted to come and experience something new! Admission: $5.00 / R40.00 [free to Red Carpet members and subscribers]

Thursday 9 September at 7.00 p.m. in the Robert Sibson Hall
Perhaps the greatest of all the Rodgers & Hammerstein musicals will be shown in a digitally enhanced version (with subtitles) of the original film starring Mitzi Gaynor, Rossano Brazzi and John Kerr with songs like "Some Enchanted Evening", "There is Nothin' Like a Dame", "Bali Ha'i" and "Younger than Springtime". Admission: $3.00 / R25.00 [free to Red Carpet members only]

Friday 17 September at 6.30 the Robert Sibson Hall 6.30 p.m. [with supper interval]
"Wagner's passionate opera about a medieval minstrel torn between the temptations of sacred and profane love is seen here in one of the most gorgeous and gloriously romantic productions in the Met's repertory" [New York Times]. "A distinguished cast is headed by Richard Cassily who was perhaps the leading exponent of Tannh user at the time with Eva Marton as a radiant Elizabeth and Tatiana Troyanos a musically and dramatically stunning Venus. The evening's brightest star, however, was arguably James Levine whose grasp of the score was all-encompassing, bringing out all the incidental beauties while keeping it moving." [Richard Eviden]. Admission: $3.00 / R25.00 [free to Red Carpet members and subscribers]

Thursdays 23 & 30 September, 7, 14, 21 & 28 October, 4 November at 7.15 p.m. in the Robert Sibson Hall
The opening instalments of the magnificent 15-hour BBC serialisation which will be shown over seven weeks. Starring Anthony Hopkins as Pierre there is - literally! - a cast of thousands in what the Sunday Times called "a feast for the eye and mind". Each showing will last about two-and-a- quarter hours plus interval - and there are subtitles! [Leo Tolstoy died a hundred years ago on 7 November 1910 - old style] Admission: $3.00 / R25.00 or $15.00 / R110.00 the series [Free to Red Carpet members only. There will be an opportunity to pay for the first session, then pay the balance for the season ticket if you'd like to make sure you want to see the whole series by watching the first episodes without commitment to the rest!]

Saturday 25 September at 7.30 p.m. in the Robert Sibson Hall
A mesmerising Swedish film with subtitles of the best- selling thriller featuring the unconventional heroine Lisbeth Salander, the enigmatic, delinquent and dangerous security specialist. The plot concerns Henrik Vanger, a Swedish industrialist tormented by the loss of a child decades earlier who is convinced that a member of the family has committed the murder. Salander together with journalist Mikael Blomkvist delves deep into the Vangers' past to discover the truth but someone else wants the past to remain a secret and will go to any lengths to keep it that way... If you've read the book, you'll know you want to see the film - and, if you haven't, rest assured it's one of the classiest and most thrilling films you've seen in a long while! Admission: $3.00 / R25.00 [Academy fund-raiser - NO free admissions!]

27th November 2010
CBC are holding the first Charity Carnival that will give all Bulawayo Charities a chance to raise much needed funds for their causes "Free of charge". In addition to the charity stalls there will be public stalls available for hire for those who have wares to sell! Perfect timing for those Christmas ideas! There will be plenty of entertainment for the family including Celtic games, jumping castles, air rifle and so much more. Once the kids have enjoyed the afternoon, it's time for the adults to kick back, relax and enjoy a good evening with Frank Reynolds. Plenty of good food, good company and good fun!!!
For details on Stalls, charity or public, contact: Anwen 0712 614045 Ceri 0712 613855

Presents Busters Sports Challenge & "Oktoberfest"
on 25th September 2010 from 3.00 pm onwards
at Busters Sports Grounds
Entrance: $5.00 Challenges include Down Downs, Volleyball, Paintball and the Busters Sports Challenge Entertainment provided by Vanessa Palm from South Africa & DJ Frank

Busters Adult Sports Day
Come and have loads of fun
on 25th September 2010
from 2pm onwards
at Busters Rugby Grounds Games include Tug of war, Ten-legged race, Egg throwing, Boat races, Tossing the caber etc. For the kids: Power Cut Porridge eating competition Tequila girls * Heineken girls * Zimbo girls Cheap beer!!! Entry forms for teams available from Busters, and and Registration fee for teams: $20 Entries to be handed in (by hand or via e-mail) by Wednesday 22nd September 2010

All Round Training In Excellence (ART Excel) (Ages 8 - 13)
ART Excel is a fun-filled practical course for children from all backgrounds, and involves breathing and other practical fun games and processes. It teaches how to make and maintain friendships, overcome shyness and other social barriers children can meet in life. It also teaches core human values such as trust, respect, cooperation, sharing, compassion through team games and problem solving activities. Course duration is 3 days , sessions lasting 3 each .
First Course - Dates: Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th September 2010
Second Course - Dates: Friday 10th to Sunday 12h September
Times: 9.00 am to 12:30 pm
Cost : US $30 Venue : HCC Hall Khumalo , Bulawayo Contact : Versha 0912 316 461 : Jayshree 0913 886160

OLD MILTONIANS upcoming events
3rd September - Live music with Mark & Ed
26th September - "Summer Time Fair" with many stalls and music by Cassim's band.
Also, the "Hooligan" bowlers invite all interested to come and join in in a 15 end game. 1st October - Bud Cockcroft backed by DJ Frank. All welcome. $10 per person.

29th September - BINGO evening.

Victoria Falls New Year - Parlotones live in Concert.
30 and 31 Dec 2010
- Falls Fest 2010
will host Top bands from South Africa and Zimbabwe namely The Parlotones, Ghapi, Evicted, Mann Friday, Kazz Dougie & more Contact Sarah for packages, tickets and information. Cell - 0914 432800 email:- or Get ready to Rock in Vic Falls! Tickets selling fast


4. Social - Venue Lions Club....... Thursday 21st October 7 for 7.30pm Hwange Game Count de-brief

5. Outing - Game Count at Cawston Ranch 22nd to 24th October For this, please contact Shelagh Adams Tel. 09- 281544 or E-Mail

6. Outing - Quiet Waters (Falcon College) - meet at QW by 10am Sunday 14th November Talks by Falcon College teachers Bring and braai If lift required, please meet at Holiday Inn car park by 8.30am

7. Social - Venue Lions Club...... Thursday 18th November 7 for 7.30pm Talk by Bruce Macdonald on the "Ground Hornbills"

Official opening of the exhibition "Watercolour Agenda"
an exhibition of watercolour paintings by Nyasha Bandama
Date: Thursday 26th August 2010 @ 5.30pm
Venue: National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo
Free admission For more info, please visit: Mlom'Wakho Poetry Slam + The Cypheric Heads Sessions + Poetry Workshops Featuring: Aero5.ol, Godobori, Lady Thug, Xtreme Sanity, Tumi, Psp, Blak Phar i, Flowchild, Psycholgic,Soulfamilya, Tswarelo, Cleo of Freshness.
Date: Saturday 28th August 2010, All day
Workshops: 10Am Poetry Slam: At The Highest Noon Poetry Session + Cypher: 2pm Venue: National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo Admission: $1.00 For more info, please visit:

An Evening of Fine French Cuisine
A five course dinner.
Date : Saturday 28th August 2010 @ 6.30 onwards
Venue: Bulawayo Club
$25.00 per person - Advance reservations essential. Call Rob on (09) 64868-9. For more info, please visit: Official opening of the exhibition "The incredible discovery of Professor T. Gwetai" an exhibition of the remnants and relics of a lost civilisation

Exhibition curated by Tafadzwa Gwetai (great-grand-nephew of Professor Gwetai) and Chloe Josse-Durand
Date: Thursday 2nd September 2010 @ 5.30pm
Venue: National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo (corner Main Street and Leopold Takawira Ave, Bulawayo) Free admission. For more info, please visit:
Live Performance virtuoso balafon player from Mali, Aly Keita
Date : Tuesday 7th September 2010 @ 7.30pm
Place: Robert Sibson Hall - Academy of Music Advance tickets: US$5 available from the Academy of Music and also at the door. For more info, please visit:

3) Roses And Raspberries
ROSES - The Chairman and committee of the Rainbow fund would like to thank everyone For the support we have received from the sale of our book, Tony's Rainbow. Your generosity Has enabled us to assist three children in desperate medical need. Tony's Rainbow is still on sale at Vigne Bookshop and Indaba Caf or direct from Ann Hadfield telephone 479188. Should anyone wish To donate to this worthy fund, please call Ann or banking details.

