Bulawayo Morning Mirror Edition 868 - 3/3/2020

In this edition

1) Editorial
2) Notices and Events
3) Congratulations
4) Condolences/In Memoriam/Wreath Funds
5) Roses And Raspberries
6) Pets Column
8) Bulawayo News
9) Harare And Gweru News
10) Wining Dining and Coffee Houses
11) Property For Sale or to Rent
12) Accommodation In South Africa
12b) Accommodation In Botswana
13) Accommodation and Travel In Zimbabwe
14) Catering and Food
15) Vehicles for Sale and Hire
16) Travel and Tours
17) Computers And Electronics
18) Lifts Wanted And Offered
19) Seeking Friends
20) Situations Wanted and Situations Vacant
21) Services
22) Health And Beauty
23) Tuition
24) Miscellaneous For Sale
25) Wanted To Buy, Beg or Borrow
26) Clothing And Fashion
27) Boats And Fishing
28) Garden, Decor And Home
29) Tidbits

1) Editorial


No longer does one buy ones furniture at Meikles, ones lingerie at Haddon and Sly and ones school uniforms at Sanders !!

Oh no, the Central Business District of Bulawayo has definitely moved away from what we once knew as the centre of the City of Kings.

If you need a recharge card for your cell phone you will find a willing seller sitting patiently at every robot, every intersection, every cross roads in the city. One on each corner diagonally facing the talk-hungry passengers in the vehicles, which hoot for attention, and then the nimble footed seller winds his was hazardously to sell you a card , in just the right amount of time it takes for the traffic light to change (or who cares if it takes longer !!)

Oh by the way, a traffic light is called a robot in Zimbabwe !!

Now if you do not have a cell phone (mobile phone) you can find a phone shop just about anywhere, phone booths are a thing of the past, cos someone stole the phone !!

I think the most ingenious phone company I have ever seen is the one right outside the Posts and Telecommunications Building in Bulawayo. There in the middle of the pavement (sidewalk) is a table, an umbrella and an array of bright blue telephones !!

Manned by a lady who takes your money, times you with a stop watch, and it does not take a genius to see that the wires are cunningly concealed under the tablecloth and lead their way into the storm drain and most possibly into the Posts and Telecommunications mainframe phone system !!

Now if you need flowers forget the once famous Joan the Florist or Wright's Florist, they no longer exist, BUT the City Hall flower sellers are doing a roaring trade.

They no longer sell just those loose flowers in colourful plastic buckets, they have become very talented florists in their own right. You can buy anything from your entire wedding floral requirements including the brides bouquet, to a funeral wreath, an upright arrangement featuring proteas, gypsophila and a magnificent array of flowers, to a very tastefully done Valentine's posy with cellophane and satin ribbon !!

Morrison's and Zippers Dress Shops of course no longer exist where one can buy that special imported outfit, but there is always the Bend Over Bazaar out side the City Revenue Hall.

Imported outfits abound here, imported from China, Botswana and Swaziland !! You need a good strong back here because you need to bend over and examine the goods which are lying on the pavement on a polypropylene sack !! But you can get some good bargains here they tell me and the vendors are lovely people... And if you need to try the garment on .... no problem ... off the vendors' backs come the babies... dumped unceremoniously on the floor and the towels used to tie baby on back, are smilingly held in a neat square while you undress, in the middle of the market square, accompanied by a great deal of appreciative clucking, nodding and squeals of delight at how nice one looks in ones new garment!!!

An Hairdo is also hard to find these days unless you make an appointment with Mark at least six weeks in advance !! But if you stop off outside the Renkini Bus Station or outside any suburban shopping centre, you can have your hair braided beautifully (if you have about seven hours of spare time) or if your hair is too short, you can have long extensions carefully woven into your existing locks !! Right on the sidewalk in the nice open fresh air too, sitting comfortably on a wooden crate.

Broken a heel on your shoe Well don't worry about trekking lopsidedly all the way to Jivans or Jacobs, there is bound to be a shoe repairer in your neighbourhood, probably sitting right outside your garden, with his various stiletto heels or pieces of leather from which to cut you a whole new sole !!

