Bulawayo Morning Mirror Edition 906 - 25/11/2020

In this edition

1) Editorial
2) Notices and Events
3) Congratulations
4) Condolences/In Memoriam/Wreath Funds
5) Roses And Raspberries
6) Pets Column
8) Bulawayo News
9) Harare And Gweru News
10) Wining Dining and Coffee Houses
11) Property For Sale or to Rent
12) Accommodation In South Africa
12b) Accommodation In Botswana
13) Accommodation and Travel In Zimbabwe
14) Catering and Food
15) Vehicles for Sale and Hire
16) Travel and Tours
17) Computers And Electronics
18) Lifts Wanted And Offered
19) Seeking Friends
20) Situations Wanted and Situations Vacant
21) Services
22) Health And Beauty
23) Tuition
24) Miscellaneous For Sale
25) Wanted To Buy, Beg or Borrow
26) Clothing And Fashion
27) Boats And Fishing
28) Garden, Decor And Home
29) Tidbits

1) Editorial


Many of Bulawayo's Baby Boomers will remember the legendary Borrow Street Swimming Pool. It was indeed the focus of our young lives as children in Bulawayo in the forties, fifties, sixties and seventies.

Remember that amazing tang of chlorine that pumped out of that massive filtration system at the back of the pool grounds. Remember the tall tall trees that housed those smelly herons who pooped on your swimming towel

Remember those shiny red, blue and yellow change room doors, row upon row of them, all painted with brilliant gloss paint.

These were forbidden to us all until we reached sixteen I think it was, maybe thirteen, and only then were you privileged to use them Until then you had to contend with the communal change rooms at the far end of the change room block.

Remember those eternally wet floors, always soaking as we raced in and out with the zest of childhood to collect whatever we needed from the cubicles.

They were tiny cubicles with but a hook on the back of the door and a slatted bench the width of the cubicle.

At one time we were allowed keys to the cubicles but as sanctions hit us and keys became costly, we had to search for the enormous change room attendant, who would begrudgingly slop along and open the door for us.

My own personal love affair with Borrow Street pool began when, as Coghlan Infant School Children, we would line up in pairs in a long plumbago blue crocodile, and walk the four blocks to the pool for swimming lessons.....

And then as we became fully fledged swimmers, Mom would allow Gavin and I to go to the pool ON OUR OWN !!

Hours, days, weeks, months were spent in teeth chattering bliss from the very first day of September every year until the end of April.

The school holidays were sheer bliss, we would form a rowdy queue outside those turnstiles, armed with the tickey to get in and one and six for a coke and packet of crisps.

It was there that we fell in love with those pink marshmallow fish and those yellow soft candy bananas. It was there that we used to munch on those long liquorice sticks or those liquorice rulers that you could wrap around your finger and watch them go black..

After three hours of swimming until one's fingers went white and wrinkly, we would flop down on those deliciously warm brown sandstone blocks, cover ourselves entirely with our swimming towels, and with teeth chattering furiously, would warm ourselves up with anecdotes and sun, until it was time to go back in the pool again.

Marco Polo was a favourite game, diving off the one meter and three met boards was just the most exciting thing you could ever do, and there was always a senior at the bottom of the boards to ensure law and order was maintained.

The kiosk was heaven, coke floats, ice cream, those little black shiny balls that would last for at least an hour if you sucked on them slowly, and those giant yellow balls that would not quite fit in your mouth and were oh so chewable.

The baby Pool was quite a new addition and was reserved for the under sixes. But when the superintendent was not looking you could sometimes sneak in and belly crawl from one end to the other to get warm.

The Superintendents name was Mr Meal and my memory served me right his son Louis took over for a while.

Remember we used to get chased out though during the lunch hour so the nice people could sun themselves in peace and quiet. Then we could go back at about three when the sun was not so fierce.

Of course the piece de resistance was when they had "night swimming" during the very hot season. That was absolute bliss, nothing will ever feel as magic as those special balmy Rhodesian evenings ever ever again.

I have posted some pictures on the website of the Borrow Street Pool.


Recently, giant changes were made to accommodate the All Africa Games. A gigantic new warm up pool was installed, and several major changes made. Sadly the trees wherein the storks nested are no more, but life goes on come what may..


