Bulawayo Morning Mirror Edition 909 - 16/12/2020

In this edition

1) Editorial
2) Notices and Events
3) Congratulations
4) Condolences/In Memoriam/Wreath Funds
5) Roses And Raspberries
6) Pets Column
8) Bulawayo News
9) Harare And Gweru News
10) Wining Dining and Coffee Houses
11) Property For Sale or to Rent
12) Accommodation In South Africa
12b) Accommodation In Botswana
13) Accommodation and Travel In Zimbabwe
14) Catering and Food
15) Vehicles for Sale and Hire
16) Travel and Tours
17) Computers And Electronics
18) Lifts Wanted And Offered
19) Seeking Friends
20) Situations Wanted and Situations Vacant
21) Services
22) Health And Beauty
23) Tuition
24) Miscellaneous For Sale
25) Wanted To Buy, Beg or Borrow
26) Clothing And Fashion
27) Boats And Fishing
28) Garden, Decor And Home
29) Tidbits

1) Editorial


'This land is your land
This land is my land
This land belongs to you and me'

It was a historic year in South Africa when television was launched. Soweto went up in flames. In June 1976 the Soweto Uprising which was the loudest fight was about language (even though the issue of land was a subtext). There weren't any loud political slogans about land but Des Lindberg strummed his guitar and Dawn Lindberg with her bright eyes, cheery smile frolicked along singing, 'This land is your land, this is my land and this land belongs to you and me', without the Nationalist government silencing them from singing a song that Dawn in later years said was in opposition to everything that the apartheid government stood for but that the government did not understand the song.

Dawn Lindberg fought apartheid through song and her passionate believe that theatre would always remain one of South Africa's greatest uniting forces. Her early production of Godspell was banned by the Nationalist government because of its multi-racial casting. It didn't deter Dawn from staging the show. She took it across the border to a neighbouring State.

The defiant Dawn Lindberg always wanted theatre to be open to all races. In the 70's and 80's she opened her Houghton home for soirees; and whilst the audiences may have been mainly White not through any forced restrictions by Dawn there was no doubt that Dawn launched many careers of Black, White, Coloured and Indian artists from her home.

Dawn Lindberg - along with Des Lindberg - were beacons of hope for South African theatre. They were strong voices against censorship. Their contributions to anti-censorship and non-racism in theatre is written in the history books of South African theatre; but unfortunately some day this contribution that they made may fade from the pages of history books because history gets written for successive generations by those who wish to tell it their way.

Dawn channeled the Naledi Theatre Awards through stormy seas. It wasn't just about fighting criticism from those who hadn't been nominated or won awards - or who were upset because they were not given a front row VIP seat at the awards ceremony - it was also about fighting her jury and the Naledi Theatre board about decisions they'd taken. She was also in the frontlines when it was necessary to fight the past and the current government to give the arts the recognition that it deserves.

The Naledi Theatre Awards will never ever be the same again. There will be no Dawn in her flowing red dress. There'll be no Dawn Lindberg whose beautiful teeth will smile like pearls. There'll be no Dawn Lindberg whose bright cheery eyes will set our heartbeats racing. There'll be no Dawn Lindberg who amongst her thousand pearls of wisdom will say the one unfortunate thing that will get us talking in corridors and social media for weeks on end. There isn't a force in South African theatre at the moment that was as great as Dawn Lindberg. It will take many giants to rise next year to make the Naledi Theatre Awards happen with the same amount of finesse, grace, controversy, bitter gossip and joyful celebration which was what made the Awards an extension of what theatre ought to be -- no simple story with predictable endings.

Dawn's untimely passing was also not predictable. News of her death from a Covid-19 related illness spread like wildfire on social media from the early hours of this morning with tributes pouring in from across this land that is your land; that is my land.

