Bulawayo Morning Mirror Edition 935 - 14/7/2021

In this edition

1) Editorial
2) Notices and Events
3) Congratulations
4) Condolences/In Memoriam/Wreath Funds
5) Roses And Raspberries
6) Pets Column
8) Bulawayo News
9) Harare And Gweru News
10) Wining Dining and Coffee Houses
11) Property For Sale or to Rent
12) Accommodation In South Africa
12b) Accommodation In Botswana
13) Accommodation and Travel In Zimbabwe
14) Catering and Food
15) Vehicles for Sale and Hire
16) Travel and Tours
17) Computers And Electronics
18) Lifts Wanted And Offered
19) Seeking Friends
20) Situations Wanted and Situations Vacant
21) Services
22) Health And Beauty
23) Tuition
24) Miscellaneous For Sale
25) Wanted To Buy or Hire
26) Clothing And Fashion
27) Boats And Fishing
28) Garden, Decor And Home
29) Tidbits

1) Editorial

The Good Old Days

I always remember, as a young girl, wanting to be the Mayoress of Bulawayo. We had such elegant mayoresses during my youth. Mrs Kinleyside with her white gloves, Mrs Constandinos and her glorious hats, Mrs Logan was elegance personified as were Mayoresses Gordon and Goldwasser. A draw card was that gorgeous old Mayoral Car they were transported about in with the fabulous Chauffeur whose name I have lost.

Reminiscing last week about the good old days, we brought to mind a plethora of exciting memories of Bulawayo. For instance, do you remember the Palm Grove which then became the Mayfair opposite the City Hall in Fife Street
And of course those Grey Street Cowboys will recall with fond memories the Trocadero which is where Hopleys is now, those irrepressible Harley freaks used to race from the Bon Journee to the Trocadero via the High Court I believe.
Bulawayo produced a variety of rather famous personages out of the Grey Street Cowboys - remember Gary Hocking, John Love, John Muldoon and Graham Bishop, some still alive and kicking ( with quite as much gusto I believe) still right here in dear old Bullies.

One of the most endearing landmarks of Bulawayo used to be the wretched humps over the storm water drains in the roads. they were wonderful ramps for those same Grey Street Cowboys.
Now the name The Casbah will conjure up all sorts of memories I am sure and do you remember the original Granada with old Senor Louis Corbi in constant attendance, which was next to Bakers Inn on Grey and 8th Avenue. And of course do you remember the Calabash Steak House opposite the Bulawayo Centre run by the Dawson family and the Hub which was the first self service restaurant in the basement below the Carlton Hotel in Abercorn Street where Edgars is now.

Of course there was the favourite coffee shop The Coffee Pot in Kirrie Building which is now known as Bambanani Centre I believe ! and there was another tea shop - The Kingfisher which was where Textbook Sales is now in 8th Avenue between Abercorn and Main Streets.
In those days the trains used to chug virtually right though the city streets with the old railway line still visible. It went through the town, down behind Coghlan School, past Wrights Nurseries and BAC , along Park Road and then out on the Salisbury Road.

Of course The Grand Hotel was the centre of nocturnal activities with that magnificent sprung dance floor in the MacMurray Hall, but there was another sprung dance floor in the Empire Theatre which is where Bulawayo Health Centre is now in Fort Street and Ninth Avenue and of course there is still a fabulous sprung dance floor at the Rio Hotel which used to, if my memory serves me correctly, be called the Round House !!

The Glass Castle was on the Falls road and that was a favourite venue for dancing and dining.
Still in that area, was Lakeside, a favourite Sunday haunt of us all. One could hire rowing boats, or even a power boat from the Kabot family, row to the little island and have a picnic or enjoy the little tea room which served tea and cream scones.

The Hillside Dams also boasted rowing boats and in the olden days the tea room was at the upper dam near the pier.
But then a favourite Sunday recreation spot was Windermere out on the Falls road where one could picnic on the banks of the Umgusa River.

One's mind also goes back to landmarks of the "good old days" , landmarks like Rhodes Statue which frowned down at one from the centre of the junction at 8th Avenue and Main Street, I believe poor old Cecil is presently lying face down rusting at the back of the museum. Charles Coghlan also graced one of the intersections but none of us (shame on us) could remember which one ! Whilst we could all remember where the Gatling Gun stood, proud and fierce outside Asbestos House (now the Art Gallery) in Main Street, aiming straight down Selborne Avenue from which direction the the marauding hordes were expected to attack !!

