Victoria Falls Hotel Original Railway Carriage - 16-4-2010

From Mirror 383:
My other reason for writing(from a beautiful London Spring) is the tag on the picture of the "Passenger Trolley", in the grounds of the hotel. When I first went to Livingstone in about 1953 they were still used extensively to 'ferry' people from the hotel down to where the national parks entry into the rain forest is (or was?).The line ended where the road and rail crossed.Passengers could then cross the line and get on another that lead around the rain forest and down to the bridge. Going down to the Falls there were usually only 2 'men' involved but coming uphill, required considerably more power,

Depending on the drivers 'reading' of his passengers demeanour,the downhill journey could be quite thrilling,with the driver hanging on the back and controlling the speed and brakes, with the aid of a hand winch!
Anyway once again thanks for some brilliant pictures
Yours Geoff Crimes