Despite the challenges the entire world has faced this year.. Christmas has not been cancelled!!
For the 9th year running Island Hospice and Healthcare Bulawayo Branch will be holding Light A Light for Hospice on Friday 27th November 2020 at Zonk'izizwe Shopping Complex, Bradfield from 5:30pm to 8pm.
Like everything in 2020, this year's celebration will be different to previous years but no less special for those who have lost loved ones that we will be remembering and honoring.
Please join us for an evening of music, poetry and performance art.
We will also have the usual exciting stalls with delicious eats and drinks on sale and lots of Christmas gift ideas starting from 3pm.
Please purchase your memento in remembrance of a loved one lost this year or previous years and have their personalized Angel on the tree for the duration of the festive season.
The mementos are US$10 each and are available at LNA Bradfield.
Please make a date to join us for a fun filled family evening and help support this worthy cause!

Great Christmas present

Ideal resource in these uncertain times. The BIBLE-BASED PRAYERS FOR EVERYDAY SITUATIONS book is now available at Innov-8 Bookshop, Jason Moyo Avenue, Bulawayo. Kindle and paperback versions also available on Amazon.

Contact: info@zvanakabooks.com
Website: www.zvanakabooks.com

2) Notices and Events


Tel: 60684 / 67195 E-mail: zamfriends@gatorzw.co.uk

As the curfew has been relaxed to 10.00 p.m., the starting time for DVDs is now 5.30 P.M.

The Note, the Academy coffee shop, is open and is available for take-aways and deliveries as well as light meals before evening DVDs..

THURSDAY 26 NOVEMBER AT 5.30 P.M. SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Carriages: 8.00 p.m.
Young Han Solo finds adventure when he joins forces with a gang of galactic smugglers and a 190-year-old Wookie named Chewbacca. Indebted to the gangster Dryden Vos, the crew devises a daring plan to travel to the mining planet Kessel to steal a batch of valuable coaxium. In need of a fast ship, Solo meets Lando Calrissian, the suave owner of the perfect vessel, the Millennium Falcon, for the dangerous mission that will set the course of one of the Star Wars saga's most unlikely heroes.
A bright and breezy sideshow adventure makes up for its overly frantic pacing with a charismatic central turn from Alden Ehrenreich - strong enough to make us want to see even more of him in Solo mode. [Empire]
With Solo: A Star Wars Story, director Lawrence Kasdan has maintained his reputation by delivering yet another great film. Solo is arguably the most action-packed film of the Star Wars franchise and has plenty of surprising twists. [Metacritic]
Solo is a swashbuckling success, a space adventure that pays homage to the DNA of the original films while carving out its own unique space in the canon. It's a sheer delight [The Verge]
Admission: US$1.00 [free to Film members]

FRIDAY 27 NOVEMBER AT 5.30 P.M. BEETHOVEN: FIDELIO Carriages: 8.20 p.m.
'Of all my children, this was born in greatest travail", Beethoven said to Anton Schindler, speaking of his only opera, Fidelio. Composed over a period of nearly ten years, from the first failure in 1805 to the final version of 1814, this romantic drama underwent many reworkings. The libretto was inspired by an actual incident from the French Revolution, in which a woman dressed as a man was hired as a prison gaoler and managed to free her incarcerated husband. The dramatic art of this magnificent work, which deals with liberty, faithfulness, idealism and justice, holds a universal value.
Bernstein, who conducts with all his heart, by 1978 Bernstein was God in Vienna. The Vienna Philharmonic play superbly for a conductor they had come to love. Otto Schenk's staging remains a marvel of sensible action, pertinent handling of the singers and clarity of action - no updating, no silly ideas, just straightforward, unobtrusive direction. [Gramophone Classical Music Guide]
Leonard Bernstein 'had a special rapport with Beethoven's opera and indeed with Vienna, where Otto Schenk's production is given further conviction by a top-quality cast. [BBC Music Magazine, May 2007 *****]
This was without a doubt my greatest experience in opera this year.
Although it dates from 1978 I was overwhelmed by this production. [Amazon] Admission: US$1.00 [free to Red Carpet members]
THURSDAY 3 DECEMBER AT 5.30 P.M. WANTED Carriages: 8.00 p.m.
Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) is an office worker whose life is going nowhere. After his estranged father is murdered, he meets Fox (Angelina Jolie), who recruits him into the Fraternity, a secret society of assassins which takes its orders from Fate itself. Fox and Sloan (Morgan Freeman), the Fraternity's leader, teach Wesley to tap into dormant powers. Though he enjoys his newfound abilities, he begins to suspect that there is more to the Fraternity than meets the eye.
Visually astounding with a breakneck pace that rarely let's up. It's exciting, innovative and enjoyable, but most of all it's fun. Exactly how an action movie should be delivered. [Rotten Tomatoes]
'Wanted' is a bold, burly knockout action film that's immensely stylish and superbly shot, but it's also astonishingly violent and graphic. [New York Times]
A 12-armed heavy-metal drummer of a movie, kicking and flailing through two hours of the impossible. The car chase of the year. [New York Post]
Admission: US$1.00 [free to Film members]