4) Congratulations

5) Condolences/In Memorium/Wreath Funds

Oh Bok thank you for nearly "50" wonderful years of marriage. Bok you were always so understanding. God took you home and I am left alone now. But we will meet again.
Your loving and heartbroken wife

Oh My Dad, you left us all so quickly. My heart is broken my Dad. Dad you were the world's best Dad and I could never wish for better. You were always there for me Dad - when I needed you the most. My tower of strength were you my Dad. Strength in the most difficult times in my life.
Oh Dad I am going to miss you and how am I going to walk this road without you My Dad!.
My Dad I will forever Love You and Thanks for being my Dad
You heartbroken daughter

Fredrick William Mellett (Fred)
Passed away peacefully in his 71st year in his home on Sunday 29 August. Beloved husband to Johanna, father to Joey and the late Wayne, Oupa to Bradley, Craig, Shelly, Dwane and Jason. He will be missed and remembered forever.

Fredrick William Mellett
Oupa, I only knew you for a few years, but it felt like a life time. You always knew how to put a smile on my face. I am privileged to have known you like many others and I will remember you always.

Thursday 2nd September 2010
10.30 am
Selbourne Park Church


Colleen Woldemar - Passed away on the 28th August 2010 after a long Illness bravely borne. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Alan, Charlie , Jeremy, Corey, Benjamin, Sam, Candy and Faye. May she now rest in peace
From: Joan and all the Swindells family

Charlotte Ethel Marques - Passed away on 25 August 2010. Our condolences to Anton and Adie and all the family. We have many happy memories of family get togethers and Auntie Char will never be forgotten. Rest peacefully.
Love Alan, Nicky, Ingrid and all our family overseas and in S.A.
THE ZIMBABWE HOSIERY COMPANY Tel (+263 9) 461936 * Hunting Line Fax (+263 9) 460551 or 461936

R.I.P. Gibson Sibanda 24/8/2010 - A rock of the MDC. An honest, sincere, truly principled man. Zimbabwe will be sorely lost without his guidance. Condolences to his family
Ronit Loewenstern

HADFIELD RUTH YVONNE - The Hadfield family would like to Thank all those whose loving kindness helped us through the sad loss Of our mom. God Bless you all.

6) Pets

I just wanted to warn residents in the Bellevue area about poisoning of dogs.We found our little staffi cross jack russell in a very bad way this morning.He sleeps inside the house at night and had been let out at about seven this morning,he did not come back in for his breakfast as usual.When we went looking for him we found him lying on his side quivering, in terrible pain. He was rushed to the vet where we were told that he had been poisoned with "two step".This a very fast acting but very painful poison.
This the second dog that has been poisoned in the last few weeks,the police were informed of the death of the last dog and checked on all the dogs along our road in conjunction with the SPCA. Should you suspect that your dog has been poisoned please report the matter to your nearest police station {Donnington covers Bellevue},it is a criminal offense to poison dogs.

Absolutely gorgeous Toy Pom Puppies, very playful, ready to go to good homes.
Please, contact cell numb. - 0913 566 556.

Margaret Bernard at Pet Hilton happy to accommodate your pet whenever you need. Bitches on heat catered for, and supervised matings when required. Domestic obedience training given. Christopher on duty to beautify your dog, shampoo, dip, brush, and clip, etc. All breeds welcome. Dip tank open Saturdays 8.30 - 11.30. Fee R10 per dog. Phone 242979 to book or make enquiries.

7) Guardian Angels And Donations

Bulawayo Help Network is sourcing whistles for pensioners to wear around their necks for emergencies. We have had cases of people falling over and lying all night without help. Does anyone know where we can source whistles? Better still, would anyone like to donate whistles?
Please contact Bulawayo Help Network on 09-67085 or Thank you.

Royal Philatelic Society of Zimbabwe Centenary Exhibition
Formed in 1910, the society celebrates its 100th anniversary with a special display of stamps on September 11 at the Senior Citizens Day Club, 11A Clark Road, Suburbs, Bulawayo.
Opening at 8 am, the display will feature stamps through the ages from around the world, as collected by members throughout the country. All are welcome to come along and view the exhibit. Entry is by donation, tea will be served and a car guard will be on hand. The Society holds regular meetings at the Club on the second Saturday of every month and welcomes visitors and new collectors.
For more information, contact: Gordon Murray on 09 71627 (home).

We will be coming down to Bulawayo on the 31st August and will be at 'The Berry' (22 Haddon Avenue,Kumalo) from 13.00pm till 5.00pm and then on 1st September from 9.00am- 11.30am Please be advised that this is only for consular matters, we will not be dealing with visa

4 PLATE STOVE We are selling a Monarch 4 plate stove. Good working order. $150 or NCO 10x Thirty one and half inch Ring Hoes $5 each 8 Genuine Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner bags $8
View at Island Hospice 2 G. Silundika Street/ M.Ndlovu Ave. Bulawayo Tel: 77972 RUMMAGE SALE
We are having a rummage sale in the Hospice grounds, Saturday 28th August 9am. On sale (CHEAP) clothes, shoes, kitchen sundries, electrical items, books


8) Bulawayo News


AGM for Barbara Burrell Home for the Aged Blind
All interested persons, family and our wonderful supporters are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Barbara Burrell Centre for the Blind to be held on Wednesday 26th September 2010 at the home in Sarah Bain Avenue Ilanda, Bulawayo at 5.30pm

Are you confused, depressed or nervous? Are you losing sleep? Do you feel helpless? Are fears overwhelming you? Do you feel sorry for yourself? Do you refuse invitations to family and social functions? Do you take your frustrations out on others? Are you resentful? Do you lie and try to cover up the drinking problem? Are you ashamed of your situation?
Alanon is for families and friends of people who have a drinking problem. Meetings are confidential, lasting approximately one hour. Meetings take place on Monday as near 1700 as possible and Thursday as near 1300 as possible. 130A Jason Moyo Street Bulawayo, between 13th and 14th Avenue. (Please use back door) For further information, please call 65367 (W), 280222(H) or 0712 613 981

9) Gossip Column

10) Personal Column

11) Gweru And Harare News

12) Wining And Dining

The Melting pot
Come join us with your friends and family for a great social evening. We offer cheese fondue for starter, oil fondue for main course and chocolate fondue's for dessert. Strawberry's are in season at the moment - irresistible for dessert! By booking only
open wednesday to sunday...7pm onwards. Call Lauren on 0712207508 or Trav on 0912515140

Ascot Shopping Centre
Open for lunch Tuesday to Friday Open for dinner Tuesday to Saturday. Closed Sunday and Monday
Phone 237430 Mmmmmmmm Maxis salads are the best I live for his pepper steak and nd HeeHoo loves his Tripo !