If you are looking for fuel, don't be daft and expect to find it at the more traditional garages (service stations) like Dulys and Thelwalls, pop into the alley behind any garage and there is bound to be an enterprising fellow with a 44 gallon drum and a hose pipe !!

And the piece de resistance, if you need bird seed, veggies, millet, sorghum, dried bean, macimbi (mopani worms), solar panels, ghetto blasters, anything electrical smuggled (oh sorry I mean "Brought in") from Botswana, in fact dried or fresh anything at all, the colourful, bustling, noisy vendor markets in Fife Street and Fifth Avenue are your very best bet.

Bulawayo is indeed Beautiful.



Queen Elizabeth Children's House is appealing for assistance. Due to the heavy rains part of the durawall has collapsed . We are looking for durawall panels. Kindly contact the Administrator on landline 60753 or cell 0771 976 077 or visit our home

4th Extension Ave, 7th Street, Suburbs, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Tel: + 263 292 230084. Email: heathstreakacademy@gmail.com


Old Mutual Heath Streak Cricket Academy Trust urgently requires a young, professional, sincere, hard-working and dedicated Administrator who could independently manage this prestigious institution with passion and enthusiasm. Knowledge on cricket coaching and accounting would be an added benefit. The Administrator would report directly to the CEO.

Kindly email your CV to heathstreakacademy@gmail.com
Shortlisted candidates would be called for an interview immediately.

The Old Mutual Heath Streak Cricket Academy Trust is a non-profit making institution striving for excellence in sport. Established in 2012 the renowned institution boasts of a luscious green grass cricket field, state-of-the-art floodlit net practice area, fully equipped Health Club, Fitness Centre and Sport Massage Parlor, Coffee Shop & Restaurant serving healthy dietary delicacies, WI FI and other recreational facilities for parents, Junior Sports Field, Swimming, Soccer, Karate, Kick Boxing and Rugby Academies at the venue, in an atmosphere and ambience unparalleled to any other sporting facility in Zimbabwe. There is no doubt that Zimbabweans are already witnessing the fruits of our labor seeing children from less privileged environments stand up to the challenge and compete at par with those coming from more affluent background.

In-spite of the serious financial crises and economic slow-down the nation has been facing, Heath Streak International Cricket Trust has made giant strides in the growth and development of cricket in Zimbabwe.
The Academy offers talented youth and those with a desire to LEARN, the opportunity to showcase their abilities with the hopes that they may perhaps one day represent their School, Club, Province or Country with pride, determination and above all - a SMILE.

With a genuine intent and desire to shape a brighter world for the children of Zimbabwe, the Academy employs professional coaches capable of providing leadership, direction and quality programmes that result in the development of the game at the grassroots level, producing young cricket stars ripe for the International stage 5 years from now. Youth Cricket has grown tremendously over the last few years. The development agenda focusing on age groups structure adopted by the Heath Streak Academy has been very successful and more local Zimbabweans are being attracted to the game. Our age-group teams U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U17 and U18 levels have been winning International tournaments with great distinction. The Academy is very passionate about the sport and our aim is to ensure that our talented cricketers have the very best opportunities and a first class future which will help Zimbabwe regain her past sporting glory. The Academy nominates players to attend provincial age-group trials relevant to ability and potential. We expose our cricketers with cricketing interests, knowledge and methodologies that can be utilized to develop a high level of professionalism.
The Academy hosts its prestigious flagship Under-15 cricket tournament brand - 'The President's Afro-Asia Cricket Cup' featuring various African & Asian nations annually. The popular tournament has been growing in leaps and bounds and is destined to turn into an Under 15 Cricket World Cup in the coming years.

The Academy inspires and motivates the girl-child to get involved in playing cricket and engage in outreach programmes to support young talented girls to train and coach at the Academy.

The Academy inspires corporate conglomerates and business houses to incorporate sport and education into their community responsibility programs.

Heath Streak International Cricket Tours offer talented youngsters immense International exposure, helps develop their potential to the fullest, strengthens their abilities and mental strength to play in tough and challenging conditions and enhances their overall personality. Coaches are offered the opportunity to LEARN and improvise on their coaching skills, abilities and techniques.