Two outstanding young musicians play music by Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin and others.
Admission by donation

Beethoven was born 250 years ago on c.16 December 1770 and to commemorate the anniversary Jeanette Micklem celebrates will play his last three piano sonatas which are amongst his greatest works - No.30 in E major, No.31 in A flat major and No.32 in C minor.
Booking at the Academy, all tickets: US$5.00.
Dinner will be available after the concert but must be booked in advance: Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry; Braised Rice, followed by Milk Tart: US$8.00.
Booking at The Note.

Thursday 10 December Sense and Sensibility [released 13 December 1995] 5.30 p.m.
Friday 11 December Music by Beethoven including - Piano Concerto No.4 and the Pastoral Symphony 5.30 p.m.
Thursday 17 December Copying Beethoven - a film [Ed Harris & Diane Kruger] 5.30 p.m.
Friday 18 December Music by Beethoven including - the Triple Concerto and the 9th Symphony 5.30 p.m.
Wednesday 23 December Scrooge - a musical version of 'A Christmas Carol' 5.30 p.m.
Thursday 24 December The Nutcracker - Royal Ballet 5.30 p.m.
Links to Bulawayo Advertisers:-

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National Railway Museum
Bulawayo 1872
National Gallery of Zim -Bulawayo
Bulawayo City
Bulawayo Golf Club
Bulawayo News 24
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Bulawayo Railway Museum
Bulawayo Societies - 2010
Bulawayo Theatre Club
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Falcon College
Hillside Dams
Island Hospice
Matobo Conservation Society
The Bulawayo Club
Bulawayo Shelter
Tree Society of Zimbabwe
Wildlife & Environment Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe info

3) Congratulations

4) Condolences/In Memoriam/Wreath Funds

Reinhard Siegfried Pigors

With great sadness we announce the death of Reinhard on the 18 November 2020.
Deepest sympathy to Tina, Baye and all the family.

The Rorke Family are sad to announce the passing of
Anne Rorke (09/11/2020)
Sister of Peter Rorke & the Late John Rorke.
We would like to thank the Doctor & Staff of Barbara Burrell Center for their care & kindness shown to Anne over the past years

5) Roses And Raspberries

6) Pets Column

Pet Hilton Kennels and Cattery for the best care of your pet when going away, or when your bitch is in season. Nick available to do parlour work on all breeds; and to train dogs for domestic use (when over 1 year old).

Tel Margaret Bernard on 2242979 or 0775 043983 for enquiries or bookings..

8) Bulawayo News

Our shop shelves are bare, our kennels are struggling, Pease help! We need to restock our shop shelves and would appreciate any unwanted saleable household goods, books, magazines, jam jars, clothing, ornaments, glassware, crockery etc. Absolutely anything we can sell to make money to help our kennels. We have Ecocash for your convenience. Donations for our kennels can be dropped off at our shop. The kennels are always in need of old newspapers.

Monday 2pm - 3.45pm
Tuesday 9am - 12 pm 1.30pm - 3.15pm
Wednesday 9am - 12pm 2pm - 3.45pm
Thursday 9am - 12pm 1.30pm - 3.15 pm
Friday 9am - 12pm 1.30pm - 3.15pm

First Saturday of each month 9am -10.45am

9) Harare And Gweru News

Zim Websites:-


10) Wining, Dining and Coffee Houses

11) Property For Sale or to Rent


3 bedroomed, en-suite, office, family bathroom with a separate and with a separate toilet, lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, 2 x garage, borehole, walked and gated - Morningside - $450USD - available 1 December 2020.
App 0783085411


A young lady with two children looking for a 2 bedroom cottage or flat to rent for the 1st of December 2020. Kindly contact 074 391 052

A young lady with two children looking for a 2 bedroom cottage or flat for the 1st of December 2020 or the 1st of January 2021. Please contact 0774 391 052



Brick under iron, semi- detached, lounge combined dining room, 2 bedrooms,
2 bic's, separate bathroom and toilet, fitted kitchen, garage, domestic quarters, walled & gated. Stand size: 477m

ROMNEY PARK - $55 000
Brick under tile - semi detached house comprising lounge, dining room, 3 bedrooms, separate bathroom, separate toilet, fitted kitchen, veranda, walled & gated. Stand size: 602m

ROMNEY PARK - $65 000
Brick under tile comprising lounge, dining room, 3 bedrooms, separate bathroom, separate toilet, fitted kitchen, veranda, walled & gated.