INTRODUCING A FABULOUS HIGH TEA EXPERIENCE!!! A traditional two course English High Tea, with champers to start. From 3pm every afternoon in our immaculate Tea Gardens, shadowed by the Castle. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL US$15 per person
Reception Tel: 282735 / 6 or email

Some of the places to eat in Bulawayo:-

Arizona Spur Restaurant in the Holiday Inn
Book and Bean caf at Bradfield Shopping Centre
Bulawayo Golf Club
Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel
Cattleman - 12th Avenue
Country Club - Esigodini Road
Frangos- 12th Avenue
Gallery Coffee Shop - Fort Street
Golden Spur - Robert Mugabe Way
Granite Ridge - Matobo Hills
Hillside Dams Tea Room
Hillside Bowling Club
Holiday Inn - Arizona Spur
Indaba Book Caf & Sandwich Bar
Mary's Restaurant - opp Medical Cent
Massimo's Genuine Italian Restaurant - Ascot Shopping Centre
Maxies - Ascot Shopping Centre
Nesbitt Castle - Percy Avenue
New Orleans - Banff Road
Pappas - Robert Mugabe Way
Parrot Lodge in Valeview Road, Riverside
River Cafe = 12th Ave
Southern Comfort Lodge and Cafe
The Bulawayo Club
The Melting Pot
Thee Coffee Shoppe
Wes and Janes - Pauling Road

and more !!

13) Catering and Food

Shop 3 Zonki'iziswe Centre Bradfield Bulawayo
RICE ! RICE ! RICE ! On our promotion stand you will find a fantastic range of rices. Jasmine, basmati, risotto and carnolli Rices flavoured and with split peas, lentils and sundried tomatoes. Nearly 20 kinds to choose from.
CEREALS We have just received a huge range of breakfast cereals and mueslis. Wholegrain, nuts and raisins, fruit mixes, low gi and fat free range also available. Also in stock the ever popular Jungle Oats and Oat So Easy range as well as Taystee Wheat
GO GREEK !! Just arrived.. deli-licious range of Attiki honey in jars and tins Loukoumi with honey and almond Loukoumi with honey and ouzo Yummm.treat yourself !!
BELGIAN CHOCOLATE With over 25 different chocolates to choose from, you will be in choc heaven !! Bag or box them as a gift or simply indulge yourself !! Super range of boxed chocs also available as well as the delightful "shooter cups"
POWER CUTS !! Make your life a little easier with a complete range of cook-in sauces and pastas so useful on those powerless nights !! deli-licious taste the experience

Delicious Vegetable pickle and chapatis made to order. Phone Ameena 67641 or 63782.

14) Accommodation Out Of Zimbabwe

"Our Place"
Brakspruit Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
Overnight Accommodation available from 15th September 2010 Louis Trichardt, Limpopo - 16 kilometers from Louis Trichardt on the N1 south, 8 newly constructed self-contained Garden Combos. Each Combo consists of one large Bedroom with shower, toilet etc en-suite, large living room with fully equipped kitchenette, veranda and covered carport. Accommodates 2. Special offer for Zimbabweans: R150 per person per night, R100 per person per night if booked for 2 or more nights. R50 per extra kids beds on request.
Contact: Derek and Margaret Henning Landline: + 263 15 516 5706 Cell phones: 082 5108004/ 082 8631116 Email:

Self catering beach cottage to rent on La Digue Island Seychelles:
Email : Tel : 263 9 241224 (h) Cell : 0712 208 157

Sleeping from 2 to 8 pax per unit on a large property with ample parking within a secure country estate. 5 chalets in total. Rates: Standard single: R 250 Standard double: R 400 Loerie Chalet: single R 350, double R 500 R 100 per additional person, children under 12: half price We also offer budget accommodation Units are serviced daily, TV, pool. We are close to Broadacres Shopping Centre, Fourways Mall, Fourways Crossing, Cedar Square, Montecasino, Northgate Shopping Centre with Coca-Cola Dome, Lanseria Airport, Fourways Hospital, Olivedale Hospital, Riverside Rehabilitation Centre.
Address: 34, Woburn Avenue, Chartwell North Estates, on Cedar Road, Fourways, 2055 Tel: 27 11 460 1948 Cell: 083 420 7779 E-mail:

Ruther's Place, 97 Jorissen Street, Polokwane
Looking for affordable self catering accommodation in Polokwane? Why not try us? Offering three self catering fully furnished, serviced flats. - Flat 1 - Double bed , en-suite shower/toilet, kitchenette. Flat 2 - Double and Single bed with enough space for a mattress if need be. En-suite shower/toilet, kitchenette. Flat 3 -Double and Single bed with space for mattress if needed. En-suite bath/shower, separate toilet, kitchenette. TV in all flats. Tea/Coffee/rusks supplied in all flats. Secure parking. Lovely garden to stretch those legs or relax in the Jacuzzi/pool with safety net for the little people. Centrally located in Polokwane, close to all amenities. Electronic brochure available on request.
Contact: Pat on 083 225 3818 / Hylton on 082 658 2971 Pat (W) 015-2914722 E-mail: /

15) Accomodation In Zimbabwe

Situated on the boundary of Hwange National Park on the Dete Road Miombo Lodge offers you affordable accommodation in our tree houses and chalets, we also have a camping site for those who enjoy the more basic side of travel. In the past few weeks lion have visited our small watering hole in front of the tree houses and elephant make regular morning and evening visits to this same hole. The bush is not so lush now and surface water has disappeared so game viewing has improved immensely. In need of a break then please allow us to accommodate you whilst you de-stress and enjoy getting back to nature.
If game viewing sounds a bit too strenuous for you then you can just lounge by our sparkling pool with a good book or just enjoy the sounds of the bush.
Please direct your enquiries to Bonnie e mail address or Gill e mail address or phone Bulawayo 462765 You can also visit our web site:

Sondela Lodge, bed and breakfast is ideally located on Leopold Takawira Avenue, just 1,5km's from the city centre in Bulawayo. Sondela is a stylish converted home laid out in a beautiful tranquil garden, personalized & catering to your every need with the highest quality of service available. We have just completed renovations to 3 of our bedrooms, making them en-suite for your comfort & convenience.
ACCOMMODATION * 3 Bedrooms equipped with en-suite and ceiling fans. * 1 Twin bedroom suitable as a family room with separate bathroom facilities. * 1 Executive Suite, en-suite, DSTV & air conditioning.
FACILITIES * DSTV lounge * Swimming pool, equipped gym & sauna. * Library & full sized snooker table, for experienced players * In House cash bar.
CATERING * Full English Breakfasts accompanied by juices, cereals, yoghurts and coffee/tea. * Dinners-upon request & charged separately. * Airport transfers can be arranged upon request and charged for separately too.
RATES * US$ 75.00 Single (bed & breakfast) * US$ 90.00 Double * US$ 100.00 Executive Suite.
CONTACT DETAILS Telephone: 09 - 239338 Cell: 0912 321 131 or 0913 204 153. e-mail:


A little paradise on the shores of Lake Kariba. 8 basic equipped fisherman's chalets, each sleeping 4 people. Swimming pool, large outdoor conference facility ideal for NGO's.
e mail or phone +263 15 545 or +263 15 286 or message +260976644743 or 0913666 243 e mail Frog And Fern In Chimanimani
Kulizwe Lodge Binga - shores of Lake Kariba
Miombo Lodge Dete Situated Hwange National Park/Dete Rd
Sondela Lodge on Leopold Takawira Ave

16) Property and Real Estate

lam wondering if you are able to assist me. lam looking for a factory to rent with a size from 450sqm to about 700sqm right here in bulawayo. should you know of a factory which is up for rental please do get in touch with me. either on my e-mail or my cell 0912434172.