2) Notices and Events

Deloitte School of Tax - Business & Tax Indaba in Victoria Falls.

On Friday 6 March 2020 from 08.00hrs - 16.30hrs at Elephant Hills, Victoria Falls. Fee ZWL 1,500 (lunch & teas included)
The Seminar is designed to allow participants to gain an understanding of the current legislative changes, an overview of the Tourism Industry, challenges and survival strategies, updates to the amended Companies Act, and Hyperinflation impact on businesses. The workshop will also focus on pertinent accounting issues as per IFRS 16 - Leases.

Please contact: Nozi Sayi (nsayi@deloitte.co.zw) or
Sithandazile Soganile (ssoganile@deloitte.co.zw) on +263 (0)29 265942/3 to register or for more information.



When he falls ill on his way home from school, 15 year-old Michael Berg is rescued by Hanna, a woman twice his age. The two begin an unexpected and passionate affair only for Hanna suddenly and inexplicably to disappear. Eight years later, Michael, now a young law student observing Nazi war trials, meets his former lover again, under very different circumstances. Hanna is on trial for a hideous crime, and as she refuses to defend herself, Michael gradually realizes his boyhood love may be guarding a secret she considers to be more shameful than murder.
'The Reader' is a thoughtful and absorbing film, which is packed with delicately-structured twists and punctuated with truly impressive performances. [Daily Mirror]
There's something gripping about the relationship between this ill-assorted pair, and something touching about the way events beyond their control or understanding reach out to blight their lives. [Time]
Admission: $20.00 [free to Film members]

Mariss Jansons was one of the most highly regarded conductors of the era, admired and loved by audiences and orchestras alike. He died in December 2019 after suffering several years of serious heart problems. This concert was recorded in January 2018 to celebrate his 75th birthday and demonstrated the close relationship which he had developed with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra over the previous 18 years as he continued to inspire them to great artistic heights. The programme includes Stravinsky s Symphony in Three Movements, Hummel s Trumpet Concerto and Beethoven s Mass in C major. After the interval there will be excerpts from the 2012 Vienna Philharmonic New Year Concert which was conducted by Mariss Jansons.
Everything about Mariss Jansons exudes joy and sovereignty [Suddeutsche Zeitung]
Instrumental colours are bright, exact and assertive Beethoven insisted that the keynotes of his Mass were cheerfulness and gentleness, and these qualities are evident [Gramophone]
Admission: $20.00 [free to Red Carpet members]

Ernst Lubitsch's 'To Be or Not to Be' is a black comedy about a Polish theatre company led by Joseph and Maria Tura (Jack Benny and Carole Lombard) that turns to espionage after being shut down by the invading Nazis. It will be preceded by an appropriate episode from 'Fawlty Towers' - The Germans !
'To Be' is a very funny comedy, salted to taste with melodrama and satire. [Time]
It's certainly one of the finest comedies ever to come out of Paramount. [Time Out]
One of the most profound, emotionally complex comedies ever made, covering a range of tones from satire to slapstick to shocking black humour. [Chicago Reader]

Admission: $20.00 [free to Film members]

'Alcina', one of Handel s most popular operas, is named after a dangerously seductive sorceress soprano Patricia Petibon in this production from the 2015 Aix-en-Provence Festival; but perhaps the central figure is the bewitched warrior Ruggiero, performed here by Philippe Jaroussky. Ruggiero, captive on Alcina s magic island, will be transformed into an animal or inanimate object once the enchantress tires of him, but fortunately his betrothed Bradamante comes to save him, disguised as her brother, Ricciardo. Further complications ensue when Alcina s sister, Morgana, falls in love with Ricciardo !...
A night of a thousand delights a feast for the ear. [Bachtrack]
(The production) involves a huge sorcery machine for turning people into animals (or whatever) and Ms. Mitchell works magic of her own onstage. [New York Times]
Meticulously executed, rich in detail, consummately polished. [Financial Times]
Admission: $20.00 [free to Red Carpet members]
Links to Bulawayo Advertisers:-

Natural History Museum Events
National Railway Museum
Bulawayo 1872
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Bulawayo City
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Zimbabwe info

3) Congratulations

4) Condolences/In Memoriam/Wreath Funds

5) Roses And Raspberries

6) Pets Column

RED STAFFY PUPS. A delightful litter has just arrived this week. Ready for new homes mid April. If keen please contact Darryl 0779555260.