From wherever her soul will soar and from whichever skies the stars still twinkle the brightest amongst those stars in the night skies will be the star in the red dress dancing royally amongst the stars that Dawn has so passionately nurtured. There is hardly a star today in our industry that doesn't twinkle with sorrow. There is hardly a star who wouldn't want our theatres to re-open. If there is now going to be one celestial being that will fight Covid-19 and knock it in the bud so that it gets itself out of this land that is your land that is my land it better be Dawn Lindberg.

We salute you, Dawn Lindberg. Find your journey amongst amongst the stars; and we shall always look up to the night sky searching out for you.

Ismail Mahomed, former chief executive officer at the Market Theatre Foundation,



The last MORNING MIRROR for this year will be flighted on 22 Dec 2020

and the first one for 2021 will be flighted 12 January.


Charles Dickens

2) Notices and Events

Dear Valued Members and Friends

The Alliance Francaise would like to extend its utmost gratitude to you for your outstanding support in the 2020. Indeed there were many challenges faced but your consistency and detemination was noted and greatly appreciated. We will always be indebted to you for your remarkable commitment towards achieving our goals.We would like to inform you that we will be closed form the 14th of December 2020 to the 04th of January 2021.All information regarding our classes will be availed in the New year.The Alliance Francaise Board and Staff would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please stay safe and take care of your loved ones.
We look forward to a wonderful Year with all of you!

Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee


Tel: 60684 / 67195 E-mail: zamfriends@gatorzw.co.uk

The Note, the Academy coffee shop, is open and is available for take-aways and deliveries as well as light meals before evening DVDs.

In recent years there s been a pre-Christmas dinner at the last DVD before Christmas Day and a dinner on New Year s Eve.
We d like to continue the tradition but need to be sure of a minimum number.
In order for us to decide whether to go ahead, please could you let us know if you would be interested
in joining us for one or both of these dinners with an e-mail to music@gatorzw.co.uk.
That won t be an unbreakable commitment but would give us a good enough idea of whether or not to go ahead!

HARRIS & DIANE KRUGER Carriages: 7.30 p.m.
N.B. NO subtitles
Anna Holtz (Diane Kruger), a student at the Vienna Music Conservatory, eagerly accepts an assignment to work as a copyist for Beethoven (Ed Harris). The temperamental maestro develops a growing affection for his new companion, but she has plans to marry her long-time beau.
- In "Copying Beethoven" Ed Harris proves an ideal substitute for the deaf, brooding composer, acting with a violent turbulence that sometimes floods the room. [New York Times]
- Winning originality, exhilarating. Ed Harris is fascinating to watch.
[[Sight and Sound]
- Powerful, an emotional journey. [Classic FM Magazine]
- Thrillingly good. [Mail on Sunday]
- A film that sounds as good as it looks. [Evening Standard]
Admission: US$1.00 [free to Film Members]
FRIDAY 18 DECEMBER AT 5.30 P.M. MUSIC BY BEETHOVEN Carriages: 8.00 p.m.

The programme begins with the "Coriolan" Overture followed by the Triple Concerto with a "dream team including pianist Martha Argerich, violinist Renaud Capucon and cellist Gautier Capucon, After the interval, what is perhaps the most famous of all Beethoven's works, the Ninth Symphony in a performance by Daniel Barenboim and his West-Eastern Divan Orchestra.
- The opening Beethoven Triple Concerto was a wonder to hear and behold.
The virtuosity of Martha Argerich, the Capucon brothers, Gustavo Dudamel and his youthful Simon Bolivar Orchestra was truly amazing. Beethoven's masterpiece has never sounded so good! [Amazon]
- The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra's performance is a formidable achievement and one which grows in authority as it progresses. Barenboim's finale has tremendous sense of occasion and is as moving as any I've heard.
[Musicweb International]
- There are wonderful things here, such as the explosive crest of the first moment, the way the curtain lifts on the Adagio, gradually and serenely, the distant, hymn-like entrance of the basses as the 'Ode to Joy' theme wafts in
Admission: US$1.00 [free to Red Carpet members]
WEDNESDAY 23 DECEMBER AT 5.30 P.M. SCROOGE Carriages: 7.45 p.m.
The spirit of Christmas becomes a musical celebration of life in this rousing adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Mean-spirited and stingy, Ebenezer Scrooge has a sour face and a 'humbug' for anyone who crosses his path. But on this Christmas Eve, he will learn the terrible fate that awaits him if he continues his miserly ways. Filled with joyous songs, this delightful tale has enriched the lives of young and old alike for generations.