Very strategic corner stand for rent suitable for car sales, open to other ideas. Available with office. Call 0712708544

Ex farmer single mom with 16year old daughter seeking accommodation not too far from town. Careful tenant who loves gardening, will take good care of your home. Please contact Sandra on 66776(W), 0712938564 or e-mail

Expatriate working for an international company seeks upmarket 2 ^ 3 bedroom house or townhouse. Security essential, preferably with large lounge/entertainment area, en suite bathroom in main bedroom, established garden and double lock up garage.
PLEASE CALL 0912 271523

3 bedroom house (1 with bathroom and toilet on suit), separate lounge and dining room, kitchen & scullery with a granny cottage. Double domestic quarters. Lockup garage with workshop. 2 excellent boreholes 1 with pump. 5 carports, swimming pool. Walled with razor wire on top with electric gate.
Contact Mr Naude 0912 255139

Substantial brick under tile family home with great character. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms. Two lounges and separate dining room. Fully fitted kitchen and lock-up garage. Swimming pool which needs attention. Set in full acre stand. US$100 000
Contact - Peri 245703 / 0913 284 669

Ian & Co. Real Estate, ground floor, 10 Westbourne suites, Josiah Tongogara, btwn 8 & 9 ave. Bulawayo. Tel 2639 886626 2639 886256
Houses For Sale
Hillside central /south double story on a kopje on 6acres, river frontage. Panoramic view. Sparkling s/pool. Prolific borehole. 5bedroomed, self contained single bedroom livingroom/kitchen. Its on a cul de sec. A must to been see. Offers in the region of $300000. Suburbs: BUT 3bedroomed, modern fitted spacious kitchen. Borehole. Burnside :BUT 3bedroomed, scenic view. Borehole Selborne Park. BUT 3bedroomed, cottage, S/pool, borehole excellent garden. Offer Sunninghill on 1acre 4bedroomed, numerous fowl houses, acre utilised for market gardening. Excellent borehole. offer Parklands 4bedroomed. $63000 Paddonhurst: BUI 3Bedroomed. Good borehole and garden. Offer Newton west 3bedroomed, self contained cottage on 2acres Bellevue: BUT 4bedroomed $35000 Malindela: 3 bedroomed B.U.T. very neat property. offer Fortunes gate on split level panoramic view, s/pool. offer Mzilikazi 4roomed $14000 Pumula north 5roomed-offer Lobengula west semi extended 6roomed $23000 Pumula north terraced 4roomed $11000 Makhandeni 3 roomed. $ 13 000 Luveve old 4roomed $14000 Pumula old 6roomed fenced and gated Cowdray Park 4roomed

TRUCKERS : at Kelvin west, 8workshops, spray booth, changerooms, double storey offices, too many extras to mention, on 2acres. Offer Kelvin west incomplete workshop-offer Vacant stands in the city R/Mugabe way 600m2 and 700m2 each offer Douglasdale 2acres $24000. Kensington 6acres, 2boreholes, reservoir $55000 To Let Lodge at Burnside Industrial property / workshops / warehouses and offices Numerous houses to let in the western suburbs. We have serious buyers of commercial properties
Contact: Ian 0712871455 0915306392, Stella Venturas 0912775292, Albert Moyo 0712916101, Abel 0913084305

Cottage for rent: Large one bedroom. Open plan. Available 01.09.2010. $300 inc lights/water. Use of maid on negotiation. Comes with stove and fridge. Only retired person/couple or professionals. NO CHILDREN OR PETS. Will suit young couple not planning to have kids. Glencoe area. Contact Julian 0712 212 108 or 883605.

house for sale :
Three bedroom house (mes), lounge, dining room, bar lounge, office, kitchen, separate laundry, lockable garage/work shop plus another car port, borehole, electric fence, electric gate, swimming pool, two room staff quarters, concrete storage tanks. Lovely garden including fish ponds. $120 000 not negotiable. Please contact Des Stephens on 0912 211156 or 230708.

17) Vehicles

BMW 318i MEX(Manual Executive) - 1988body/ 1990engine. Stainless steel exhaust; Mag wheels. Price Dollars 4,800.
Tel: 239378 (mornings); 243995 (afternoon& evening) Cell: 0912 261 33

Jetta II 1989, 1 owner, excellent condition, newly reconditioned engine head, brand new starter motor, windscreen and tyres. 260 000km. Offers?
Phone Mike on +27- 82-802-8110 or e-mail

For Sale:
1991 Toyota Hilux Surf V6 3 litre petrol In good condition. US$ 6500.00
View at Greys Car Sales Corner 12th/ J. Tongogara Phone Number: 63381 76014

NEW NEW NEW Why buy used when for only $12 995 upwards you can get a BRAND NEW CHEV SPARK 1.0L 5 door hatch. The most economical car with a 5 year/120 000km warranty. Talk to Mike Carroll on phone 236599 / 0712 213 373 or arrange to see him personally at Autoworld Bulawayo, 12th Ave/J. Moyo St, Bulawayo

Vehicle for Sale
1 Venter Trailer for sale - GLE 1985 Box Trailer

CAR FOR SALE-Nissan Sunny 1994 good condition USD 3 500 Tel 0712 220 633

Call for a free consultation to secure your wheels - many satisfied customers can't be wrong. If Government does stop imports and only allows vehicles of 5 years old and newer, the cheapest landed will be $10 000 DON'T BE CAUGHT OUT!
1. Toyota Estima 2001 Automatic 160 000km $8 500 2. Toyota Nadia 1999 Automatic 69 000km $6 800 3. Toyota Nadia 2000 Automatic 75 000km $7 000 4. Toyota Vitz Sedan 1999 Manual 46 000km $6 000 5. Toyota Camry 1995 Automatic 69 000km $4 500 6. Honda Fit 2003 Automatic 145 000km $6 300 7. Honda Fit 2002 Automatic 73 000km $6 500 8. Toyota Corolla Automatic 69 000km $5 500 9. Nissan March 2002 Automatic 63 000km $5 800 10. Toyota Vitz Hatchback 1999 Auto 125 000km $5 800 11. Mazda B2200 Diesel 1991 178 000km $4 700 Enquiries welcomed and all vehicles are hot 2 - 3 week delivery on orders Mercedes Benz - all models Toyota Prado; Toyota Mark II, new shapes; Nissan Skyline 2.5/3c GT Turbo Toyota Lancruisers;, Nissan Sunny, new shape; 1.5 - 3 tonne trucks, all makes; Nissan Libertie; Honda CRV
Contact Tiger 0733 902917

CAR SALES- 1.5 SE Limited Toyota Corolla-white-air condition-radio-tape-low mileage-immaculate condition-lady driven.price $3500.00 or n.c.o.
Kipor Diesel KDE 12 STA3 Generator (10kva-3phase)-233 hours- still new-manual,tools,change over switch-surplus to requirements.price $3500.00.Telephone- 241409.