3 bedrooms, 3 bic's, bathroom, separate toilet, lounge/dining room combined, fitted kitchen, veranda, domestic quarters, tool shed, storeroom, braai area, swimming pool, fenced, walled and gated. Stand size: 4062m

MONTROSE - $65 000
Brick under iron, lounge, fireplace, dining room, 3 bedrooms, 3 bic's, separate bathroom and toilet, kitchen, veranda, carport, domestic quarters, walled and gated.

3 bedrooms, bathroom, separate toilet, lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, veranda, domestic quarters, swimming pool, walled and gated.

FAMONA - $120 000
Neat brick under tile house comprising lounge, fireplace, dining room, bar area, 4 bedrooms, main ensuite, separate bathroom, and toilet, fitted kitchen, laundry, veranda, garage, double carport, domestic quarters, tool shed, working borehole, walled and gated. Stand size 1830m

MALINDELA - $120 000
4 bedrooms with ensuite, bathroom, separate toilet, lounge, dining room, neatly fitted kitchen, veranda, domestic quarters, swimming pool, walled and gated.

ILANDA - $120 000
Brick under tile, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, separate toilet, lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, veranda, domestic quarters, working swimming pool walled and gated.

ILANDA - $135 000
Brick under tile, 4 bedrooms, bathroom, separate toilet, combined lounge / dining room, fitted kitchen, veranda, domestic quarters, walled and gated. Stand size: 1594m

ASCOT FLAT - $65 000
Well maintained 2 bedroomed flat comprising ensuite, lounge cum dining and fitted kitchen. Close to Ascot Mall, United Bulawayo Hospital and Nust.

BURNSIDE - $135 000
4 bedroomed house comprising lounge, dining room, neatly fitted kitchen, dining room, main ensuite, family bathroom and toilet, laundry, carport, working swimming pool and borehole, braai area, in a secure neighborhood, with working alarm system walled and gated.

BURNSIDE - $120 000
Brick under asbestos double storey comprising lounge, fire place, TV lounge, dining room, 3 bedrooms, main ensuite, separate toilet and bathroom, fitted kitchen, veranda, balcony, carport, domestic quarters, tool shed, walled & gated. Stand size: 6674m

HILLSIDE - $160 000
Brick under tile dwelling comprising lounge, fire place, sun lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, separate bathroom ,4 bathrooms, main ensuite, 2 domestic quarters, walled and gated.

HILLSIDE - $180 000
Neat 4 bedroomed house, lounge, fitted kitchen, cottage, swimming pool, working borehole, neat garden, walled and gated.

CBD (FLAT) - $45 000
City Flat in a good area comprising 1 bedroom, lounge, bathroom, separate toilet, fitted kitchen, veranda. Close to Corporate 24 Medical Center, Indaba book Cafe', Galen House.

CBD (FLAT) - $30 000
City Flat comprising 1 bedroom, lounge, bathroom, separate toilet, fitted kitchen, veranda.

CBD HOUSE - $88 000
Brick under Iron comprising 6 rooms, bathroom, two separate toilets, kitchen, scullery, 2 carports, double domestic quarters and toilet, 2 verandas, walled and gated. Stand size: 595m

CBD HOUSE - $100 000
Brick under Iron with 2 receptions, 10 offices, 2 ladies toilets, 2 gents toilets, 2 kitchens, double domestic quarters, outside toilets, one side walled, one side bricked. Stand size: 1190m

CBD HOUSE - $120 000
Brick under iron, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, dining room, lounge, study, fitted kitchen, veranda, servants quarters, storeroom, walled, gated. Stand size: 595m

SUBURBS (FLAT) - $74 000
Brick under Tile, combined lounge/dining room, 3 bedrooms, bic's 3, mes, separate shower & toilet, fitted kitchen, veranda, d/q, well not working, walled & gated.
Undeveloped 1 acre stand, ready to build.