The umpteenth musical version of A Christmas Carol, Scrooge is blessed with several sprightly Leslie Bricusse songs, including the bona fide hit Thank You Very Much. Buried under mounds of latex, Albert Finney is perfection itself as Ebenezer Scrooge, proving as effective as a young (un-made up) man as the old skinflint we've grown to love. The Three Ghosts who turn the miserly Scrooge's life around on Christmas Eve are portrayed by Edith Evans (Past), Kenneth More (Present) and Paddy Stone (Yet to Come) and also notable among the huge, predominantly British supporting cast is Sir Alec Guinness as a fussy, slightly effeminate Marley's Ghost. Best of all, Finney performs his many songs 'live' and not lip-synched to a pre-recording.
Scrooge is more than satisfactory Yuletide entertainment.
- This is BY FAR the best movie about Scrooge you will ever see! The music is OVER THE MOON FANTASTIC...the story impeccably told...the acting by Albert Finney...Oscar worthy... [Amazon]
- This film is an underrated classic family musical. In the spirit and tradition of Oliver! and My Fair Lady, with an energetic memorable score and an eclectic cast all on top form. Sir Alec Guinness, Dame Edith Evans and the wonderful Kenneth Moore support magnificently. Moore in one of the last roles before his untimely death, clearly enjoying hamming it up as the ghost of Christmas Present carrying the miserable Scrooge along for the ride of his life whilst singing 'I like life!' is a joy to see. But Finney's performance is the standout. [IMDb]
Finney's performance as cold-hearted Scrooge is a professional high-water mark. [Variety]Full Review
- Director Ronald Neame's well-paced film captures the period beautifully, and the acting is superb, with Finney and Alec Guinness, as Marley's ghost, real standouts. [TV Guide]
Admission: US$1.00 [free to Film Members]

COLLEGE CAROLS Carriages: 7.15 p.m. (Nutcracker) / 8.45 (King's)
In the Royal Ballet's 2000 production of Tchaikovsky's ballet, with Anthony Dowell as Herr Drosselmeyer and Alina Cojocaru as Clara, Tchaikovsky's unforgettable score combines with the magical choreography inspired by Lev Ivanov in an atmosphere of fantasy and the supernatural. Hoffman's Christmas story unfolds with breath-taking splendour and beauty in the most festive and enduring of all ballets.
After a short break there will be a traditional service of lessons and carols from King's College, Cambridge.
Admission to both or either is US$1.00 [free to Red Carpet members]!
- Peter Wright's production is gloriously traditional, brilliantly choreographed, lavishly spectacular...The camera is always in the right place and Tchaikovsky's miraculously inspired score, of which one never tires, is marvellously played... [The Penguin Guide]
- Peter Wright's traditional production of The Nutcracker is lovely Christmas stuff, with lots of tutus and tiaras. [The Mail on Sunday]
- This is about as good as it gets. This is THE best Nutcracker I have found. You have everything and Anthony Dowell as well. The Sugar Plum Fairy is just superb and the whole story is told in full with all the characters fully represented. Principle dancers are all absolutely faultless. I loved every minute and I just don't think it is possible to better this. [Amazon]
- One almost feels privileged to watch... guaranteed to get you in the mood for Christmas. [Classic FM]
- Perhaps the finest Christmas choral performances ever recorded on DVD.
The Chapel exhibits gorgeous Pre-Reformation beauty especially in the candle light, matched by the outstanding singing of the choir. Stunning views of the rare fan vaulted roof. Classic and elegant. [Amazon]
Links to Bulawayo Advertisers:-