Toyota GX Landcruiser Stationwagon 1994 model, good condition, mechanically sound USD $10 000. Andre 0712 636 651 or Richard 0912 275 762

18) Travel and Tours

19) Computers And Electronics

CompuPro - Heart of Technology
August Specials
Compaq B500 with W7 basic - dropped to clear at $ 640-00 (inc Vat) Canon 3-in-1 printer was $ 399-00 now $ 360-00 Canon flatbed scanner now $ 165-00 iPods on Special from US$280.00 Docking Stations from US$100.00 Also available to order: - Canon Digital Cameras - including SLR's
Please enquire from our offices Please feel free to pop in and visit our newly revamped showroom 130A Samuel Parirenyatwa Street Btwn 13th & 14th Avenue Bulawayo Tel: 09-889643/5 E-mail:

Web Design --
Are you a small business? Are you a new business? Thinking about your first online presence? A brochure website is the answer for you. A small, simple website will provide you with the web presence your business needs to market your products and services; introduce your new business to the public; or to meet a limited budget. You need a website that takes advantage of the world's fastest growing market place.
Contact: Tom Stewart Tel: 230475 Mobile: 0915 545 751 Website:

20) Lifts Wanted And Offered

Lift Wanted to Musina, SA, around the 14th, 15th, 16th, September. Willing to help with expenses.
Phone : 09 241482 0712211451

21) Seeking Friends

In 1958 there was a Daphne Cullen living in Bulawayo, and a friend, Paul 'Turner, now living in the U.K. would like to contact her.
If Daphne is still here perhaps she would like to 'phone me, Mrs J. Garland, on 231097, afternoons only, and I will give her Paul's address.

22) Situations Vacant

- Must have minimum of 5 years experience, preferably managing the finance department of a small to medium size business. - Must be fully computer literate including working with up to date accounting software packages. - Competitive remuneration package offered. Suitably qualified candidates should send a detailed CV c/o The Managing Director, P. O. Box 3468, Bulawayo

1) Must be qualified to work on trucks from 3T - 15T (and bigger rigs as well) 2) Must have minimum of 5 'O' Levels 3) Must have at least 5 years working experience 4) Must be able to deal with customers and be groomed to become a workshop foreman 5) Competitive remuneration package offered Suitably qualified candidates to send a detailed CV c/o The Managing Director, P. O. Box 3468, Bulawayo

A young, energetic and outgoing qualified pharmacist is required to manage a pharmacy in Botswana. We require two years experience and good academic results to register in Botswana. We offer a salary of the equivalent of US $2000 plus free accommodation and a performance bonus. Please urgently apply by submitting your CV to: The Managing Director Empowerment Investments Botswana Fax 00267 5883834 Email:

Bulembi Safaris/ Martin Pieters Safaris is looking for a permanent manager/couple to run operations in their Omay concession on lake Kariba. Knowledge in the safari industry is a plus as well as mechanical knowledge. Please send a detailed CV, plus contact details as soon as possible to Martin Pieters

Situations vacant.
Food and beverage managers - Antelope Park. Gweru.
Antelope Park is wanting a F&B manager to join their team. Antelope Park is recognised as one of Zimbabwe's "must visit" destinations and is a fun, vibrant, exciting, challenging and we believe rewarding place to be. Besides our current "Safari/Boma restaurant we are about to open an exquisite a la carte restaurant which the prospective applicant would be required to start from scratch. We offer a very competitive salary and profit share scheme for the right persons - which need to be: Passionate about cooking. Very friendly and able to take care of our guests and work with the current management team. Be able to entirely run their own department - finances, menus, buying, managing staff and everything else that goes with a great F&B manager. Please note only experienced applicants should apply - by email to The camp manager - Gail Martin - and cc to

CLUB MANAGER required for Bulawayo Country Club. Interested parties please apply in writing with C.V. Details to Box 2120, Bulawayo.

23) Situations Wanted

Secretary/P.A - 24 years experience in accounts, admin, human resources and clothing industry. Tel: 0915 764 398.

School leaver (female) - 8 '0' levels; 2 'A' levels in accounts and business studies Tel: 0912 755 732.

Girl Friday Available for Temping
Vibrant and capable mature lady available for any temp work. Experienced in catering as well as bookkeeping and all general secretarial work. Available normal office hours and weekends if required. Please contact Nicky on 0915816850

Mature lady with 10 years+ experience seeks position in Credit Control, Reception, Secretarial, Admin, Clerical or similar Very honest and reliable and Class 4 Driver's Licence Please telephone +263 9 226817

Computer Consultant: Data recovery, Anti-virus, Free Second Opinion, ERP, Training, Technical Advice. Very Experienced Phone: 0912129582

Looking for a mature maid, must be good with children Phone 0912254503

Looking for a Male Domestic Worker, must be able to do washing, ironing, clean the house and cooking basic meals. To start 1st September 2010. Please bring references. Please contact George Boswell 67088/882882

Falcon College is looking for a omnibus/mini bus driver and invites applications from suitably qualified persons. The following are the requirements; Age limit 45 years Must be experienced Class 1 Driver with Valid Defensive Driving Certificate Valid Medical Certificate Traceable references Applicants should submit their CV's to the Falcon College Bulawayo Office at 129B Josiah Tongogara Ave. 13th/ 14th Ave Bulawayo. NOTE: No telephone calls please and only short listed applicants will be contacted.

John Mackenzie School FRANCISTOWN - BOTSWANA
John Mackenzie School is an independent, co-educational, English medium school situated in Francistown, Botswana. The school has a 112 year old history and its classes range from pre-school to 'A' level in Form Six. The school follows the international syllabuses of the University of Cambridge (IGCSE, AS and A levels). HIGH SCHOOL POSTS FOR JANUARY 2011 Vacancies will exist in January 2011, particularly in the areas of English and Mathematics. Only teachers with a recognised high school teaching qualification and who have experience in teaching Cambridge IGCSE and AS and A levels will be considered. PRIMARY SCHOOL POSTS FOR JANUARY 2011 A full-time Standard 2 teacher is urgently needed. The successful applicant will be experienced in teaching all primary subjects at this level. In addition, a teacher of Setswana is required. The successful applicants should hold at least a diploma or preferably a degree in education from a recognised institution and should have at least 5 years experience of teaching in an English medium school. It is expected that all teachers will participate in the school's extensive extra-mural programme. We offer a two-year renewable contract, housing, medical aid, free schooling for one child and a 20% gratuity after the successful completion of a first contract. Only teachers with the necessary qualifications should apply and only those teachers who are required for interviews will be contacted. Applications, including CV, copies of qualifications, transcripts and names and contact details of three referees should be posted or mailed electronically on or before 13th August 2010 to: The Selection Committee HIGH SCHOOL or PRIMARY SCHOOL John Mackenzie School Board P. O. Box 121 Francistown - Botswana. Tel: High School: (+267) 241 9799 e-mail: Tel: Primary School: (+267) 241 2326 e-mail: With Thanks M A Lambat (High School)/ D B Reynish (Primary School)

LADY ACCOUNTANT,27years,BBA.Fnce degree,grade 2.1,pastel evolution,2years experience,available immediately. E-mail: Mobile:0912 316 302\0914 010 027

24 year old lady with Bcom Honors degree in Banking, looking for a job in a friendly environment, fluent in English, Hungarian and Ndebele, enjoys the outdoors, have had work experience in a bank and am welcome to something different if available in Bulawayo. contact Vivien on 0913 473 481.