Now..... I am sure anyone who is old and wrinkly will remember the world famous Matopos Hotel. Legendary because during the Second World War (so my mother told me I hasten to add) the RAF and all service men and women used to congregate here in their droves. One can still see their names written on one of the old crumbling walls. When the road was changed to eliminate the famously dangerous hill which overlooked the Matopos Dam, where you used to "lose your tummy " as you went over the brow of the hill !!

Most of our cinemas and theatres sadly or happily, depending upon one's bent, are now churches, but we had a wonderful evening, suitably doused with fine wines, remembering our magnificent past.
The Princess Theatre used to be a Roller Skating Rink, The Palace Theatre in Abercorn and Tenth avenue was where Cliff Richard and the Shadows appeared live in Bulawayo and where Elvis Presley's first film was shown - Love Me Tender.

Where the Pizzaghetti is now in Eleventh Avenue and Wilson Street was a boarding house called City Chambers and right opposite that was Gifford Technical School, and do you remember Dorothy and Leo Silver who used to do wonderful photographic portraits.
I mean we used to pay a tickey to go to the Bioscope as it was called. My best was on Saturday morning at the Palace Cinema in Abercorn Street where we used to slide up and down the carpeted aisles and swop comics - Beano, dandy, Ritchie Rich and Little Dot !!

The girls would also swop "scraps " or what modern children call "swops" which were delightful tiny colouful pictures, some with glitter, I liked those little angels who used to sit on clouds with their chins in their hands !!
Of course I write this epistle with my heart in my mouth that someone might take me to task for errata, but I am safe in the sad certainty that my dearest teacher from Form One at Eveline High School - Paddy Vickery - has now sadly left custodianship of our history and gone to the angels.

Remember the Snake Park Well you might, that was where the Academy of Music stands today !! And do you remember that we used to have two Dairy Dens with that magnificent soft serve ice cream. One is now called the Eskimo Hut but it is in the same location near the Trade Fair, the other used to be down near Verity Amm, Coronation Cottages, in that general area .

The names of Chemists came to mind - Penhales, Smart and Copley, Stobart and Wixley and Bowden's Pharmacy and on another tack completely (no pun intended), there were the famous bars, the Exchange Bar, The Skittle Inn, the Warnborough Night Club, the Carlton Hotel where Truworths is today, the dreaded Stork Club in tenth Avenue Fort Street, the BESL Club in Sixth Avenue and Main Street and the Steering Wheel in the Grand Hotel. Do you remember the famous Bernstein brothers who had a band there and even that stripper with the red hair Rusty someone And do you remember the Zambesi Cocktail bar

The Coca Cola Factory was at one time believe it or not, right in the centre of town on Grey Street and 8th Avenue and the Arenel Sweet factory was also right in the centre of town where you could walk past and smell the toffee and the liquorice balls ( ) cooking.

Other famous landmarks were the City Hall toilets which are underground on the corner of Fife Street and 8th Avenue, these were spotlessly clean and one was allowed in to spend a whole "Penny" and have a bath or shower!!
Queens Court was a well known Boarding House for genteel folk and it was on the wall of the Queens Court that the first limpet mine heralding dissent and unrest, was attached and exploded in the seventies. Queens Court is now Girls' College.

But we are really going back now when we remember the Pie Carts - Fritz Pickard was the owner of one, they used to be like little caravans with sides that flapped down and one would sit on high stools and eat a delicious variety of goodies like steak rolls and egg and bacon sandwiches. They would be parked right where Jairos Jiri is now in Grey Street and Selborne Avenue. The Sky View Drive In Cinema was of course very dear to us oldies.

All of our babies were born in the Lady Rodwell Maternity home or if you lived in Gwelo, there was the Birchenough Nursing Home. Remember Sister Cuthbertson, Sister Walker and Sister Hickey from the Rodwell
And once those babies were born we would congregate at the Princess Margaret Rose Clinic in Borrow Street where the babes were inoculated and weighed weekly.

Boarders at Townsend and Eveline High schools will remember on Fridays there were weekly deliveries of the much longed for Tuck Boxes from the Railway Coop or Meikles or Haddons filled with items that were tasty delicious and good to eat !! And once the boarders left school they went to Fenella Redrup Hostel in Rhodes Street and Sixth Avenue where they were supposed to be back in hostel at the disgustingly late hour of 10 p.m. !!