Natural History Museum Events
National Railway Museum
Bulawayo 1872
National Gallery of Zim -Bulawayo
Bulawayo City
Bulawayo Golf Club
Bulawayo News 24
Bulawayo Motoring Club
Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe
Bulawayo Publicity
Bulawayo Railway Museum
Bulawayo Societies - 2010
Bulawayo Theatre Club
Friends of Hwange
Falcon College
Hillside Dams
Island Hospice
Matobo Conservation Society
The Bulawayo Club
Bulawayo Shelter
Tree Society of Zimbabwe
Wildlife & Environment Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe info

3) Congratulations

4) Condolences/In Memoriam/Wreath Funds


My lovely Mum Dot, sadly passed away in Farnborough, Hampshire England, on Wednesday 2nd December 2020, eight days before her 100th Birthday.
Before my parents left Bulawayo to come and live in the UK in 2004, Dot worked at Patterson's Pharmacy and later at Highfield Pharmacy. All her customers were extremely special to her and she loved her work.
Although life in the UK was good to my parents, mum always longed for her beloved Bulawayo.
She will be sadly missed. God bless you all.
Noreen Chisholm


5) Roses And Raspberries

6) Pets Column

Pet Hilton Kennels and Cattery for the best care of your pet when going away, or when your bitch is in season. Nick available to do parlour work on all breeds; and to train dogs for domestic use (when over 1 year old).

Tel Margaret Bernard on 2242979 or 0775 043983 for enquiries or bookings.

8) Bulawayo News

Our shop shelves are bare, our kennels are struggling, Pease help! We need to restock our shop shelves and would appreciate any unwanted saleable household goods, books, magazines, jam jars, clothing, ornaments, glassware, crockery etc. Absolutely anything we can sell to make money to help our kennels. We have Ecocash for your convenience. Donations for our kennels can be dropped off at our shop. The kennels are always in need of old newspapers.

Monday 2pm - 3.45pm
Tuesday 9am - 12 pm 1.30pm - 3.15pm
Wednesday 9am - 12pm 2pm - 3.45pm
Thursday 9am - 12pm 1.30pm - 3.15 pm
Friday 9am - 12pm 1.30pm - 3.15pm

First Saturday of each month 9am -10.45am

9) Harare And Gweru News

Zim Websites:-


10) Wining, Dining and Coffee Houses

11) Property For Sale or to Rent


3 bedroomed, en-suite, office, family bathroom with a separate and with a separate toilet, lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, 2 x garage, borehole, walked and gated - Morningside - $450USD - available 1 December 2020.
App 0783085411


A young lady with two children looking for a 2 bedroom cottage or flat to rent for the 1st of December 2020. Kindly contact 074 391 052

A young lady with two children looking for a 2 bedroom cottage or flat for the 1st of December 2020 or the 1st of January 2021. Please contact 0774 391 052



Brick under iron, semi- detached, lounge combined dining room, 2 bedrooms,
2 bic's, separate bathroom and toilet, fitted kitchen, garage, domestic quarters, walled & gated. Stand size: 477m

ROMNEY PARK - $55 000
Brick under tile - semi detached house comprising lounge, dining room, 3 bedrooms, separate bathroom, separate toilet, fitted kitchen, veranda, walled & gated. Stand size: 602m

ROMNEY PARK - $65 000
Brick under tile comprising lounge, dining room, 3 bedrooms, separate bathroom, separate toilet, fitted kitchen, veranda, walled & gated.