Pet Hilton Kennels and Cattery for the best care of your pet when going away, or when your bitch is in season. Nick available to do parlour work on all breeds; and to train dogs for domestic use (when over 1 year old).

Tel Margaret Bernard on 2242979 or 0775 043983 for enquiries or bookings.

8) Bulawayo News

Our shop shelves are bare, our kennels are struggling, Pease help! We need to restock our shop shelves and would appreciate any unwanted saleable household goods, books, magazines, jam jars, clothing, ornaments, glassware, crockery etc. Absolutely anything we can sell to make money to help our kennels. We have Ecocash for your convenience. Donations for our kennels can be dropped off at our shop. The kennels are always in need of old newspapers.

Monday 2pm - 3.45pm
Tuesday 9am - 12 pm 1.30pm - 3.15pm
Wednesday 9am - 12pm 2pm - 3.45pm
Thursday 9am - 12pm 1.30pm - 3.15 pm
Friday 9am - 12pm 1.30pm - 3.15pm

First Saturday of each month 9am -10.45am

9) Harare And Gweru News

Zim Websites:-


10) Wining, Dining and Coffee Houses

11) Property For Sale or to Rent



BURNSIDE - $90 000
Neat 3 bedroomed house suitable for small family comprising sunken lounge, dining area, study kitchen, bathroom and toilet, walled and gated.

KILLARNEY - $85 000
3 bedrooms, lounge, dining room, fenced and gated, Land size 4747m2

RIVERSIDE - $100 000
Incomplete 4 bedroomed house with a complete neat cottage, walled and gated

3 bedrooms, lounge with fire place, dining room, fitted kitchen, domestic quarters, walled and gated

HILLSIDE - $100 000
Neat 3 bedroomed house, lounge, laundry, empty swimming pool, kitchen, walled and gated.

KUMALO - $265 000
Stunning 3 bedroom house comprising 2 lounges, neatly fitted kitchen, swimming pool and borehole, 3 carports, sliding steel gate and electric fenced. Stand Size - 2 390m2

We are always looking for more properties to sell and rent in all sectors of the property market, and have registered potential buyers/tenants. We offer a complete service of property valuations.

CALL: (029) 22 74581/3 or 0773-366207

R.E.D Property
We specialise in VALUATIONS contact us today to find out your Property Value!

Morningside - $85 000.00
On offer is a well presented home comprising of lounge with a fire place , open plan dining room, four bedrooms with built in cupboards , family bathroom , separate toilet , fitted kitchen and open verandah, Single lock up garage with laundry room and two bedroom staff quarters , Empty swimming pool , Walled and a sliding gate.

Hillside - $125 000.00
This home has everything that you could wish for - Sitting on one acre is a house that has a spacious lounge with fire place, separate dining room , five bedrooms , two main en suites , family bathroom , fitted kitchen , entertainment area near swimming pool with a storeroom , double garage , five staff quarters with shower and toilet. Walled and gated with a neat garden.

Burnside - $140 000.00
This beautiful family home sitting on one acre comprises of a thatch house with open plan lounge, dining room, kitchen , two bedrooms down stairs with a family bathroom , a mezzanine floor with beds and upstairs and en suite. This offer includes a great deal of furniture as well. On the property is a cottage that has lounge, study, separate fitted kitchen , beautifully tiled bathroom and separate bedroom , walled , gated and has a lovely maintained garden.

Hillside - $210 000.00
This spectacular townhouse is one of 36 units in a secure townhouse complex close to schools and shops comprising of six bedrooms, three MES, two sharing one without unit , separate toilet , lounge with open plan , fitted kitchen with pantry and scullery. There is double lock up garage and a small private garden with borehole access within the complex. The property is walled and gated.