Undeveloped 2 acre stand, ready to build, walled on 3 sides

KENSINGTON - $95 000
Small holding with a lot of potential comprising 3 bedroomed house, family bathroom and shower, separate toilet, dining room, lounge with fireplace, fitted kitchen, storeroom, 2 x borehole, double domestic quarters , fenced and gated on approximately 4 acres

Massive double storey building within the heart of the central business district comprising
- Ground floor - 6 SHOPS 1020m,
- 1ST FLOOR - 22 OFFICES - 816m,
- 2ND FLOOR - 22 OFFICES - 760m.
With ablution facilities on both floors and back of shops. Back storeroom, back double strorey storeroom

We at Rodor Properties (Pvt) Ltd, take pride in managing your property professionally, in order to safeguard your investment.
We understand the importance of maintaining healthy relationships with owners and tenants alike, and strive to ensure personal and efficient service to all our clients.
We are always seeking to sell and rent in all sectors of the property market.
We also offer a complete service of property valuations.
Email us on: kelvin@rodor.co.zw or rentals@rodor.co.zw or Call: (029) 22 74581/3 or + 263 773 366 207

Anita's Real Estate


We have the following properties for sale:

Brick under asbestos, 4 bedrooms, lounge - come dining room, newly fitted kitchen, bathroom and toilet. - $130 000.00

Brick under tile 3 bedrooms (bic) lounge cum dining room, fitted kitchen, pantry bathroom separate toiled single lock up garage single domestic quarters is fenced front and back, walled on two other sides and gated. -$93 000.00 negotiable

2 bedrooms main en suite, family bathroom, study, lounge cum dining room, fitted kitchen, double lockup garage water tank paved driveway- 125 000.00 negotiable

Main bedroom en suit with bath and toilet Three extra bedrooms all with fitted cupboards Spare toilet on own Second bathroom with shower and bath Big lounge with fire place Dining room Large fitted kitchen with separate scullery Outside laundry with plumbing and sinks Beautiful entertainment room with veranda looking into swimming pool Outside room with bathroom Two workshop/ storerooms Double domestic rooms Big greenhouse Double car port I acre Good borehole Walled and electric gate Price US$180k

5 acres
3 bed (bic) main en suite lounge cum dining room fitted kitchen, outside bar/ entertainment area. Walled gated $220 000.00

2 acres - $54 000.00
3 acres - $80 000.00

1 acre - $30 000.00

1 Acre undeveloped stands - $17 000.00

KHUMALO - 2639m2
3 bedrooms bathroom with tub shower separate loo dining room lounge fitted kitchen huge. Scullery laundry area 2 pantries a 4th bedroom which was converted from part of veranda double lock up garage Double staff accommodation Borehole - $120 000.000 negotiable.

KUMALO 4047m2
1 acre, (bic) Italian design home. 4 bedrooms main en suite, bathroom, huge kitchen, dining room, lounge, solar, working Swimming pool and prolific borehole, lock up garage, double staff quarters, storeroom. Walled and electric gated - $260 000.00 negotiable

BELLEVUE 2,974m2
3 bedrooms, main en suite, family bathroom with separate toilet and shower, lounge, o/h fans, fire place, dining room, fully fitted kitchen, laundry, enclosed veranda, workshop, storeroom, staff quarters, well, swimming pool, entertainment area, garden,
Fruit trees, garage, carport, walled, fenced, gated - $80,000.00 negotiable

Bic 3 bed main en suite family bathroom sep toilet carpeted lounge cum dining, kitchen enclosed veranda staff quarters borehole car port and garage walled and gated woth electric fence108 000.00 neg

Secure, neat duplex, 2 bedrooms, en suite, family bathroom, lounge cum dining room, fitted kitchen, and laundry/scullery -120 000.00

Solid 1 bedroom (bic) bathroom toilet open plan kitchen dining room small bedroom/ study, Cottage car port -115 000.00neg

SELBOURNE BROOK - 500m2 - town houses stand with foundation - $30,000.00 negotiable

Steel roof IVR Cement floor 1 office kitchen 2 toilets changing room workshop walled and gated $75 000.00 negotiable

Contact: Anita 0772212625 / 029-2264368
anitasrealestate@comone.co.zw / are@mweb.co.zw
Bulawayo Estate Agents:-
Anita's Real Estate
Rodor properties Pvt Ltd
Ian & Co. Real Estate
R.E.D. Property

12) Accommodation in South Africa

Hoopoe Haven Guest House
We are offering secure, affordable three star and AA highly recommended self-catering cottages, glamping, pet friendly and Bed and Breakfast accommodation in our country guest house near Fourways.

