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.Margaret Kriel is a professional broadcaster & journalist who has lived all her life in Zimbabwe. Married with three children and several dogs, she is a public figure at odds with the current government because of her refusal to simply punt their propaganda line. Passionate about her country and missing the many friends who have left, she now communicates with them using the internet. On Thursday 10th April 2008, Robert Mugabe had Mags thrown into jail for 4 days, and found Not Guilty today (18/9/08).

Dear Friends of Hwange

It is hot, dry and it's desperate! As you all relax and prepare to enjoy your weekend, we urge you to think about the wildlife in Hwange and how much life depends on water.

It's crisis time in Hwange, we are pumping all the pans 24/7 and using 2000 litres of diesel a week. We cannot stop until it rains. If the animals don't drink, they die. We have had support from people abroad, and from a few people locally, and for that we are hugely grateful, but we need more local support. Come on Zimbabwe, it's your National Park, if you have an extra $5, $10, or $20, donate it to Friends of Hwange so we can provide water for ALL the wildlife in Hwange National Park.

Contact Dave Dell - dave@friendsofhwange.com
Visit our website - https://friendsofhwange.com/donations/
Follow us on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfHwange

We need your help now.