Matsheumhlope - $150 000.00
This is a beautiful family home which sits on 4047 square meters. The home is brick under tile with enclosed verandah , lounge with fireplace and semi open plan dining room , fitted kitchen , boasts three bedrooms, a family bathroom and two separate toilets. The outbuildings consist of a two bedroom self contained cottage , two roomed staff quarters with shower and toilet , empty swimming pool and a double lock up garage. There is a well established garden , borehole and the property is walled and gated.

CBD - $250 000.00
Situated along Samuel Parirenyatwa Street is a Commercial building separated into two equal sections, both comprising reception area s, a board room, offices, storeroom and kitchen. Located to the rear of the property is a separate cottage with lounge , bedroom , kitchen and bathroom. Rear access is available, there is a borehole on the property and the front section has great parking.

Trindie Lombard: 0772 153 519 Geraldine Chibonda: 0713 765 166
Lesley Chitrin: 0782 444 007 Cheri Ford: 0774 423 3959

Anita's Real Estate


We have the following properties for sale

5 bedrooms, main en suite, family bathroom, lounge, dining room, sun lounge, fitted kitchen with hob and oven, swimming pool, well (needing pump), paved driveway, nice garden, walled, gated - $75,000

4 bedrooms, bics, overhead fan, dressing room, bathroom, double WHB, shower, toilet, tiles, 2 bedrooms with bathrooms, bics, guest bedroom, WHB, tub, shower, loo, guest shower, WHB, door leading out, open plan lounge, dining room, formal lounge door out, Brentwood kitchen, hob and oven, scullery wash bay, pantry, braai area, 2,500 litre water tank, swimming pool, borehole, double staff quarters, double garage, solar geyser, walled, gated - $220,000.00

Great property in Hillside - double storey, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, swimming pool, gazebo, entertainment area - $150,000.00

B/t, solid, private home on 1 acre, in sought after area, 3 bedrooms, en suite, 2 sunken lounges, family bathroom, fully fitted kitchen, double carport, natural garden with trees, walled, gated - $125,000.00

ILANDA - recently renovated, 4 bedrooms, en suite, fitted kitchen, storeroom, s/pool, double carport, 2 working boreholes, walled, gated - $130,000.00

Beautiful, neat, well kept home - IBR, 3 bedrooms, mes, overhead fan, bics, family bathroom, separate toilet, separate shower, lounge, fire place, TV lounge, dining room, fully fitted kitchen with hob and oven, pantry, scullery, enclosed verandah, storeroom, single staff quarters, borehole, established garden, double garages, walled and gated - $100,000.00

Tiled, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, dining room, bathroom and toilet, walled, gated - $30,000.00 neg.

NKULUMANE 5 - 200m2
Brick under asbestos, tiled, 3 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, shower and separate toilet, walled,
gated - $28,000.00 neg.

FACTORY -LUVEVE - 659m2 - Modern offices, warehouse, walled, electric gate - $75,000.00

Contact: Anita 0772212625 / 029-2264368
anitasrealestate@comone.co.zw / are@mweb.co.zw
Bulawayo Estate Agents:-
Anita's Real Estate
Rodor properties Pvt Ltd
Ian & Co. Real Estate
R.E.D. Property

12) Accommodation in South Africa

12b) Accommodation in Botswana

Accommodation Out Of Zimbabwe:-

Four Seasons, J'bg
Hoopoe Haven Guest Lodge Fourways, J'bg
Avoca Vale Country Hotel Louis Trichardt

13) Accomodation and Travel In Zimbabwe

Some places to stay in Zim:-
Maleme Rest Camp www.zimparks.org
Big Cave Camp
Granite Park Lodges
The Musketeers Lodge 9km on Matopos Rd
Matobo Hills Lodge
Burnside Cottage
Churchill Hotel
Rainbow Hotel
Southern Comfort Lodge
Travellers Guest House
Eastern Highlands:-
Frog And Fern In Chimanimani
Kulizwe Lodge Binga - shores of Lake Kariba
Kariba Accomodation
Miombo Lodge Dete Situated Hwange National Park/Dete Rd
Hwange Safari Lodge
NEHIMBA living with the Elephants
Lake Mutirikwi (Kyle):-
Norma Jeans Lakeview
Ghonarezhou game reserve:-
Vic Falls:-
Victoria Falls Hotel