We are a few km away from the hustle and bustle of Fourways, Sandton, Monte Casino, Northgate Coca-Cola Dome and 4 shopping malls. The guests staying at Hoopoe haven are amazed at friendly atmosphere and the size and quality of the lodge bed and breakfast accommodation, the self-catering cottages and the facilities of the guest house and lodge. It is a place in which you can actually enjoy yourself and make new friends. Being ex-Zimbabweans we welcome guests from Zimbabwe and Botswana and will give you a 5% - 10% discount depending on the length of your stay. Our rates range from Self-catering cottages per unit from R700 (sleeps 2) R1 150 (sleeps family of 2A + 2C), R1 500 (sleeps 4 - 2 bedrooms), R1 800 (sleeps 6 - 2 bedrooms). B&B in lodge from R435 to R600 per person sharing (B&B), or single occupancy from R650 to R870 (B&B). NEW - Luxury Tented Camp (full tiled bathroom, carpeted bedroom lounge etc) sleeping 2 Adults at R700.00 per night or larger tent sleeping 4 Adults at R1 150.00 per night.
We also have our beautiful Farm to Fork Restaurant available for all your meals and is fully licensed with Copperlake Craft Beers and Gin on tap.
Mention that you found us through reading the Morning Mirror to receive your discount.

web site : www.hoopoehavenlodge.co.za
email: info@hoopoehavenlodge.co.za
cell: Tracey - +2783 314 0987

12b) Accommodation in Botswana

Accommodation Out Of Zimbabwe:-

Four Seasons, J'bg
Hoopoe Haven Guest Lodge Fourways, J'bg
Avoca Vale Country Hotel Louis Trichardt

13) Accomodation and Travel In Zimbabwe



Big Cave Camp 2020 Christmas Special!
We are offering a special to ALL Zimbabweans
and SADC residents plus friends or family.

From December 2020 to January 2021.

USD 120.00 per person on a DBB basis.
No single supplement.
Includes a guided afternoon sundowner drive on Big
Cave wilderness area to 'Lightning rock' or 'Leopard Rock'
Includes an early morning walk.
Excludes drinks, activities to Park and National Park
and National Monument Fees.
Children under 12 half price. Under 6 Free.



Contact us today :


Contact Lin on 0777574418 to make a booking. Whatsapp only

HIDEAWAYS Life-Changing Experiences


Discounted stays for Zimbabwean residents at our Eco-Lodges in Hwange National Park.
Inclusive of all meals and game drive
Valid for travel until the end of December 2021
Special rates for exclusive use & multi-generational bookings upon request
USD 100 per person, per night
Book now for stays at Nantwich & Elephant's Eye, Hwange

www.hideawaysafrica.com | info@hideawaysafrica.com
WhatsApp: +27 (0) 724 903 287
T's & C's apply


Seeing the back of 2020 is a departure worth Celebrating
Join us:
for a special dinner at our luxury Safari Lodge
and toast to the New Year with sparkling wine and late night snacks.

100 USD per person / night
Includes: accommodation at luxury safari lodge NANTWICH or ELEPHANT'S EYE in Hwange, Zimbabwe.
All meals and activities.

HIDEAWAYS Life-Changing Experiences
T's & C's apply
Email: info@hideawaysafrica.com
WhatsApp: +27 (0) 724 903 287


A feast for your senses this Christmas
100 USD per person / night
at luxury safari lodge NANTWICH or ELEPHANT'S EYE in Hwange, Zimbabwe
BOMA DINNER - 24 December
5-COURSE LUNCH - 25 December
BUSH BREAKFAST - 26 December

HIDEAWAYS Life-Changing Experiences
T's & C's apply
Email: info@hideawaysafrica.com
WhatsApp: +27 (0) 724 903 287


Some places to stay in Zim:-
Maleme Rest Camp www.zimparks.org
Big Cave Camp
Granite Park Lodges
The Musketeers Lodge 9km on Matopos Rd
Matobo Hills Lodge
Burnside Cottage
Churchill Hotel
Rainbow Hotel
Southern Comfort Lodge
Travellers Guest House
Eastern Highlands:-
Frog And Fern In Chimanimani
Kulizwe Lodge Binga - shores of Lake Kariba
Kariba Accomodation
Miombo Lodge Dete Situated Hwange National Park/Dete Rd
Hwange Safari Lodge
NEHIMBA living with the Elephants
Lake Mutirikwi (Kyle):-
Norma Jeans Lakeview
Ghonarezhou game reserve:-
Vic Falls:-
Victoria Falls Hotel