3 bedrooms, 3 bic's, bathroom, separate toilet, lounge/dining room combined, fitted kitchen, veranda, domestic quarters, tool shed, storeroom, braai area, swimming pool, fenced, walled and gated. Stand size: 4062m

MONTROSE - $65 000
Brick under iron, lounge, fireplace, dining room, 3 bedrooms, 3 bic's, separate bathroom and toilet, kitchen, veranda, carport, domestic quarters, walled and gated.

3 bedrooms, bathroom, separate toilet, lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, veranda, domestic quarters, swimming pool, walled and gated.

FAMONA - $120 000
Neat brick under tile house comprising lounge, fireplace, dining room, bar area, 4 bedrooms, main ensuite, separate bathroom, and toilet, fitted kitchen, laundry, veranda, garage, double carport, domestic quarters, tool shed, working borehole, walled and gated. Stand size 1830m

MALINDELA - $120 000
4 bedrooms with ensuite, bathroom, separate toilet, lounge, dining room, neatly fitted kitchen, veranda, domestic quarters, swimming pool, walled and gated.

ILANDA - $120 000
Brick under tile, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, separate toilet, lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, veranda, domestic quarters, working swimming pool walled and gated.

ILANDA - $135 000
Brick under tile, 4 bedrooms, bathroom, separate toilet, combined lounge / dining room, fitted kitchen, veranda, domestic quarters, walled and gated. Stand size: 1594m

ASCOT FLAT - $65 000
Well maintained 2 bedroomed flat comprising ensuite, lounge cum dining and fitted kitchen. Close to Ascot Mall, United Bulawayo Hospital and Nust.

HILLSIDE - $160 000
Brick under tile dwelling comprising lounge, fire place, sun lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, separate bathroom ,4 bathrooms, main ensuite, 2 domestic quarters, walled and gated.

HILLSIDE - $180 000
Neat 4 bedroomed house, lounge, fitted kitchen, cottage, swimming pool, working borehole, neat garden, walled and gated.

KUMALO - $265 000
Magnificent double storey comprising lounge, 2 fire places, dining room, study, 3 bedrooms, 3 bic's, mes, 2 separate bathrooms and toilet, fitted kitchen, pantry, laundry, double lock-up garage, 4 domestic quarters, borehole (working), swimming pool working, walled & gated.

CBD (FLAT) - $30 000
City Flat comprising 1 bedroom, lounge, bathroom, separate toilet, fitted kitchen, veranda.

CBD HOUSE - $88 000
Brick under Iron comprising 6 rooms, bathroom, two separate toilets, kitchen, scullery, 2 carports, double domestic quarters and toilet, 2 verandas, walled and gated. Stand size: 595m

CBD HOUSE - $100 000
Brick under Iron with 2 receptions, 10 offices, 2 ladies toilets, 2 gents toilets, 2 kitchens, double domestic quarters, outside toilets, one side walled, one side bricked. Stand size: 1190m

CBD HOUSE - $120 000
Brick under iron, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, dining room, lounge, study, fitted kitchen, veranda, servants quarters, storeroom, walled, gated. Stand size: 595m

SUBURBS (FLAT) - $74 000
Brick under Tile, combined lounge/dining room, 3 bedrooms, bic's 3, mes, separate shower & toilet, fitted kitchen, veranda, d/q, well not working, walled & gated.

Undeveloped 1 acre stand, ready to build.

KENSINGTON - $95 000
Small holding with a lot of potential comprising 3 bedroomed house, family bathroom and shower, separate toilet, dining room, lounge with fireplace, fitted kitchen, storeroom, 2 x borehole, double domestic quarters , fenced and gated on approximately 4 acres

Massive double storey building within the heart of the central business district comprising
- Ground floor - 6 SHOPS 1020m,
- 1ST FLOOR - 22 OFFICES - 816m,
- 2ND FLOOR - 22 OFFICES - 760m.
With ablution facilities on both floors and back of shops. Back storeroom, back double strorey storeroom