Sanders was one of the leading department stores with formidable shops assistants who would make sure that they measured every inch of you before allowing you to purchase one of their Maidenform Bras (I dreamed I sailed down the nile in My Maidenform) and Sanders had the very first Elevator in Bulawayo with the liveried BellHop who would announce in his dismal voice - First Floor Ladies lingerie, schoolwear, undergarments, sportswear !!

And then of course there were those fascinating tubes in Sanders where the shop assistant would put your money and your invoice in and they would shoot up to the accounts department and the change would shoot down the chute and be back in a flash with a receipt !!

Remember McCullogh and Bothwell, Zippers, Penny's Market where you could actually purchase goods for a penny (and there was a penny embedded in the doorway) and Morrisons exclusive dresses imported from Britain. My Mum bought me the most exquisite dress from Morrisons for our school leavers dance and it cost a whole ten pounds. !!

Another of my favourite shops was novelties where you could buy stink bombs and those delightful comics "School Friend" and Girls Own" as well as tiny little real porcelain Walt Disney characters. I had a whole collection of little china dogs from The Lady and The Tramp series which I collected carefully and slowly with my two and six pence weekly pocket money.

All the kids loved Sweetland in Abercorn Street where you could buy fine slices of real coconut dipped in caramel !!
Still with the shops there was The Economy Bazaar in Camperdown House next to Bancroft Neil which is still there today. Bancrofts kept all Economy Bazaars fireworks in their basement and that same shop burnt down in a glorious blaze in 1961 thanks to those very fireworks.

Still with the old shops there was Alick Stuart on Abercorn and Tenth which was everybody's favourite sports store, Terblanche with that enormous painting on the wall done by Mr May. Goldwasser sold TVs opposite Woolworths. Meikles used to be where their car park is now until some wag burnt it down in 1961. Old man Nimr from Nimr and Chapman dug the first well in Bulawayo where the worm sellers sit outside the City Hall and there were shops like E.W. Tarry, Hollanders, Knight Brothers, the Pioneer Bottle Store and Bowden and Strever.

Bulawayo's best dressed men went to Stanley's opposite Haddons where the bought Van Heusen Shirts. They had the word "Stanley's" etched in brass in the pavement and there were Eric Davis and Jimmy White to make sure one was always fashionably attired.
There was a caravan park where Ilanda Gardens are now and that the Townsend girls would bunk out and hide in the bush there !!

We had lots to do in those days, Speedway was held on Friday nights (or was it Stock Car racing) at the Trade Fair Arena. The Trade Fair itself was a not to be missed occasion where one bought a hat especially for Trade Fair week to be worn at the Official Opening where Tony Ellman Brown, Clifford Dupont, Senator 'Sam Whaley , Zoe Shearer and Ian Smith were to be hob nobbed with and the events of the year were the Grand Cattle Parade for the Thousand Guinea Cup, and the Trade Fair Ball !! And for those less inclined to hob nob, there was the battle of The Bands held at the Trade Fair Amphitheater.

Ah Yes... those were the Good Old Days !!!


2) Notices and Events


Tel: 60684 / 67195 E-mail: mailto:zamfriends@gatorzw.co.uk
The Academy's second term will begin as soon as schools are allowed to resume. Meanwhile the offices remain closed and regrettably no teaching is taking place.
However, The Note is open in line with the current rules for take-aways and also makes deliveries. Further details from adelaide.muchetu@gmail.com or phone 0774 004 449 or 0771 048 995
The Covid regulations mean, of course, that are currently no DVDs but they will resume as soon as possible.
Links to Bulawayo Advertisers:-

Natural History Museum Events
National Railway Museum
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Bulawayo City
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3) Congratulations

4) Condolences/In Memoriam/Wreath Funds



'Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with their heart and soul, there is no separation' - Rumi. Our beautiful Dad passed away on 5 July leaving our hearts filled with love and gratitude for the privilege and gift of having him as a father. Your body got older and disintegrated but your spirit never deteriorated - a true inspiration on how to live a life.
Love you Dad.
Shandy and Kelley Whitaker, and Reuben and Asher Conroy.