14) Catering and Food

A few places to eat in Bulawayo:-

Arizona Grill House in the Holiday Inn
Banff Lodge Coffee cafe
Book and Bean caf at Bradfield Shopping Centre
Bulawayo Club
Bulawayo Golf Club www.golfzone.co.zw
Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel
Camp Amalinda
Cattleman - 12th Avenue
Country Club www.golfzone.co.zw
Frangos- 12th Avenue
Friar Tucks
Gallery Coffee Shop - Fort Street https://nationalgallery.co.zw
Garden Restaurant - 54 Park Rd
Granite Ridge - Matobo Hills
Hillside Dams Tea Room
Hillside Bowling Club
Holiday Inn - Arizona Grill House
Horizon Restaurant & Bar - Pioneer House, Fife Street
Hotel Rio, Old Esigodini Rd
Hunt's Boma 22 Jaywick Rd Matsheumhlope
Indaba Book Caf & Sandwich Bar
Mary's Restaurant - opp Medical Cent
Maxies Massimo's - Ascot Shopping Centre
Nemo's Resturant - Hillside Bowling Club
Nesbitt Castle - Percy Avenue
New Orleans - Banff Road
Pergola Restaurant 22 Jaywick Rd Matsheumhlope
River Cafe -12th Ave

and more !!

15) Vehicles for Sale and Hire

16) Travel and Tours

Bulawayo Travel Agents & Tour Company's:-

African Wanderer
Antelope Park
Big Cave Camp
Black Rhino Safaris
Eco Logical Safaris & Travel
Greyhound Coach Service - Byo to Joburg

17) Computers And Electronics

Bulawayo Computers:-

Internet at Netconnect.co.zw

18) Lifts Wanted And Offered

19) Seeking Friends

I was sent your letter by an old dancing friend of mine Joy Taylor. We both danced at Macdonald Academy of Dancing . I and my Sister Tanya danced from the age of 3 and I danced right up till 1984 .I have the fondest memories of my dancing childhood in Byo. Our curtain calls, mum sewing costumes, dancing with Vincent Hantam and the Byo City Ballet Co tours. Fantastic times! I competed in the Cyril Beaumont Bursary in CT against I think it was Sandy Ashwin I went to UCT Ballet school and then joined CAPAB 1986 to 1989. I was in the company at the same time as Nicollette Loxton.
Thank you for your letter bringing back wonderful memories as I read the names.
Warm Regards
Juliet Hoenck nee French-Constant


20) Situations Wanted and Situations Vacant


Am a lady who is presentable and cheerful well disciplined and young at heart seeking employment as a Reservationist/Receptionist -Holds an International Certificate in Hotel and Tourism and is able to perform Receptionist duties.

Open to other employment options as well.

Confident to start right away please WhatsApp only (0783 197 394)

We are looking for an office assistant. Presentableand cheerful.
Mature and disciplined with knowledge of accounts - Debtors, Creditors and computer literate.
Must be able to work with minimum supervision.
Drop of CV's at BOOKSET PVT LTD, 139 George Silundika Street, Btwn 14-15th Ave Bulawayo

Lady age 36 years seeking employment in the office.Has basic computer literacy and telephone phone skills.Willing to start with immediate effect.

Phone 0774 095 196 during peak hours weekends included.

A 33year old man with a clean class 2, 4 & 5 driver's license. I am looking for an opportunity as a chauffeur or any driving or transport employment. I am well spoken in English, Shona and Ndebele.