Nketa 8: 3 Bedrooms, lounge, fitted kitchen - US$250 - 1 January 2021

We at Rodor Properties (Pvt) Ltd, take pride in managing your property professionally, in order to safeguard your investment.
We understand the importance of maintaining healthy relationships with owners and tenants alike, and strive to ensure personal and efficient service to all our clients.
We are always seeking to sell and rent in all sectors of the property market.
We also offer a complete service of propertyvaluations.
Email us on: kelvin@rodor.co.zw or rentals@rodor.co.zw or Call: (029) 22 74581/3 or + 263 773 366 207
Bulawayo Estate Agents:-
Anita's Real Estate
Rodor properties Pvt Ltd
Ian & Co. Real Estate
R.E.D. Property

12) Accommodation in South Africa

Hoopoe Haven Guest House
We are offering secure, affordable three star and AA highly recommended self-catering cottages, glamping, pet friendly and Bed and Breakfast accommodation in our country guest house near Fourways.

We are a few km away from the hustle and bustle of Fourways, Sandton, Monte Casino, Northgate Coca-Cola Dome and 4 shopping malls. The guests staying at Hoopoe haven are amazed at friendly atmosphere and the size and quality of the lodge bed and breakfast accommodation, the self-catering cottages and the facilities of the guest house and lodge. It is a place in which you can actually enjoy yourself and make new friends. Being ex-Zimbabweans we welcome guests from Zimbabwe and Botswana and will give you a 5% - 10% discount depending on the length of your stay. Our rates range from Self-catering cottages per unit from R700 (sleeps 2) R1 150 (sleeps family of 2A + 2C), R1 500 (sleeps 4 - 2 bedrooms), R1 800 (sleeps 6 - 2 bedrooms). B&B in lodge from R435 to R600 per person sharing (B&B), or single occupancy from R650 to R870 (B&B). NEW - Luxury Tented Camp (full tiled bathroom, carpeted bedroom lounge etc) sleeping 2 Adults at R700.00 per night or larger tent sleeping 4 Adults at R1 150.00 per night.
We also have our beautiful Farm to Fork Restaurant available for all your meals and is fully licensed with Copperlake Craft Beers and Gin on tap.
Mention that you found us through reading the Morning Mirror to receive your discount.

web site : www.hoopoehavenlodge.co.za
email: info@hoopoehavenlodge.co.za
cell: Tracey - +2783 314 0987

12b) Accommodation in Botswana

Accommodation Out Of Zimbabwe:-

Four Seasons, J'bg
Hoopoe Haven Guest Lodge Fourways, J'bg
Avoca Vale Country Hotel Louis Trichardt

13) Accomodation and Travel In Zimbabwe

Some places to stay in Zim:-
Maleme Rest Camp www.zimparks.org
Big Cave Camp
Granite Park Lodges
The Musketeers Lodge 9km on Matopos Rd
Matobo Hills Lodge
Burnside Cottage
Churchill Hotel
Rainbow Hotel
Southern Comfort Lodge
Travellers Guest House
Eastern Highlands:-
Frog And Fern In Chimanimani
Kulizwe Lodge Binga - shores of Lake Kariba
Kariba Accomodation
Miombo Lodge Dete Situated Hwange National Park/Dete Rd
Hwange Safari Lodge
NEHIMBA living with the Elephants
Lake Mutirikwi (Kyle):-
Norma Jeans Lakeview
Ghonarezhou game reserve:-
Vic Falls:-
Victoria Falls Hotel