14) Catering and Food

A few places to eat in Bulawayo:-

Arizona Grill House in the Holiday Inn
Banff Lodge Coffee cafe
Book and Bean caf at Bradfield Shopping Centre
Bulawayo Club
Bulawayo Golf Club www.golfzone.co.zw
Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel
Camp Amalinda
Cattleman - 12th Avenue
Country Club www.golfzone.co.zw
Frangos- 12th Avenue
Friar Tucks
Gallery Coffee Shop - Fort Street https://nationalgallery.co.zw
Garden Restaurant - 54 Park Rd
Granite Ridge - Matobo Hills
Hillside Dams Tea Room
Hillside Bowling Club
Holiday Inn - Arizona Grill House
Horizon Restaurant & Bar - Pioneer House, Fife Street
Hotel Rio, Old Esigodini Rd
Hunt's Boma 22 Jaywick Rd Matsheumhlope
Indaba Book Caf & Sandwich Bar
Mary's Restaurant - opp Medical Cent
Maxies Massimo's - Ascot Shopping Centre
Nemo's Resturant - Hillside Bowling Club
Nesbitt Castle - Percy Avenue
New Orleans - Banff Road
Pergola Restaurant 22 Jaywick Rd Matsheumhlope
River Cafe -12th Ave

and more !!

15) Vehicles for Sale and Hire

16) Travel and Tours

Bulawayo Travel Agents & Tour Company's:-

African Wanderer
Antelope Park
Big Cave Camp
Black Rhino Safaris
Eco Logical Safaris & Travel
Greyhound Coach Service - Byo to Joburg

17) Computers And Electronics

Bulawayo Computers:-

Internet at Netconnect.co.zw

18) Lifts Wanted And Offered

19) Seeking Friends

My name is Sanders Sibanda my phone number is 0779618915. Land line is 0292521637
I do hereby inquire about Mrs. Phyllis Kabot who was a chair lady of the Red cross society in Matabeleland division. I know she is late but I want to get in touch with her children.I know she had two children a boy and a girl, the boy's name is Mark I have forgotten the girls name or if not the grandchildren of Phyllis Kabot .

I'm now 67 years of age I need nothing from them but I have a big offer for late Phyllis Kabot in her memory because she raised school fees for me to better off my life here. I'm in better life because of her kindness to black people she did a lot for me though.


I am searching for my uncle who was last seen in Bulawayo in September 1995. I have been posting searches on Facebook yearly in the hope that my family will eventually find out some information about his whereabouts or what happened to him. My uncle's name is Mark Anthony Nel and in the past, there have been sightings in Kariba and Paarl SA but nothing materialized from the information.


20) Situations Wanted and Situations Vacant


Young hard working lady seeks employment as a house-keeper. Able to look after children and your pets. No cooking, but willing to learn. Live out preferred, please contact 0783 562 241


Mature lady seeks employment as a house-keeper. Good with children, house cleaning, washing, ironing and cooking. Please contact 0776 237 263


Lady seeks employment as a house-keeper. Has basic cooking and able to do all the house cleaning and laundry. Good with pets and the elderly. Please contact 0786 951 402

A young Professional Family is looking for a smart, hardworking, able to cook, wash and clean Live in Maid. An age guide of between 28 and 40 years and a strong bias towards Western Meals is preferred. A good package awaits the right candidate with traceable refs. Phone 077 225 4967 or 071 664 1586.


Lady seeks employment as a nurse aide. Holding a St Johns Ambulance
Certificate. Has experience working in a mission hospital doing
clinical duties and looking after the elderly. Please contact 0788 074 127


Lady seeks employment as a nurse aide. Holding a Silethemba Home based
care. Did her attachment at Masase Mission Hospital. Please contact
0713 706 470

NGO- Finance Officer - WOMEN only position - To start immediately upon confirmation

The Application Process
1.Please note only female candidates resident in Bulawayo, fluent in isiNdebele will be considered as the programme areas is rural Matabeleland
2.This is immediate position must be filled by 5 MARCH 2020. Please send your CV and a cover letter to

Please note: Once all applications are received only shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview. During the interview an oral, and/or written exercises may be conducted so as to test practical knowledge and skills.