We will be holding a Commemoration of Dad's life on Zoom on Saturday 17th July, at 11 am Bulawayo time. Please contact Shandy on shandyw@hotmail.com for Zoom details.


Kendall - Colin.
Deepest sympathy to Colin's family and associates at IMF.
Colin was a true friend to all who knew him.

Graham Townshend

5) Roses And Raspberries

6) Pets Column

8) Bulawayo News

As a way of fundraising, Island Hospice and Healthcare is hiring out its private beautiful, tranquil garden on weekends; bearing in mind that outdoors is the perfect venue for intimate events during these Covid-19 times. It is suitable for corporate events, photoshoots,memorials, intimate luncheons and picnics. Accommodates 30ppl , secure parking also available

Contact 0712845003/0292277972


Knowing that the lockdown has given folk time to sort out cupboards, garages etc - please have a look at our Charity Shop List and our Kennel Wish List - you may be surprised how many unwanted items to you - are just what we are needing here at the kennels!

All the volunteers who work at the charity shop deserve a big pat on the back, but they DO need items to sell! - apparently the shelves are rather bare, so they would appreciate any unwanted saleable household goods, such as ornaments, glassware, crockery, pictures, clothing, garden tools, small items of furniture, jam jars for the jam makers! - in fact anything they can sell to make money to help the kennels.
They have Ecocash for convenience - items can be dropped off at the Charity shop - 127e,Robert Mugabe Way.

Kennel and Clinic Wish List
If folk could donate any one of these items, that would be fantastic!
Old blankets and towels, Newspapers,Tinned + Dried Pet Food for Dogs and Cats, Fly Smear, Old Crepe Bandages, Latex Gloves, Face Masks, Paper Towels, Disinfectant Wipes, Antiseptic Wound Spray, Dressings, Toys for Cats, Cat Carriers, Dog Boxes or Cages, Fly Spray, Bolt Cutters, Brooms both Soft and Stiff, Disposable Aprons, off cuts of Foam Rubber to cover donkey harnesses.. all can be dropped off at the Kennels, cnr of Magazine and Khami Road - if you can donate just one of these items..
it will improve the welfare of at least one animal - Thank You!

9) Harare And Gweru News

Zim Websites:-


10) Wining, Dining and Coffee Houses

11) Property For Sale or to Rent



SUBURBS - $130 000
Brick under tile house with potential comprising lounge, fireplace, 4 bedrooms, bic's, main ensuite, family bathroom, separate toilet, fitted kitchen, double garage, domestic quarters,
borehole, swimming pool (empty), walled and gated. Stand size: 1483m

SUBURBS - $130 000
Brick under iron with two fireplaces, dining room, 3 bedrooms, 2 main ensuites, family bathroom, kitchen, scullery, pantry, 2 verandas, garage, carport, three roomed domestic quarters
swimming pool, 2 sides fenced, 2 sides walled.

KUMALO - $195 000
Brick under tile comprising 4 bedrooms, (1 double bathroom + 1 single main ensuite attached to main bedroom), main ensuite attached to second bedroom, 1 family bathroom, dining-room,
lounge with fire place, lounge with bar, fitted kitchen, breakfast nook, scullery, laundry, veranda, 3 roomed domestic quarters, storeroom, 4 x carport, borehole, swimming pool (empty),
walled and gated. Stand Size 2 415 square metres

SUBURBS - $195 000
Neatly built home in a quiet and leafy suburb, perfectly positioned near the main road comes with commercial rights, a spacious family home in neat condition comprising lounge with fireplace,
dining room, study, 3 bedrooms, 2 main ensuite, fitted kitchen with extractor fan, scullery, laundry, double lock up garage, triple carport, work shop, double domestic quarters, working
borehole and swimming pool, gazebo, walled and gated sitting on 1586m

Breathtaking Matsheumhlope home sitting on 2 acres of land, perfect investment for a lodge, offers lounge downstairs, TV lounge, lounge upstairs, dining room, study, 4 bedrooms,
main ensuite, family bathroom, fitted kitchen, double carport, double domestic quarters borehole, swimming pool, gazebo, walled and gated.

KUMALO - $297 000
Stunning double storey dwelling boasting of its historic nature comprising , lounge, fireplace, dining room, study, 3 bedrooms, main ensuite, 2 separate bathrooms, separate toilet, fitted kitchen,
pantry, laundry, double lock-up garage, 4 domestic quarters, borehole (working), swimming pool working, game room ,walled and gated.