14) Catering and Food

A few places to eat in Bulawayo:-

Arizona Grill House in the Holiday Inn
Banff Lodge Coffee cafe
Book and Bean caf at Bradfield Shopping Centre
Bulawayo Club
Bulawayo Golf Club www.golfzone.co.zw
Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel
Camp Amalinda
Cattleman - 12th Avenue
Country Club www.golfzone.co.zw
Frangos- 12th Avenue
Friar Tucks
Gallery Coffee Shop - Fort Street https://nationalgallery.co.zw
Garden Restaurant - 54 Park Rd
Granite Ridge - Matobo Hills
Hillside Dams Tea Room
Hillside Bowling Club
Holiday Inn - Arizona Grill House
Horizon Restaurant & Bar - Pioneer House, Fife Street
Hotel Rio, Old Esigodini Rd
Hunt's Boma 22 Jaywick Rd Matsheumhlope
Indaba Book Caf & Sandwich Bar
Mary's Restaurant - opp Medical Cent
Maxies Massimo's - Ascot Shopping Centre
Nemo's Resturant - Hillside Bowling Club
Nesbitt Castle - Percy Avenue
New Orleans - Banff Road
Pergola Restaurant 22 Jaywick Rd Matsheumhlope
River Cafe -12th Ave

and more !!

15) Vehicles for Sale and Hire

16) Travel and Tours

Bulawayo Travel Agents & Tour Company's:-

African Wanderer
Antelope Park
Big Cave Camp
Black Rhino Safaris
Eco Logical Safaris & Travel
Greyhound Coach Service - Byo to Joburg

17) Computers And Electronics

Bulawayo Computers:-

Internet at Netconnect.co.zw

18) Lifts Wanted And Offered

19) Seeking Friends

I am helping a friend with some family history in the Bulawayo area and was wondering if you might have any knowledge of

Kirkwall House or hotel around 1935
His grandmother Caroline Murray SWART would appear to have been staying there just before she got married in 1935.


Bank Mine
Somewhere I believe between Bulawayo and Essigodini possibly behind Chipangali area.
His grandfather Gerhardus Martinus TAYLOR was working there in 1935 when he got married

Many thanks
Kind Regards

Charlie Hand

A Boys primary school in Bulawayo is appealing for a good second hand TV set and a DVD player and a few cartoons for the boys entertainment room. The one they are using now has packed up. Please contact Matron Ndlovu 0773 678 375

20) Situations Wanted and Situations Vacant


Mature, well spoken lady seeks employment as a nurse aide or a caregiver. She is very good with the elderly. Able to do day or night duty. Willing to help around the house as well. Please contact 0772 789 338


Am a lady who is presentable and cheerful well disciplined and young at heart seeking employment as a Reservationist/Receptionist -Holds an International Certificate in Hotel and Tourism and is able to perform Receptionist duties.

Open to other employment options as well.

Confident to start right away please WhatsApp only (0783 197 394)

We are looking for an office assistant. Presentableand cheerful.
Mature and disciplined with knowledge of accounts - Debtors, Creditors and computer literate.
Must be able to work with minimum supervision.
Drop of CV's at BOOKSET PVT LTD, 139 George Silundika Street, Btwn 14-15th Ave Bulawayo

Lady age 36 years seeking employment in the office.Has basic computer literacy and telephone phone skills.Willing to start with immediate effect.

Phone 0774 095 196 during peak hours weekends included.

A 33year old man with a clean class 2, 4 & 5 driver's license. I am looking for an opportunity as a chauffeur or any driving or transport employment. I am well spoken in English, Shona and Ndebele.

Please feel free to contact me on +263777858923

Situations Wanted and Situations Vacant


We are looking for an Accounts / Bookkeeping Person to join our Bulawayo Team. The Applicant will need experience in using Pastel, reconciling cash books, creditors and petty cash accounts.
In return the company agrees to offer fair remuneration and working conditions.
Please send your letter of application and curriculum vitae to employbyo1982@gmail.com

A prominent mining company is looking for a Fitter and Turner to work and live approx. 120km from Bulawayo. We are willing to pay the ideal candidate a better than average market salary with benefits. The Candidate must have at least 10 years' experience in a mining environment. Ability to read and interpret engineering working drawings. Ability to modify, design, and manufacture engineering components with or without drawings. Confident. Meticulous. Precise. Self-starter. Professional and logical. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
If you feel you would be suitable, please email a current CV and a covering letter as soon as possible to miningcompany1969@gmail.com