We require the following sent to sisterhoodzimbabwe@yahoo.com
a) An application letter, detailing how the applicant meets the minimum qualifications with the names and contact details of 2 references.
b) Please also attach a full and current resume relevant to the position.
c) Please do not attach documentation supporting the minimum requirements as we will inspect these during the interview process.
d) The selection process will begin immediately and a formal application form will be mailed to you for completion and resubmission.

Required Qualifications
Once again only Women resident in Bulawayo will be considered
Minimum 5 years relevant professional experience
Familiarity with Pastel Systems, MS Word, Excel, and Power Point, and Adobe Acrobat. Possess working knowledge of data input to savings and lending scheme databases for monitoring and evaluation.
Ability to work at a professional level and to assume responsibilities and take initiative ability to be a team player. Applicant must possess the ability to think outside the box/creatively.
The applicant must be in possession of a relevant qualifications including Diploma in Accounting and Finance with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

1. Responsibilities include cash book, bank reconciliation, balance sheet, nominal ledger.
2. Set up and manage financial systems, procedures and controls
3. Maintenance of accounting records on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
4. Responsible for managing all bank accounts and preparation of monthly bank reconciliations.
5. Preparation of annual budget and cash flow projections for all grants
6. Accountable for the cohesion and completion of financial reporting, including budgeting, internal and donor reporting.
7. Preparation of accounts for audit.
8. Liaison with bank, auditor, donors and suppliers as appropriate
9. Ensuring daily and weekly resources are available for operational activities

NGO- Programme Officer - WOMEN only position - To start immediately upon confirmation
Deadline: 5 March 2020
The Application Process
Please note only female candidates' resident in Bulawayo will be considered. This position is open to start on the 1st of March 2017. Please send your CV and a cover letter to sisterhoodzimbabwe@yahoo.com

Please note: Shortlisting will begin as applications are received.
A Bulawayo- based NGO with programming in Bulawayo, Mat North and South is seeking a dynamic individual with qualifications and experience in developing programmes and implementing within M&E frameworks.

Application Requirements
a) An application letter, detailing how the applicant meets the minimum qualifications with the names and contact details of 2 references.
b) Attach a full and current resume relevant to the position.
c) Please do not attach documentation supporting the minimum requirements as we will inspect these during the interview process.
Once shortlisted for the position a formal application form will be mailed to you for completion and resubmission.

Desired Skills and Qualifications
1.Bachelor's Degree or Diploma in Social Sciences majoring in Peace building or Political and international relations or relevant Social sciences Degree
2.Excellent communication skills with knowledge & experience in project design and administration in the following: project implementation, report writing, training and facilitation, campaign development and donor reporting.
3.Must be a creative, confident, and flexible individual, able to 'hit the ground running' (self- starter) to deliver successful and exciting campaigns.
4.Passion for the organisation mission and cause: 'respect for human rights and engaging grassroots towards the achievement of social and economic justice'
5.At least 3 years' working experience within an NGO environment. Knowledge and understanding of civil society work is an added advantage.
6.Professional experience to include Monitoring and Evaluation including tool preparation. Knowledge of log frame preparation and is capable of training data collection field staff.
7.Applicant must possess the ability to think outside the box/creatively.


Lady seeks employment as a nurse aide. Holding a Silethemba Home based
care certificate. Has experience in looking after the elderly. Able to
do day or night duty. Please contact 0771 017 404

A mature lady seeks work as a Personal assistant/Secretary/Receptionist. Available to start immediately. Call or WhatsApp 0715 290 274.