For these and other properties for sale phone (029) 74581/3 (landline), +263 773 366 207, email kelvin@rodor.co.zw or visit us on Property Book (Rodor Properties (Pvt) Ltd)


We are registered with the VALUERS COUNCIL OF ZIMBABWE, and offer a complete and efficient service of Property Valuation for any purpose.
For Valuations, phone (029) 74581/3 (landline), +263 772 238 431, or email bryan@rodor.co.zw or sales@rodor.co.zw

Our friendly Property Management staff takes pride in maintaining a personal relationship with owners and tenants alike, in order to manage your property efficiently and professionally,
to safeguard your investment.

For information on properties available for renting, or if you wish to place your property on our letting list, you are invited to contact us on (029) 74581/3 (landline),
resrents@rodor.co.zw or rentals@rodor.co.zw


Ilanda - 4 Bedroomed, walled and gated/prolific borehole
4 roomed house in Chivhu

Richmond 1 acre
Umguza 1 acre
Beitbridge 300m2
Hetfordshore Gweru 2196m2

PLUMTREE - Nite Club

EASTERN AREAS: Matsheumhlope - 3 bedroomed with a cottage
WESTERN AREAS: Pelandaba - 4 bedroomed house

OFFICES - Lepro Court (CBD)
Warehouses/factory Belmont

Registered Valuers, Estate Agents, Auctioneers & Property Managers
111 Josiah Tongogara Street
Between 11th / 12th Ave
Tel: (0292) 886626 / 886256
Cell: 0712 871 455/ 0775 306 392 / 0775 662160
E-mail: ianandcoproperties@gmail.com / dlamsian@gmail.com

Small townhouse complex
Double storey
Main bedroom en suite with fitted cupboards
Second bedroom and separate bathroom
Linen cupboard
Walk in cupboard under stairs
Open plan kitchen, dining room, lounge with sliding door leading to small garden
Water tank with pressure pump
Shower and toilet for domestic use
Rent inclusive of WiFi, water and garden service
(Should there be no municipal water tenant to buy in)
ZESA for tenants account
Rent - $550
Email: tboc@mweb.co.zw

Anita's Real Estate


We have the following properties for sale:

Wood factory, offices, warehouse, admin block, rail siding, lots of extras too many to list, $950 000.00

Brick under tile, three bedrooms, family bathroom, fitted kitchen, lounge cum dining room. Self-contained granny flat with bath, toilet. Car port, lock up, working pool, borehole. Paved, walled and gated. - $115 000.00

Brick under tile 3 bedrooms, ensuite, lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, single domestic quarter, store room, double car port, large lock up garage, swimming pool not in use, paved driveway, fenced, walled and gated. - $120 000.00

Brick under tile, 3 bedrooms, main ensuite, lounge cum dining room, second lounge, family bathroom, separate toilet, fitted kitchen, study, veranda, single staff accommodation, swimming pool and borehole in working order, developed garden walled and gated $110 000.00

LODGE - 6 bed self-contained lodges
Main house, 4 bedrooms, bathroom, shower, wash basin, toilet, fully fitted kitchen scullery, lounge cum dining area. In the same complex are guest lodges, fully fitted, shower, toilet, gazebo, fully functional swimming pool, borehole, entertainment area. Paved, electric fenced & gated. $380 000.00

Contact: Anita 0772212625 / 029-2264368
anitasrealestate@comone.co.zw / are@mweb.co.zw

Good reliable and honest lady tenants desperately looking for a suitable 2 bedroomed house or suitable cottage.
Preferably Bradfield, Famona Hillcrest. But would consider any other areas.
Long lease if possible.
Please kindly inbox me or call on the following 0712208107 .
Much appreciated Heather Vosloo
Bulawayo Estate Agents:-
Anita's Real Estate
Rodor properties Pvt Ltd
Ian & Co. Real Estate
R.E.D. Property

12) Accommodation in South Africa

12b) Accommodation in Botswana

Accommodation Out Of Zimbabwe:-

Four Seasons, J'bg
Hoopoe Haven Guest Lodge Fourways, J'bg
Avoca Vale Country Hotel Louis Trichardt