Mature lady seeks employment as a PA, Secretary, Admin Assistant, Receptionist. Has years of experience, holding a Diploma in Secretarial Studies, computer literate, has worked with Accounting packages. Please contact landline: 212174
cell: 0772 814 268 or 0786 470 495 (mum)

37 year old female, just submitted dissertation for a Master s in Women' s Socio- legal studies and seeking a paid internship or employment in human rights, project management particularly in the area of disability and women.

The same lady is also looking for a house- sitting opportunity in Bulawayo in the Famona, Hillcrest , hillside or Burnside area. No pets. Will pay ZESA and manicure garden.

email: yeukaicc@gmail.com
Phone number: 0782104888 (text and call)
0733523665 (app only)


Mature lady seeks employment as a house-keeper. Has experience with children. Cheerful and hard-working. Live out preferred. Please contact 0712 988 105

21) Services

Our swimming pool fence was constructed by Admire Chivima.

He did an excellent, well thought out job.

I know he works wthl all things in steel including gates and fencing.

I would heartily recommend him.

Admire Chivima


Whats app - 0772 983 346

Very good to excellent condition mobility aides such as wheelchairs, wheelie walkers, walking sticks, crutches, Zimmer frame, crutches etc. Available for hire and for sale at Island Hospice and Healthcare. Commodes, bed pans, urinals, sheepskin and adult diapers also available. Nurse aides are also available for hire.

Repairs and Renovations

For all your domestic and industrial repairs and renovations:- Carpentry, partitioning, ceilings,fascia boards, trusses, structural timber, roofing, floor sanding, guttering, floor-tiling, building, painting, welding, pumbing, electrical work plus much more!

We also treat and replace all termite damaged floor timber underneath all hollow tongue and grooved floors.

Please contact us by telephone or send a whatsapp.

Landline: +263 292 226473
Mobile: +263 772 312 320
Mobile: +263 772 322 181

Reasonable costs. Genuine enquiries only.


For all your tree cutting and trimming please contact Beaver Tree Feller.
No job is too big for us plus we are insured. Contact 0733 896 375 or landline 09 - 476569


I teach a set of 5 classes covering pregnancy, labour, baby care, breastfeeding and other information. I also do a "crash course" for out of towners.
These classes are valuable even if you're having an elective CAESAREAN SECTION!!
Please book early.

I can be with you at the hospital when you're in LABOUR to help you to cope!
I also work part time at a BABY CLINIC :-)

For any further information contact SISTER JAN JOHNSTON on (09) 466741/2 from 8 am til 12 pm Mon to Fri
or (09) 2237240, 0712 728 350 or 0772 749 749 (w/app) or email me on jicsj@yoafrica.com


Rob Sinclair is an expert plumber. He has had many years of experience.

Anything to do with loos, bathrooms, geysers, plumbing, borehole repairs and tank installations.

Rob Sinclair is your man.

Phone Rob on 0772230551
Bulawayo Services:-

Acol Chemical Bulawayo
Bulawayo's Online Business Directory

22) Health And Beauty

23) Tuition

24) Miscellaneous For Sale

25) Wanted To Buy, Beg or Borrow

Looking for a Vintage Supersonic Radio made in Bulawayo during the 60's/70's - Supersonic Conquest PR80 specifically. If you have one to sell please get in touch.
My e-mail address is paulc.midgley@gmail.com or if you want to phone you can call +44 7880 636636.
Good price offered

26) Clothing And Fashion

27) Boats and Fishing

Bulawayo Water Activities:-


28) Garden, Decor And Home

Kraal manure $2.00 a 50 KG bag.
Free delivery over ten bags.
Phone Ollie on 0771289677



CONTACT JILL AT +2246688 OR +0778495599


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