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1) Editorial

Remember When

Here are a few additional Remember When "oddments" pertaining to yesteryear's Bulawayo which may be recalled, especially by the more mature Morning Mirror readers:

The Harare/Bulawayo railway line was routed behind Eveline High School's Langdon House and across 4th Avenue extension. The track then passed between the National Museum and the Centenary Park and after crossing Selborne Avenue, made its way behind Johnson House (which is now part of the Technical College complex ). It then crossed the 12th Avenue extension and curved towards Bulawayo's main railway station across a fourth road close to the present intersection of the Burnside and Matopos roads. A railway bridge also spanned the Matsheumshlope River. This bridge can still be seen together with, in some places, the path of the original railway line. It may be relevant to mention that at one time Bulawayo boasted the longest platforms in Africa.
As can be expected in spite of flashing red warning lights (and in later years - protection booms) the four road crossings were a serious hazard especially during peak traffic hours.

Still on the railway - we cherish the days when school and club sporting teams (business folk) were able to rely on the railways to convey their teams overnight to Harare (Salisbury) in good time for the following days activities - and back again in time for work . Punctuality was part of the service. Many of us preferred to travel by train to holiday destinations in South Africa such as Durban and Cape Town - an opportunity for real relaxation.

Before the advent of television the Rhodesia Broadcasting Corporation kept families huddled around their radios at night listening to after dinner serials of the likes 'Journey into Space' and other thrillers.

RBC announcer Lesley Sullivan will always be remembered for his light hearted banter - it was common place for drivers to be seen happily grinning and waving at each other on their way to work in the morning after being enticed to do exactly that by Lesley over their car radios. He would then he would present his famous weather report - 'High winds, followed by high skirts followed by me'.

Initially RTV aired their programs in black and white, from 5.30 pm until about 10.30 pm. each evening's. Among the host of personalities names like Reg Salisbury, Martin Lee, Sonia Hattin, Wooty and James Thrush come to mind.

An unforgettable incident which astonished Bulawayo viewers was when a compere (who will remain nameless) reported for duty at the Montrose studios in a somewhat inebriated state. As the quiz program progressed things became more embarrassing until eventually the producer terminated the show. The following morning RTV published an apology in the Bulawayo Chronicle explaining that the presenter was 'in need of oxygen'. In response a well supported Main Street pub placed a small oxygen cylinder for all to see on the counter complete with a sign 'In case of need' placed underneath.

During the mid 1940's Bulawayans were able to enjoy two magnificent recreation attractions. 'Lakeside', situated on the outskirts of the city opposite the present day Hotel Rio included a tearoom, playground for children complete with swings and a large merry-go-round. Visitors could also participate in oboating - canoes and rowing boats were on hand for hire.

The second attraction was in the municipal park. Every Sunday afternoon a band (possibly from the BSAP or Army) performed on a band- stand which was situated not very far from the present day fountain. The fountain was based on a sizeable fish
pond complete with water lilies and well stocked with gold fish. Visitors were able to enjoy the music and relax on the lawns among the amazingly attractive floral displays

How many Morning Mirror readers can recall the Fire Station being housed exactly where the where the current charge office operates from in the main ZRP Police station building The premises originally consisted of a pair of garages In which were parked a pair of gleaming appliances at the ready for call out. Later while the present Famona Fire Station was being built, the fire engines and ambulances were relocated as a temporary measure to sheds in the City Hall Car park.

Gifford High School (the then Technical School) had classrooms at three different centres. Often was the case that morning lessons for a particular level were conducted at the Rhodes Street branch, followed by a session at Russell House opposite the Show grounds. A final move was made to the workshops shared with the Technical College in the suburbs 12th Avenue extension where the last lessons of the day were conducted.

Danny Kaye (a famous and well loved comedian) was invited to appear in Bulawayo during the mid 1950's. A small crowd of fans assembled to welcome him at Kumalo Airport. As the flight disembarked (from a SAA Skymaster DC4) there was an obvious difficulty in recognizing Danny when on atleast three occasions unsuspecting 'look alike' visitors were greeted with a rousing cheer as they climbed down the stairs. Each time, the cheers quickly died down - a cause for great embarrassment for all concerned. When he finally exited as one of the last passengers the unfortunate comedian's arrival was without any form of greeting as most of the disgruntled fans had left having given up their hopes of seeing the famous star.

Very few cities could boast an " international" airport ten minutes drive from the centre of town. Kumalo offered a searchlight, the beam of which could often be seen sweeping the Bulawayo night sky. This provided an accurate fix for night arrivals at the airfield. Bulawayo was never left out of aviation developments. Visits of our faster than sound Spitfires and Vampire jet aircraft were events. (A thunderstorm delayed the departure of one of the Vampires after water found its way into the cockpit.