Please feel free to contact me on +263777858923

Situations Wanted and Situations Vacant


We are looking for an Accounts / Bookkeeping Person to join our Bulawayo Team. The Applicant will need experience in using Pastel, reconciling cash books, creditors and petty cash accounts.
In return the company agrees to offer fair remuneration and working conditions.
Please send your letter of application and curriculum vitae to employbyo1982@gmail.com

A prominent mining company is looking for a Fitter and Turner to work and live approx. 120km from Bulawayo. We are willing to pay the ideal candidate a better than average market salary with benefits. The Candidate must have at least 10 years' experience in a mining environment. Ability to read and interpret engineering working drawings. Ability to modify, design, and manufacture engineering components with or without drawings. Confident. Meticulous. Precise. Self-starter. Professional and logical. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
If you feel you would be suitable, please email a current CV and a covering letter as soon as possible to miningcompany1969@gmail.com


Mature lady seeks employment as a PA, Secretary, Admin Assistant, Receptionist. Has years of experience, holding a Diploma in Secretarial Studies, computer literate, has worked with Accounting packages. Please contact landline: 212174
cell: 0772 814 268 or 0786 470 495 (mum)

37 year old female, just submitted dissertation for a Master s in Women' s Socio- legal studies and seeking a paid internship or employment in human rights, project management particularly in the area of disability and women.

The same lady is also looking for a house- sitting opportunity in Bulawayo in the Famona, Hillcrest , hillside or Burnside area. No pets. Will pay ZESA and manicure garden.

email: yeukaicc@gmail.com
Phone number: 0782104888 (text and call)
0733523665 (app only)


Mature lady seeks employment as a house-keeper. Has experience with children. Cheerful and hard-working. Live out preferred. Please contact 0712 988 105

21) Services

Very good to excellent condition mobility aides such as wheelchairs, wheelie walkers, walking sticks, crutches, Zimmer frame, crutches etc. Available for hire and for sale at Island Hospice and Healthcare. Commodes, bed pans, urinals, sheepskin and adult diapers also available. Nurse aides are also available for hire.

Repairs and Renovations

For all your domestic and industrial repairs and renovations:- Carpentry, partitioning, ceilings,fascia boards, trusses, structural timber, roofing, floor sanding, guttering, floor-tiling, building, painting, welding, pumbing, electrical work plus much more!

We also treat and replace all termite damaged floor timber underneath all hollow tongue and grooved floors.

Please contact us by telephone or send a whatsapp.

Landline: +263 292 226473
Mobile: +263 772 312 320
Mobile: +263 772 322 181

Reasonable costs. Genuine enquiries only.

Island Hospice has walking aids for hire and sale. These include wheelchairs, wheelie walkers, walking sticks, zimmer frame, crutches and many more also available are commodes, bedpans, urinals, sheepskin and adult Diapers.
0712845003 / 0292 277972

We offer weeding and cleaning of tombstone area; Repair of tombstone at an extra charge. A once off fee of *USD30* per year per tombstone.
Cemetries covered : Athlone, West Park, Lady Stanley, Luveve, Hyde Park and Mvutshwa.
Work is done once every month.
We also offer flower arrangements at an extra charge.
Photos are taken before and after every cleaning and I sent to the client.

For more information email: shaddianonenge@gmail.com or call:
+263718727574 or whatsapp +263772327574*


For all your tree cutting and trimming please contact Beaver Tree Feller.
No job is too big for us plus we are insured. Contact 0733 896 375 or landline 09 - 476569


I teach a set of 5 classes covering pregnancy, labour, baby care, breastfeeding and other information. I also do a "crash course" for out of towners.
These classes are valuable even if you're having an elective CAESAREAN SECTION!!
Please book early.

I can be with you at the hospital when you're in LABOUR to help you to cope!
I also work part time at a BABY CLINIC :-)

For any further information contact SISTER JAN JOHNSTON on (09) 466741/2 from 8 am til 12 pm Mon to Fri
or (09) 2237240, 0712 728 350 or 0772 749 749 (w/app) or email me on jicsj@yoafrica.com


Rob Sinclair is an expert plumber. He has had many years of experience.

Anything to do with loos, bathrooms, geysers, plumbing, borehole repairs and tank installations.

Rob Sinclair is your man.

Phone Rob on 0772230551
Bulawayo Services:-

Acol Chemical Bulawayo
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22) Health And Beauty

23) Tuition

24) Miscellaneous For Sale

25) Wanted To Buy, Beg or Borrow

Looking for a Vintage Supersonic Radio made in Bulawayo during the 60's/70's - Supersonic Conquest PR80 specifically. If you have one to sell please get in touch.
My e-mail address is paulc.midgley@gmail.com or if you want to phone you can call +44 7880 636636.
Good price offered

26) Clothing And Fashion

27) Boats and Fishing

Bulawayo Water Activities:-


28) Garden, Decor And Home

Kraal manure $2.00 a 50 KG bag.
Free delivery over ten bags.
Phone Ollie on 0771289677



CONTACT JILL AT 2246688 OR 0778495599


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