24) Business Opportunities

25) Services

Repairs to all types of Shoes and Bags (Leather, Canvas and Rexine) Come to visit Beeval Naran @ Shop 4, 14th Avenue & R. Mugabe Way Next to Chair Crazy Tel : 61050 We also make:- Nurse Epaulettes Hand Bags Belts Wallets Army W01/W02 Bible Book Covers Arm Bands Cheque Book Conductor Bags Purses Gun Holsters Ammunition Belts We also do:- Spraying of Shoes and Jackets Shoe Stretching Belt Shortening Zip Replacing on Jackets or Tracksuits Business Hours : Monday - Friday 8:00an to 5pm Saturday 7:00am to 12pm "The friendliest and best shoe and bag repairman in Zimbabwe"

Vehicles - Houses - Business
Insure everything on line from the comfort of home / office or call us. Efficient hassle free personal service and claims collection. Contact us for a quote on, or visit our website Give us a call on 09 883081 / 4 or cell 0712 208 157 for a quotation. Clive Terry Trust Insurance Brokers.


ASSOCIATED POWER & LIGHT are now suppliers of complete solar or battery systems for the following applications: Lighting, Heating, Borehole Pumping and other applications to suit your personal requirements no matter how big or small. We also supply the full range of LED - (light Emitting Diode) lights for camping, Safari camps, household premises, business premises, factory premises and mining. These LED lights have six exceptional features:-
1. Low voltage components
2. No filaments
3. Directional light beam
4. No ultra red radiation
5. No ultra violet radiation
Your benefits from using LED lights are :-
Efficient use of energy - Power Saving of 50% - 97% High luminosity - 100Lumen per watt Having life design - up to 100 000 hours Low operating temperature Small form factor The units and components are manufactured in South Africa to suit our African Environment. Excellent back up and support services and honoured warranties.

I offer a personal and professional service for all your CARPETS AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANING I have the latest imported equipment and detergents and will leave your home FRESH AND CLEAN Try me. $1 per square meter( so a 9x12ft carpet will be only $12 !!!! Not so bad is it ? (For a good job that is.) and I do a good job. Upholstery : $6 per fully covered seat.
Call Dawn on Byo. 241269 Cell 0712213380 or 0712604910 NO MILEAGE CHARGE EITHER !!!!!!!

26) Health And Beauty

Naturally the Best - a fantastic range of supplements for quick energy, for endurance and performance during sport and healing in the body. Bioanabolic - buffers lactic acid build up, delays muscle fatigue, increases oxygen uptake, relaxation of the bronchial smooth muscle (asthma), helps with learning disorders Biocycle - scavenges free radicals, reduces lactic acid, meal replacement, keeps blood sugar level stable during exercise, keeps energy levels up Bioflexor - accelerates healing of fractures, improves blood circulation, enhances healing of osteo and rheumatoid arthritis and gout, helps rebuild damaged cartilage and stimulates lymphatic system, reduces hypertension and urine sours, improves energy, immune system and health Biolight - encourages body to burn fat for energy, no water retention, amplify appetite and weight control, reduces cravings, powerful antioxident, helps school kids improve skin problems Biogel - replaces and replenishes electrolyte loss, provides electrolyte instantly and provides prolonged energy, buffers lactic acid, assists with muscle cramping Biobar - energy bar, main ingredient is dates which stores glycogen in the liver fast and nutrition wise the best natural energy. All products tested and based on german medicines. All products completely natural, no sugar, no additives, no preservatives. Phone Fiona Burns on 0733 314 533 for more information and to purchase products. Also available at Sparkeys, Muscles & Curves BSC Compression Sports Wear, tops, quads, longs and socks Fantastic for training, playing sport and recovering, please contact me for prices 8ight Powerband wristband Benefits including increased energy, strength and endurance, instant flexibility, agility & balance, compete at your optimal capacity and faster recovery please contact me for prices

If you are interested in quality, reliable and most importantly sound Health Insurance, please contact us. We deal with Health International, Multimed, Good Health, Interglobal and other off shore Medical Insurance providers. Situated at 63 Heyman Rd, Suburbs, Byo. Tel No. 230708, 0912 211156, 0172 202231 or 0172 403061 or e mail us on
GENERAL INSURANCE Should you wish to insure anything from your house or car to your business, please contact Des Stephens or Audrey Locke. Situated at 63 Heyman Rd, Suburbs, Byo. Tel No. 230708, 0912 211156 or 011 202231 or e mail us on

27) Tuition

Is your son or daughter having difficulty with O or A Level Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry? Do the A Level classes contain 30 students rather than 10? Classes this size do not allow for much individual help. If so, I can coach your son or daughter in the above subjects, having had 35 years experience teaching these subjects. I take only one student at a time, which ensures that the student has individual attention and help. Are you having problems with expensive inflexible payrolls? If so, I can develop an extremely reasonably priced tailor made payroll system for your business, mine, farm or institution. I also offer computer courses in MS Windows operating system, MS Word word processing, MS Excel spreadsheet, MS Access database, MS Project Project Design, desk top publishing, AutoCAD computer aided design, MS Outlook Express e-mail, Internet browsing and search, Corel Draw, Corel PhotoPaint graphic design and digital photography.
Please contact ColRose Consultants and ask to speak to Colin. Cell: 091 2 353 817 e-mail:

English Lessons During August School Holidays:
I am an experienced and qualified teacher offering "O" and "A" level English lessons in Language and Literature during the August/September School holidays. Contact : Cynthia Taylor on 242321 for more information or to book a place. Bulawayo Private High School Boarding Places Available for January 2011 and January 2012. We are a private boarding house providing a home for pupils who attend private schools in Bulawayo. In consultation with you the parent we organize your child's study schedule and will supervise their homework. We will liase with the school to keep you up to date with your child's academic performance. Should extra lessons become necessary we will coordinate with you the parent and organize them for you. In addition we provide transport to sporting/cultural events etc. We provide a well balance menu and encourage children to participate in sports at school. Should you wish, we provide children with the opportunity to attend local theatre and musical productions at the Bulawayo Theatre and the Academy of Music, art exhibits at the National Gallery and other community activities in Bulawayo. All these things are governed by the fact that your child will be living in a stable family environment. Our home rules will apply to all boarders and we would expect parents to support us in this matter to ensure that we have a safe and disciplined environment in which your child will feel comfortable and know their boundaries. Currently our boarders are all in lower six and upper six and we will have a limited number of places becoming available in January 2011 and January 2012. If you are interested in finding our more about our home please contact Anne. References are available.
via e-mail cell phone 0913-363-102 or 0712-254-455 evenings 09-247154

28) Miscellaneous For Sale

R. D. Parmar Watchmaker
We do watch repairs, have a wide range of batteries, watches & accessories, novelties. We do engraving, car remote repairs and lots more. We also buy and sell good quality second hand watches.
Open weekdays 9am - 12pm 125 J/ Tongogara and 13th Ave 882162 / 011 708544

TOMTOM satellite navigation. New. Metal Frame Baby Cot $100 Baby Pram $30 Phillips home theatre amp, many functions! $180 5 X Brand new Sack barrows for shops / ware houses $100 each Assorted baby blankets $6 each Small Honda generator Single headboard Brother typewriter (electric) 1 double bed / base with 2 drawers on the sides, offers,
Phone 0912 903075 / 882162

Tom Tom Satellite Navigation, touch screen, detects speed cameras, estimates arrival time etc,
Call 0912 903075

Computer Monitor, flat screen, Acer, 15.4" New in box.
Call 0912 903075

Phillips home theatre Amp. High Quality. Call 0912903075

MILK TARTS - Regular flavour R15.00 each Coconut, coffee or chocolate R17.00 each
email orders to Tel KAY on cell Bulawayo 0912 344505

Miscellaneous for sale
Datsun 120Y bodyparts Wardrobe$100; chest of drawers $100, 49cm x 149cm cooler box $200 Lathe - offers? Contact cell 0912 344505

1 500 Hay Bales for sale @ $1.50 each Please phone 0917 020 065

Green blazer suitable for large schoolboy. Excellent condition. $20,00. Phone Trevor at 249728 or call at 6 Orkney Road Hillside. Proceeds to Rotary-sponsored charity.