Cloud Seeding took place almost every wet season in later years in order to enhance rainfall especially in catchment areas. Rain rockets were even sold to farmers who were able to seed clouds over their own properties although often was the case that neighbouring farmers won the day!

The Bulawayo Chronicle was delivered at 5.00 am to householders who were keen to keep up with hatches, matches and despatches. Also the finest platform was provvded for trading in real estate, motor vehicles, furniture and the likes. Milk was also delivered on a door to door basis. An important Christmas Day tradition was the handing out of well deserved 'Christmas boxes' to the workers responsible for maintaining these unique services over the year.

A book could easily be written on the many wonderful and interesting memories held by the older generations of our city. I will be most grateful for any material pertaining to Kumalo aerodrome in its later years - post 1939-1945 war. Kumalo Aerodrome is, on its own, the source of material on for such a book. To conclude my collection of stories - I remember an article which appeared in The Chronicle. The amusing headline (which related to an incident which could have easily resulted in a more serious outcome) was under the heading "Dove collides with dove". On this occasion a twin engined de Havilland Dove aircraft collided with a bird of the feathered kind which was also called a Dove!

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2) Condolences/In Memoriam/Wreath Funds

Coppie Dicey
A celebration of the life of Coppie Dicey will be held at Banff Lodge in Bulawayo at 4pm on Wednesday 20 March.
Teas and snacks will be provided.

3) Congratulations

4) Notices and Events

Tel: 2260684 / 2267195 E-mail: music@gatorzw.co.uk

Broadchurch is a quiet, understated and wholly compelling murder mystery: how could you bear to wait a week for each episode I watched it all in one sitting - how the rest of you survived eight weeks of waiting, I will truly never know. [The Guardian]
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Luke Skywalker's peaceful and solitary existence gets upended when he encounters Rey, a young woman who shows strong signs of the Force. Her desire to learn the ways of the Jedi forces Luke to make a decision that changes their lives forever. Meanwhile, Kylo Ren and General Hux lead the First Order in an all-out assault against Leia and the Resistance for supremacy of the galaxy.
It took them 40 years, but they've finally done it. The best Star Wars film of the series. There. That's it. It's that simple. [The Times]
Director Rian Johnson's movie has a sense of humour about itself and a sense of joy, but its emotional generosity is its best special effect. [TIME Magazine]
As the third act approaches, the crescendo of air-punching interludes accelerates, eliciting gasps, cheers and OMG whoops from an audience whom Johnson treats with respect, affection, and evident admiration. [Observer]
After this - I never thought I'd say it - I'm up for more. Bring on the next Star Wars. [Financial Times]
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Jimmy Doyle (Robert De Niro), an aspiring saxophone player, meets established band singer Francine Evans (Liza Minnelli) during V-J Day celebrations at the end of World War II. The two become a musical double act and, more importantly, fall in love. They quickly get married and start a family but their volatile relationship disintegrates over time. Years later, when both of them have successful careers, Jimmy and Francine find their paths crossing once again.
Martin Scorsese's technical virtuosity and Liza Minnelli's magnetic presence are on full display in New York, New York. [Rotten Tomatoes]
Scorsese has created a very handsome and dynamic film. [Chicago Reader]
A final burst from Old Hollywood, Minnelli tears into the title song and it's a wowser. [Variety]
Despite the flaws, overall New York New York remains possibly the last great musical of the 20th century. And Minnelli, though never everybody's cup of tea, does sing her socks off on more than one occasion. [Amazon]
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Risen is the epic Biblical story of the Resurrection as told through the eyes of a non-believer. Powerful Roman military tribune Clavius (Joseph Fiennes) remains set in his ways after serving 25 years in the army. He arrives at a crossroad when he's charged with investigating the mystery of what happened to Jesus (Cliff Curtis) following the Crucifixion. Accompanied by trusted aide Lucius (Tom Felton), he needs to disprove rumours of a risen Messiah in order to prevent an uprising in Jerusalem.
Exceptionally crafted and performed, Risen is a Bible drama for a new era. [Matt's Movie Reviews]
What could have been a hammy, square affair quickly settles into an impressive political thriller/crime procedural. [The Newnan Times-Herald]
An uplifting masterpiece! [FOX-TV]
Epic production and unique story of a historical event [ReviewExpress.com]
Admission: US$2.50 [free to Film Members]

Thursday 4 April Mamma Mia! [the original stage musical opened in the West End on 6 April 1999]
Friday 5 April Puccini: Tosca [Puccini died a hundred years ago in 1924]
Thursday 2 May On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Friday 3 May Invitation to the Dance - Daniel Barenboim
Thursday 9 May Star Wars IX: The Last Jedi
Friday 10 May The Dante Project - Royal Ballet
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A young gentleman of sober habits with a mechanical background seeks a position as a Class 2 / Class 4 driver
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