Reputable distribution company in Bulawayo is looking for Sales and Marketing representatives. Background of selling will be an added advantage.
Email CVs to memomatanhire@gmail.com

We are looking for a self motivated accounts person with experience working with online accounts packages... (ie, Pastel, Quickbooks ) and must have a working knowledge of accounts to Trial Balance.
This position is 176km out of Bulawayo.
Please send your CV's to drogerszim@gmail.com or phone 0776252555 or 0776252553


Mature, friendly lady seeks employment as a house-keeper. Able to do
all the cleaning, washing and ironing. Live in or out.
Please contact 0774 856 439


Well spoken, mature lady seeks employment as a house -keeper with
basic cooking. Good around the house. Please contact 0779 913 798 /
0718 952 116 / 0782 867 154


Young, full of life, well spoken, hardworking lady seeks employment as
a nurse aide. Holding a valid St Johns Certificate. Has a lot of
experience with the elderly. Willing to relocate. Can do day and night
duty. Please contact 0774 573 994


Lady seeks employment as a nurse aide. Holding a valid certificate of
training. Has experience with working with the elderly and bedridden
patients. Willing to do day or night duty. Please contact 0771 903 400


Mature gentleman seeks employment as a gardener, security guard. Hard
working gentleman, has a lot of experience. Willing to live on the
property if the employment is full time. Able to wash cars and attend
to pets. Employment can be full time or part time.Please contact 0778
945 073


Mature, experienced lady looking for a job in the following fields:
- Sales and Marketing
- Public Relations
- Administration
- Receptionist / Secretary
Willing to learn new fields as well. Please contact 0775 937 497

21) Services

Repairs and Renovations

For all your domestic and Industrial repairs and renovations : - carpentry, partitioning, ceilings, fascia boards, trusses, structural timber, roofing, floor sanding, guttering, floor-tiling, building, painting, welding, plumbing, electrical work plus much more!!!!!

We also treat and replace all termite damaged floor timber underneath all hollow tongue and grooved floors.

Please contact us by telephone or send a whats app

Landline: + 263 292 226473
Mobile: + 263 772 312 320
Mobile: + 263 772 322 181

Reasonable costs. Genuine enquiries only.

Sanctum Distribution

Visit our shop for all your Solar needs. We have various sustainable and affordable lighting and backup solutions for your homes and offices.
Solar panels- Canadian solar, Ameri Solar, Art Solar
Solar charge controllers
Batteries 12, Lithium ion
AC/DC Cables
Change over switches
2way to32 way DB boxes
Solar irons*!!!!!!!
GD 3bulb lights in stock!!!!
Intelligent bulbs also available

We also wholesale consumer electronics like TVS 18 TO 70 inch and Gas stoves

Visit us
70 Robert Mugabe Way
(Entrance on 6th avenue opposite Engen garage)
Call (02920)8880665/74201
Email sales@sanctumzim.com


I teach a set of 5 classes covering pregnancy, labour, baby care, breastfeeding and other information. I also do a "crash course" for out of towners.
These classes are valuable even if you're having an elective CAESAREAN SECTION!!
Please book early.

I can be with you at the hospital when you're in LABOUR to help you to cope!
I also work part time at a BABY CLINIC :-)

For any further information contact SISTER JAN JOHNSTON on (09) 466741/2 from 8 am til 12 pm Mon to Fri
or (09) 2237240, 0712 728 350 or 0772 749 749 (w/app) or email me on jicsj@yoafrica.com


Are you stressed out, not getting enough sleep, go neck, shoulder, hip
and back pain Got sore muscles, suffering from constant headache,
feeling down or depressed, need to relax and pamper yourself. The
simply call the massage therapist and enjoy a relaxing body massage
and muscle toner which will leave you feeling energized and renewed.
This can be in the comfort of your home.

Please contact: 09 - 60498


Rob Sinclair is an expert plumber. He has had many years of experience.

Anything to do with loos, bathrooms, geysers, plumbing.

Rob Sinclair is your man.

Phone Rob on 0772230551
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23) Tuition

24) Miscellaneous For Sale

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26) Clothing And Fashion

27) Boats and Fishing

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28) Garden, Decor And Home

Kraal manure $2.00 a 50 KG bag.
Free delivery over ten bags.
Phone Ollie on 0771289677



PHONE 246688 or 0778495599


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