Wheelchairs for sale with extra tubes and pump collapsible and non collapsible. Walkers and Crutches Telephone: 091 5 587 423 or 091 3 433 590

Technopress Screen Printing Machine
We have the above machine, at our Bata Factory in Gweru, that is non-working but also surplus to our requirements. It is repairable but the belts for it will need to be outsourced. It is a 3 Colour Station, Screen Printing Machine with dryers and a Welding & Shearing Station at the end of it. If interested to view it at our Bata Factory in Gweru, with a view to using or reselling it, you are most welcome to do so. We are looking for any reasonable offer for it. Ashley Leyer (054) 223391/ 9 Cell 0712 414 068 or 0912 718 595

Zimbo Marketing
Specialists in sales, merchandising and marketing Our network of highly trained personnel handle sales and merchandising of product into the major chain stores and wholesalers countrywide. Zimbo - There's One In Every Town Enquiries e-mail:

1.Are you traveling and afraid of getting lost?
Garmin Mobile PC and GarminXT gives travelers an easy and inexpensive way to get more from devices they already own - laptop and Mobile Phone (S60 and windows mobile). It offers many of the same real-time features found on high-end portable GPS devices like weather and fuel information. Garmin Mobile PC features the same easy-to-use "Where to?" and "View map" interface found on the Garmin n vi and StreetPilot. With a few clicks, you can quickly search and route to addresses or nearly six million points of interest like restaurants, hotels, attractions, gas stations and more. In addition, you can navigate to Outlook contacts stored on their laptop. Garmin Mobile PC and GarminXT offers much more than traditional trip planning. Users can use their mobile phones to receive turn-by-turn, voice-prompted directions to their destination, similar to Garmin's traditional portable navigation devices. If a turn is missed along the way, GarminXT will automatically recalculate the route and get them back on track. *Its Sim Free and No GPRS Connection needed. *Additional applications can be loaded on laptop and mobile phones at clients request. 2.For all your 2G, 3G & 3Gs Iphone jail-breaking and unlocking. Please note, only for iphones running on a baseband of 5.11 or less. Loading of additional applications at clients request. 3.And for all your GPRS assistance and associated applications. Kindly contact or cell 0713084299.



10ft x 5ft snooker table with hanging lights Solid white oak Marble base under green felt Score board, cues and extensions, 3 sets of balls Price US$1000 negotiable For further information phone: Cell: 0917 137 880

10 BON ACCORD RD., STEELDALE P.O.BOX252, FAMONA BULAWAYO, ZIMBABWE. PHONE: 263 9 66997 or 885906 - 9 FAX: 263 9 69969
Please be advised that after spending a year at Timberland, John Hewitt has left the company and no longer represents Timberland Windows and Doors. Enquiries for our beautiful products should be directed to :
Trish Fenn Cell : 0712 411 930 / 0912 280 243 Shadreck Nyoni Cell: 0712 432 530 / 0913 284 481 Cheryl Van Der Walt and Terence Hewitt 0712 405 641 0712 401 761

As bulk importers of chemicals, Acol Chemical is able to assure our customers of quality chemicals at the best possible prices. Acol has a vast range of Chemicals, which include:
Hydrochloric Acid 30% (Pool Acid) 25kg Polycans
HTH (Calcium Hypochlorite) 70% 50kg and 5kg Polycans
Aluminium Sulphate 50kg Bags
Caustic Soda 25kg Bags
Hydrogen Peroxide 50% 30kg Polycans
SLEZ 5kg Polycans
NP6 5kg Polycans
NP9 5kg Polycans
Sulphonic Acid 5kg Polycans
For these and any other of our vast range of chemicals please contact: ACOL BULAWAYO, 37 Plumtree Road, Belmont. Joshua Moyo Ray Chiridza 0712605141 Tiffany Roberts 0912323772 Noel Edington 0712601832 Tel 09 470 481 / 5 Fax 09 470 486 Email
ACOL HARARE, 670 Leyland Road, Ardbennie Johnathan James 0733422348 Ben Ajidah 0712200875 Dean Griffin 0912324765 Noel Mangwarira 0712603495 Richard Mutawu 0712606117 Tel 04 621 401 / 4 Fax 04 621 405 Email

New Arrivals!!!
Trendy Table & Chair (4) sets only US$250.00 Laminate Flooring - New Colours AC4 Grade US$22 per square meter including underlay for DIY. Fitted - will quote
Tel 09-473391 or call in at All Purpose Joiners,7 Ironbridge Road, Donnington to view

PS2 Consoles (used, but in good condition) US$120.00 - includes, memory card + 2 controls PS2 Consoles Slim Line (used, but in good condition) US$150.00 - includes, memory card + 2 controls PSP Consoles (used, but in good condition) US$180.00 each Over 250 PS2 Games to choose from @ US$16.00 each (FIFA 2002 - 2006 any 2 for US$24.00) PSP Games US$25.00 each UMD Movies US$20.00 each (can be played on PSP) PS3 Games US$35.00 each PS Dance Mats US$30.00 each - games available as well PS2 Buzzers - designed for games with buzz titles such as sport quiz/who wants to be a millionaire US$20.00 High School Musical Microphones US$30.00 (set of 2) - games available as well Eye Toy Camera US$20.00 PS - 4 Player adaptor US$30.00 Nintendo Wii (brand new) US$450.00 each Wii games US$35.00 each Wii controls US$20.00 PC Games US$16.00 each - 4 left
Children's educational CD- Rom's - Maths, Eng & Sci - Set of 5 for US$60.00 or US$15.00 each (4-7yrs) Children's educational CD-Rom's - Maths, Eng & Sci - 3 in 1 US$40.00 each (5 - 8yrs) & (8-11yrs) Binatone cordless phones (brand new) - Single US$50.00, twin US$75.00 each Obscene T-Shirts from UK - 4 left at US$20.00 each (Sizes XL & XXL) Signature Scientific calculators US$20.00 each Super Splash Water Park - 5.3 x 4.7m and 2.7m high (similar to jumping castle) @ US$500.00 onco Contact: 0912 413 726 or 0912 407 942 or call 245074 after 5.15 pm for viewing.