13) Accomodation and Travel In Zimbabwe

Some places to stay in Zim:-
Maleme Rest Camp www.zimparks.org
Big Cave Camp
Granite Park Lodges
The Musketeers Lodge 9km on Matopos Rd
Matobo Hills Lodge
Burnside Cottage
Churchill Hotel
Rainbow Hotel
Southern Comfort Lodge
Travellers Guest House
Eastern Highlands:-
Frog And Fern In Chimanimani
Kulizwe Lodge Binga - shores of Lake Kariba
Kariba Accomodation
Miombo Lodge Dete Situated Hwange National Park/Dete Rd
Hwange Safari Lodge
NEHIMBA living with the Elephants
Lake Mutirikwi (Kyle):-
Norma Jeans Lakeview
Ghonarezhou game reserve:-
Vic Falls:-
Victoria Falls Hotel

14) Catering and Food

A few places to eat in Bulawayo:-

Arizona Grill House in the Holiday Inn
Banff Lodge Coffee cafe
Book and Bean caf at Bradfield Shopping Centre
Bulawayo Club
Bulawayo Golf Club www.golfzone.co.zw
Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel
Camp Amalinda
Cattleman - 12th Avenue
Country Club www.golfzone.co.zw
Frangos- 12th Avenue
Friar Tucks
Gallery Coffee Shop - Fort Street https://nationalgallery.co.zw
Garden Restaurant - 54 Park Rd
Granite Ridge - Matobo Hills
Hillside Dams Tea Room
Hillside Bowling Club
Holiday Inn - Arizona Grill House
Horizon Restaurant & Bar - Pioneer House, Fife Street
Hotel Rio, Old Esigodini Rd
Hunt's Boma 22 Jaywick Rd Matsheumhlope
Indaba Book Caf & Sandwich Bar
Mary's Restaurant - opp Medical Cent
Maxies Massimo's - Ascot Shopping Centre
Nemo's Resturant - Hillside Bowling Club
Nesbitt Castle - Percy Avenue
New Orleans - Banff Road
Pergola Restaurant 22 Jaywick Rd Matsheumhlope
River Cafe -12th Ave

and more !!

15) Vehicles for Sale and Hire

16) Travel and Tours

Bulawayo Travel Agents & Tour Company's:-

African Wanderer
Antelope Park
Big Cave Camp
Black Rhino Safaris
Eco Logical Safaris & Travel
Greyhound Coach Service - Byo to Joburg

17) Computers And Electronics

Bulawayo Computers:-

Internet at Netconnect.co.zw

18) Lifts Wanted And Offered

19) Seeking Friends

20) Situations Wanted and Situations Vacant

Vacancy - A registered retirement home with a frail care facility in Masvingo is looking for a suitable candidate to fill the position of Sister in Charge. The candidate must be a registered SRN and they will be responsible for all the medical needs and general well- being of both the frail care and other cottage residents.
Accommodation (a cottage on the property), and meals (during duty hours) are included in the re numeration package.
Please note our retirement age of all employees is 65, so only applicants under this age will be considered for the post and over 50 years old. Experience dealing with the aged is a must.
Please send your CV to email address; masvingoedwards@gmail.com


A rapidly growing mining company seeks a dynamic, suitably qualified and experienced personnel to fill the following positions:

Managing all accounting transactions, preparing budget costs, and complying with financial policies and regulations.

The ideal person must have:
- A degree in Accounting / Finance. Additional certification is a plus.
- At least 5years experience, in a mining environment.
- Hands-on experience in Pastel.
- Strong attention to detail and good analytical skills.

The position demands an individual that:
- Is firm on implementing & maintaining controls
- Is able to meet deadlines, work under pressure
- Is able to communicate at all levels.
- Has working knowledge of Pastel, and VAT returns
- Has knowledge of Ledger reconciliations, Creditors and Debtors reconciliations.

Assist in preparing budget costs, maintain accounting documents and records, and use Pastel to process accounts payable and receivable.