SAMSUNG Inkjet Phone/Fax Model 345TP. Well cared for and in good condition. Lightly used. FOODSAVER Vacuum unit with accessories. Model Compact II Vac 550 Hardly used with extra 'bags'. Please email

Agricultural Chemicals Fumigation Chemicals, Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Growth Regulants, Public Health Products. Casper Masvikeni and Pasi Wesa for all Agricultural Chemicals ACOL HARARE, 670 Leyland Road, Ardbennie Technical Services Africa (TSA), and contact numbers 04-2925306/13, 0733422347/9, 0912233037/8, 0912232440/1, 0712604643, 0712605651, 0912765967.Email or

Firewood - good quality Mopani for sale - $3.50 per bundle delivered and off loaded. Thatching grass - good quality, one metre circumference bundles. $1.20 per bundle.
Please phone: Richard : 282051 or 0913 957 005 or 0712 311 554

Contemporary African Design
Craft with a Conscience Are you visiting Bulawayo? For the finest selection of art and craft in Matabeleland, visit us today for a memento of your trip and take something home with you to treasure from Africa. All of our products are handmade by local craftsman and women and local artisans and we pride ourselves on showcasing the very best of what Zimbabwe has to offer. You will not be disappointed, so visit us today, or make an appointment after hours,if your schedule is tight and we will do our best to accommodate you. FREE GIFT WRAPPING SERVICE - HELP WITH SHIPPING - GREAT SERVICE. COLLECT AND RETURN DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE BY ARRANGEMENT FOR HOTELS AND LODGES. COMMISSION GIVEN TO ALL GENUINE OPERATORS Location:River farm estate, 12 ave extn.Suburbs Next to River caf - Opp National Free Library To make an appointment
Call us on :0712 - 211-031/0712 - 413-474
Monday to Saturday 9 til 3 Additional services at Afrodizziac! Wedding list handled: We will take the hassle out of your wedding and organize your wedding list, wrapping and delivery of your wedding gifts ( free within Bulawayo). Spend time with one of our assistants to compile your list from a wide selection of glassware, ceramics and soft furnishings. Invite your guests to select an item from the list according to their budget and the rest is simple. Wedding cards/Invites by arrangement. Corporate gifts and hospitality giveaways: We have a large selection of items suitable for gifts and will be happy to tailor make a gift to suit your budget. .

MEN'S WEAR Long sleeve Ted Backer & Pierre Cardin & Giorgio Armani shirts VH long and short sleeve shirts Short sleeve Jeep shirts Boss Men trousers, Diesel jean trousers Statesman suits, Denim Sports Jackets
TRAVEL WARE Imported trolley cases both hard and soft. All sizes. COSMETICS Estee Lauder, Revlon, Innoxa, Coty and Yardley ranges WRIST WATCHES from Seiko, Timex, Pulsar & Lorus FIRST FLOOR Double and Queen size therapedic beds Microwaves, Plasma Tvs, Bauer 4 plate cookers 4 piece Deliah lounge suite Philips blender, Cooler boxes, Cordless Jug Kettles Irons - Steam and Dry Russell Hobbs sandwich maker
LADIES WEAR Imagination 3pce suits ass colours Imported suits, Stretch tops, Ladies Superfit bras. Take advantage of the ongoing promotion in our Curtain Department, Until 31 August 2010 - enjoy free curtain make-up Our coffee Bar and Restaurant is now open
MEIKLES MICA HARDWARE Generators - ,4 Stroke Ellies skva silent diesel Tool Master 6.5 kva petrol Tool Master tdg 5000 ae diesel Ryobi products Electric router, Bench grinder, Impact drill 850 watt Angle grinder 230 mm Eurasia 100litre twin vh compressor Eurasia 50 litre twin vh compressor Meikles Mica Hardware is running a promotion until the end of September Buy any Ryobi products worth $100.00 and stand chance of winning a Ryobi tool set. Our Clicks Stores are currently stocking the following Addis food savers & cooler boxes, Photo frames, Oh So Heavenly lotion & bath foam Bath and toilet mats, Palette hair dyes, Hair Rescue products, Clicks health supplements, Suitcases, Non-stick pans, bath towels, Russel Hobbs bread maker Ready VIP credit available.

Winged High Back Lounge Suite, with high density foam. The rocker needs slight repair, otherwise its in good condition, and was re-upholstered 2years ago,with good Italian fabric. US$500.
Contact - Peri 245703 / 0913 284 669

Teak - rectangular coffee table and two side tables Tel Bulawayo cell 0912 312944

We sell twice weekly and pay out in cash!! We sell anything and everything and offer collections anywhere in Bulawayo,collections are free to pensioners. We also offer house sales and factory sales. Call us today to book your collection and turn your unwanted goods into cash FAST! We also offer valuations and can collect goods after hours if you cannot get time off from your busy schedule. Sell through the best and get the best results! Call us now on 70316 or 880058 or call into 141 Fife Street Byo.

I am selling some stamps, Please contact me if you are interested on 0912361915

EACH CARVING IS A UNIQUE MASTERPIECE Prices range from U.S.$132 to U.S.$4,495 Please send your email address to for prices & pictures. DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY OF OWNING A PIECE OF OUR COUNTY'S HISTORY !

29) Wanted To Buy

I am looking for any second hand playground equipment from jungle gyms to swings for a community playground. If you have anything that is no longer used or is in need of some repair, please contact Sophia on 0712219468 or

Disposable Nappies
Looking for new disposable baby nappies where the stick on tabs have been broken off. Please contact Shirley at the Vets, 60518 / 67431 or drop off at the Veterinary Surgery

Am looking for an oak, mahogany, teak dining table preferably with six chairs, thanks Contact Dr Svisva 0913206982 e-mail

Novels including Wilber Smith,Danielle Steel,James Patterson,John Francomb,Dick Francis etc etc wanted urgently. call 70316.

Second hand clothing wanted urgently including baby clothes,kidsware and adult clothing. Call 70316.

Elderly lady seeking a Dome-shape Parrot Cage. Contact - Peri 245703 / 0913 284 669

I am looking to buy a Punchbag and Gloves. Please contact me on 0912361915

I am looking to beg, borrow or buy some exercise equipment of any kind. I would like it for my own personal use so will take good care of it. If anyone has an exercise bike, etc and are willing to lend it to me, even for only 2 months I would be grateful. If anyone is selling and would accept payment terms (depending on the price of course), I would be really grateful. Please contact Terry on 0912 975 072, I look forward to hearing from you.... whoever you are!

30) Clothing And Fashion

31) Boats and Fishing

32) Decor And Home

NOW AVAILABLE.... LADIES, THREE QUARTERS PANTS PEDAL PUSHERS, CAPRIS, CARGOS, JEANS. From sizes 32 to 44, (8 to 22) In colors, Black, Dove Grey, Moss, Teal, Coffee, Light Green.Denim. Also available TRACKSUITS, COATS, & MORE CONTACT. 0913 376815; 0712 955809 EMAIL;

Playground Equipment, Obstacle courses, Swings, Slides, Seesaws, Jungle Gyms, Combat nets, Obstacle courses. Sliding Gates, Security gates, Carports, Sheds, Roofs. Enclosures, Burglar Bars. ALL MADE TO ORDER. CONTACT; 0912 684850, 0712 955809.

PEMBROKE PLACE 13 Pembroke Rd. Hillside Directions: Take Matopos Rd. out of town. Pass BP garage and Catholic Church on left. Continue and then turn left into Napier Ave just before Old Gwanda Rd. Pembroke Place on corner Napier/Pembroke Rd. New stock just arrived. '2011' - Verandah Gallery Calendars - nice and early for overseas posting. New - A lovely Birthday Calendar depicting prints from Zim. artists. A limited range of adult T-shirts including a very nice 'Big 5' design. Also a selection of Baby Sets - T-shirt and shorts in bright colours. Cotton Lint Rugs in bath mat and bedside mat size. Also Placemats. Plus lots more exciting new items. We welcome you to come and browse. Open Mon - Fri. 9am - 4 pm Saturday 9am - 12 noon For enquiries please phone Lynne 0712703431 or Rita 0912841717


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