The ideal person must:
- Have a degree in Accounting.
- Have at least 2 years' experience in a mining environment.
- Have hands-on experience in Pastel.
- Be firm on implementing & maintaining controls
- Be able to meet deadlines.
- Have working knowledge of Pastel.
- Have knowledge of Vat returns.
- Have knowledge of Ledger reconciliations.
- Have knowledge of Creditors and Debtors reconciliations

Oversee gold mining and processing operations on a day to day basis. Manage staff costs, responsible for safety, health and environmental issues at the mine.
The ideal person must:
- Be a holder of a Full Blasting Licence.
- MUST have extensive knowledge of stamp mills.
- MUST have at least 5-10 years in the mining industry working at managerial position inclusive of extraction and processing experience.
- MUST be conversant with the basic Mining (Management and Safety) Regulations and Environmental Laws of Zimbabwe

The position demands an individual that is:
Able to communicate effectively at all levels from staff to sub-contractors.
- Able to effectively assign labour to achieve results.
- Able to manage Industrial Relations and implementation of the code of conduct for all employees
- Firm on implementing & maintaining controls
- Able to meet deadlines, and to work under pressure.

Develop, fabricate and maintain equipment on a mining site.

- 5 O'Levels
- National certificate in fabrication engineering
- At least 3 years in the mining industry working with Stamp mills, mine shafts and CIP plants.
- Mine trained artisan is an added advantage.

Assemble, repair and maintain stamp mills and pumps.

- 5 'O' Levels
- Class 2 trade tested - Fitting and Turning
- Extensive knowledge of stamp mills a MUST.
- At least 3 years in the mining industry working with Stamp mills, mine shafts and CIP plants.

Provide electrical services and support.

- Class 2 trade tested in Electrical power engineering.
- 2-3 years' experience in the mining industry working with Stamp mills, mine shafts and CIP Plants.
Capable of working under minimum supervision.

Purchase goods, materials, and services in line with specified cost, quality and delivery targets.
The ideal person must have:
- A degree in Purchasing / Procurement or Supply Chain Management.
- 5 years mining related buyer experience. Must have a strong technical knowledge of mining and related equipment.
- Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
- Must be able to formulate, interpret quotations, purchase orders and procurement spreadsheets
- Excellent knowledge of MS Office. Working Knowledge of purchasing software is an advantage
- Must be reliable with a high level of integrity.
- Ability to organize and prioritize work, and to respond to changing circumstances and demands

Applications should be send to 'The Advertiser' 74 Bon Accord, Westondale, Bulawayo, by no later than Thursday 1 July 2021.




Lady aged 37 looking for office work with more than 9 years experience with a clean class 4 drivers licence. Please app or call on 0717207576


Mature lady seeks employment as a house-keeper/child-minder. Has 8 years experience. Well spoken, friendly and hardworking. Previous employers leaving the country. Please contact 0778 074 127 or 0716 528 997


Mature, well spoken, hard working lady seeks employment as a hosue-keeper. Able to do all the house cleaning, laundry and taking care of the children. Live out preferred. Please contact 0774 776 360 or 714 565 086


Mature lady seeks employment as a house-keeper / childminder. has 8 years experience. Well spoken, friendly and hard working lady. Previous employers leaving the country. Please contact 0716 528 997


A mature lady with many years of experience in the Secretarial / Administration field seeks a suitable position. Holding a clean class 4 drivers licence. Please contact 0783 295 334



KINDLY CALL (0292) 212174 OR APP /CALL 0772 814 268 MRS NTIHILA KUPE


ASSISTANT/ACCOUNTS CLERK. Full day and to start immediately. Applicants must have the following skills and have traceable references.
- Computer literate on Word, Excel.
- Must have Pastel knowledge (min 2-4 years' experience )
- Efiling of VAT.
- Debtors - reconciliations, receipting and invoicing, debt collection.
- Creditors - reconciliations and payments.
- Ability to perform or assist with all administrative duties (Filing and payment of office bills like ZESA, Water etc.).
- Drivers licence.
- Excellent English and communication skills.

Please kindly email your CVs to trqccnts@gmail.com.


Seeking Employment

Mature lady seeks employment as a house-keeper. Able to do all the laundry, cleaning and also childminding. Willing to live in our out.
Please contact 0783 348 861


Mature lady holding a Pitman Diploma in Secretarial Studies in Accounting Level 4 with a First Class. Has 26 years work experience as a Receptionist, Typist, Accounts Clerk and General Manager's Secretary. Has a temporary teaching background. Her strengths are:
-Good at multi-tasking
- Able to work under pressure
- able to work with minimum supervision
- self -starter
- good communication skills

Please contact 0772 778 638 / 0717 123 196 / 0783 351 154


Mature lady seeks employment as a house-keeper / childminder. has 8 years experience. Well spoken, friendly and hard working lady. Previous employers leaving the country. Please contact 0716 528 997


Mature lady is looking for employment as a PA, Secretary, Front desk person. Has a lot of experience around the office. Holding Pitman Certificate in Secretarial Studies and computer literate. Willing to start immediately. Please contact 0788 117 373

21) Services


Pay-simplified Services - Outsource your salaries

Salary services done outside company or within company. Get a professional service for confidentiality and efficiency, SI and non Statutory payments etc.
Registration of Nssa etc and related HR issues
Try the Professionals. Very reasonable rates. Kindly whatsapp 0777999562 or email me paysimplified@gmail.com

Soraya Carvalho: Farm Fresh Yoghurt and Cheese for sale

Plain yoghurt USD2.00
Blueberry SWIRL Yoghurt USD2.50
Apple Vanilla yoghurt USD2.50
Choc Chip Caramel yoghurt USD3.00
Golden Spice yoghurt USD2.50

Cream Cheese 500grm US= D3.00
Garlic Cream Cheese 500grm USD3.00
Chives Cream Cheese 500 grm USD3.00
Black Pepper Cream Cheese 500 grms USD3.00

Ricotta Cheese 500grms USD2.50

Contact The Glen Farm Fresh Produce on 0778691097.
Soraya Carvalho:


To our valued customers
We work everyday tirelessly
Stay safe and be protected from LP gas

protection is better than cure*

Get your gas stoves and tanks fixed to avoid danger at a maximum level
we don't just sell gas but we also protect you

For more enlightenment
about precautions of LP gas

just contact
@Nobilty 0774534948 or app 0773243100


For all you domestic and industrial repairs and renovations: - carpentry, partitioning, ceilings, fascia boards, trusses, structural timber, roofing, floors, sanding, floor tiling, guttering, building, painting, welding, plumbing, electrical work plus much more.

We also treat and replace all termite damaged floor-timber underneath all hollow tongue and grooved floors. We also repair broken durawalls and build new ones.

Please contact us by telephone or send us a whatsapp message for a reasonable cost.
Landline: +263 292 226473
Mobile: +263 772 312 320
Mobile: +263 772 322 181


Situated at Macdonald Club in fourth Avenue Suburbs, behind the well known 'Sculpt Gym', Lavender has a cosy, beautifully appointed salon to cater for all your beauty requirements.

pedicures and manicures

Your total body beauty starts here.

Telephone/whatsapp 077 590 1464

For all your wheel-chairs, walking frames, crutches, bedpans, walking sticks and commodes at unbeatable price please contact
0773 793 726 or 0777 029 111

Mobility aides i.e. , wheelie walkers, walking sticks, crutches, Zimmer frames, crutches as well as other patient care aids such as commodes, bed pans, urinals, sheepskin and adult diapers available for hire and sale at Island Hospice and Healthcare, Byo Branch. Well trained nurse aides also available at very competitive rates



For all your tree cutting and trimming please contact Beaver Tree Feller.
No job is too big for us plus we are insured. Contact 0733 896 375 or landline 09 - 476569


I teach a set of 5 classes covering pregnancy, labour, baby care, breastfeeding and other information. I also do a "crash course" for out of towners.
These classes are valuable even if you're having an elective CAESAREAN SECTION!!
Please book early.

I can be with you at the hospital when you're in LABOUR to help you to cope!
I also work part time at a BABY CLINIC :-)

For any further information contact SISTER JAN JOHNSTON on (09) 466741/2 from 8 am til 12 pm Mon to Fri
or (09) 2237240, 0712 728 350 or 0772 749 749 (w/app) or email me on jicsj@yoafrica.com


Rob Sinclair is an expert plumber. He has had many years of experience.

Anything to do with loos, bathrooms, geysers, plumbing, borehole repairs and tank installations.

Rob Sinclair is your man.

Phone Rob on 0772230551
Bulawayo Services:-

Acol Chemical Bulawayo
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22) Health And Beauty

23) Tuition

24) Miscellaneous For Sale

25) Wanted To Buy or Hire

26) Clothing And Fashion

27) Boats and Fishing

Bulawayo Water Activities:-


28) Garden, Decor And Home

Kraal manure $2.00 a 50 KG bag.
Free delivery over ten bags.
Phone Ollie on 0771289677



CONTACT JILL AT 2246688 OR 0778495599


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